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A merchant

This page summarizes all of the merchants available in Skyrim.

The amount listed under "Gold" is the base amount of gold that the merchant has available to purchase items from the player. Merchants will generally have 3-40 gold more than listed, because their personal pocket change is added to the merchant-specific gold. Gold is reset each time the merchant's inventory is reset or every 48 hours. Merchant gold can be increased in several ways:

  • The Master Trader perk increases nearly all merchants' gold by 1000. The merchants who have more gold are all identified in the notes of the following tables.
  • The Investor perk allows you to invest 500 gold in certain merchants, after which that merchant will permanently have 500 more gold available. Some merchants are bugged -- they have the dialogue allowing you to pay them 500 gold, but doing so does not result in any permanent change in the merchant's available gold. These merchants are not checked in the "Invest" column in the following tables, but instead the bug is noted on the individual merchant page. Investing in a merchant improves that merchant's disposition towards you, which can count towards becoming a Thane in the relevant Hold, if you are on the appropriate quest to help members of that hold.

The merchandise column provides information on what type of merchandise each merchant will buy and sell. In those cases where merchants are not in a typical category, full details are provided on the specific item types they will buy and sell. However, for most merchants, one of the following categories is provided:

Merchant Type Buys and Sells Notes
Apothecaries Alchemy-related merchandise: Animal Parts, Food, Ingredients, Poisons, Potions, Raw Food, Recipes
Blacksmiths Animal Hides, Armor, Arrows, Ore/Ingots, Tools, Weapons
Fences Any items These are only available to people who have joined the Thieves Guild. Each fence has a particular quest that must be completed to make them available. Fences originally only have 1000 merchant gold, but that can be increased to 1500, 2250, 3000, and then ultimately 4000 gold by upgrading the guild. They are the only merchants who will purchase stolen goods, unless the Fence perk is unlocked.

Note: Fences cannot be invested in, but are affected by the Master Trader perk

General Goods Will buy any items and sell a variety of items, usually of lower value than more specific merchant types.
Hunters Food, Ingredients
Innkeepers Food, Raw Food Innkeepers can never be invested in.
Jewelers Gems; Jewelry; Ore/Ingots; Tools Jewelers can never be invested in, and the Master Trader perk does not affect their gold amount.
Spell vendors They will both buy and sell magic-related merchandise, including spell tomes, soul gems, enchanted clothing, and the like. Additionally, they will buy jewelry, regular clothing (but not armor), books, scrolls, staves, and Daedric artifacts.

If the Merchant perk is unlocked, all merchants will purchase all types of items. The perk also makes some additional items available for purchase. All vendors will sell you items from their personal inventory, possibly including food, lockpicks, and gems. They will also sell you any bugged items that are in their merchant chests. Most notably, apothecary merchants will sell a dozen ingredients that normally they are unable to sell.

Note that outside of Hunters, Peddlers, and Skooma Dealers, merchants rely on merchant chests for their merchandise, and the chest contains whatever Leveled_Lists it was assigned; this is the primary reason Investor and Master Trader only sometimes work, because both rely on the relevant chest containing Perk-based gold. Hence, while the merchant types listed here can be generally relied upon to determine what a merchant will buy from you, they should be regarded as guidelines, not rules, for what the merchant will sell you - for example, this is why the Skyforge chest contains unique items for sale no other merchant sells, even though it is listed as a "Blacksmith" below. Whenever two merchants are listed together in the following tables, it means that the two merchants share the same merchant chest. Therefore, the merchants will always provide the exact same list of items, and share the same merchant gold. If one of the people is listed in parentheses, that person only takes over the store if the first person dies.

If you are married then your spouse will open a store, whose merchant chest is located inside the home where your spouse lives. If your spouse is on the list below, then he or she will continue to sell the same type of items. Otherwise, your spouse will become a general goods trader.



Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Ambarys Rendar New Gnisis Cornerclub Innkeeper 100 Yes☑
Aval Atheron Marketplace Stall General 750 Yes☑
Elda Early-Dawn (Nils) Candlehearth Hall Innkeeper 100 Yes☑
Hillevi Cruel-Sea Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 Yes☑
Niranye Niranye's House Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Marketplace Stall General 750 Yes☑
Nurelion (Quintus Navale) The White Phial Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Oengul War-Anvil (Hermir Strong-Heart) Blacksmith Quarters Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑
Revyn Sadri Sadri's Used Wares General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Wuunferth the Unliving Palace of the Kings Spells 500 Yes☑ Yes☑

Outside TownsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Town Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Bolar at Mauhulakh's Longhouse Narzulbur Apothecary 500 Yes☑
Dushnamub at Mauhulakh's Longhouse Narzulbur Blacksmith 400 Yes☑
Iddra Braidwood Inn Kynesgrove Innkeeper 100

Falkreath HoldEdit


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Babette in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Apothecary (also buys Tools) 500 Yes☑
Solaf Gray Pine Goods General; sells Blue Mage Robes 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Lod Lod's House Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑
Valga Vinicia Dead Man's Drink Innkeeper 100
Zaria Grave Concoctions Apothecary 500 Yes☑



Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Addvar (Greta) Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 Yes☑
Angeline Morrard (Vivienne Onis) Angeline's Aromatics Apothecary 500 No☒ Yes☑
Beirand Solitude Blacksmith Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑
Corpulus Vinius The Winking Skeever Innkeeper 100 Yes☑
Endarie; Taarie Radiant Raiment Clothing, Jewelry 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Evette San Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 Yes☑
Fihada (Jawanan) Fletcher Armor, Arrows, Tools, Weapons 750 No☒ Yes☑
Gulum-Ei The Winking Skeever Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Jala Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 Yes☑
Sayma Bits and Pieces General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Sybille Stentor (Melaran) Blue Palace Spells 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
It is possible to invest endlessly with Angeline. She never loses the dialogue option to invest, but her permanent base gold cannot increase, due to a bug.

Other LocationsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Town Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Faida Four Shields Tavern Dragon Bridge Innkeeper 100
Feran SadriDG Volkihar Keep Apothecary 500 Hostile to non-vampires
HestlaDG Volkihar Keep Blacksmith 1000 Hostile to non-vampires
RonthilDG Volkihar Keep General 750 Hostile to non-vampires



Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Falion Falion's House Spells; sells 1 Black Soul Gem 500 Yes☑
Jonna Moorside Inn Innkeeper 100
Lami Thaumaturgist's Hut Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑

The PaleEdit


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Frida The Mortar and Pestle Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Thoring (Karita) Windpeak Inn Innkeeper 100
Madena The White Hall Spells 500 Yes☑
Rustleif; Seren Rustleif's House Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑

Other LocationsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Agrane PeryvalCC Camp north of Windward Ruins (?) 750
Hadring Nightgate Inn Innkeeper 100

The ReachEdit


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Anton Virane in Understone Keep Innkeeper 100
Bothela (Muiri) The Hag's Cure Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Calcelmo in Understone Keep Spells 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Kleppr (Frabbi) Silver-Blood Inn Innkeeper 100
Endon Endon's House Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Ghorza gra-Bagol (Tacitus Sallustius) at the forge near The Hag's Cure
or in Understone Keep
Blacksmith 1000 No☒(Yes☑) Yes☑
Hogni Red-Arm Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50
Kerah Marketplace Stall Jeweler 50
Lisbet (Imedhnain) Arnleif and Sons Trading Company General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Moth gro-Bagol in Understone Keep Blacksmith 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Ghorza gra-Bagol will have the dialogue option to invest in her store, but the only option is to decline, due to a bug. If she dies, however, you can invest in her successor, Tacitus Sallustius. Investing in either one (after having fixed the bug mentioned above) also invests 500 gold in Moth gro-Bagol, due to another bug.
PC Both bugs are fixed by the current version of the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.

Other LocationsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Town Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Gharol at Burguk's Longhouse Dushnikh Yal Blacksmith 400 Yes☑
Eydis (Leontius Salvius) Old Hroldan Inn Innkeeper 100
Murbul at Burguk's Longhouse Dushnikh Yal Apothecary 500 Yes☑
Sharamph at Larak's Longhouse Mor Khazgur Apothecary 500 Yes☑
Shuftharz at Larak's Longhouse Mor Khazgur Blacksmith 400 Yes☑

The RiftEdit


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Arnskar Ember-Master The Ragged Flagon Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑
Balimund (Asbjorn Fire-Tamer) The Scorched Hammer Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑
Bersi Honey-Hand (Drifa) Pawned Prawn General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Brand-Shei Marketplace Stall General 750 Yes☑
Vekel the Man (Dirge) The Ragged Flagon Innkeeper 100
Elgrim; Hafjorg Elgrim's Elixirs Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Grelka Marketplace Stall General 750 Yes☑
Herluin Lothaire The Ragged Flagon Apothecary 500 Yes☑
Ungrien Black-Briar Meadery Innkeeper 100
Keerava; Talen-Jei The Bee and Barb Innkeeper 100
Madesi Marketplace Stall Jeweler 750
Marise Aravel Marketplace Stall General 50
Syndus The Ragged Flagon Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑
Tonilia The Ragged Flagon Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Vanryth Gatharian The Ragged Flagon Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑
Wylandriah in Mistveil Keep Spells 500 Yes☑ Yes☑

Other LocationsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Town Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Filnjar Filnjar's House Shor's Stone Blacksmith 500 Yes☑
Wilhelm Vilemyr Inn Ivarstead Innkeeper 100
Florentius BaeniusDG Fort Dawnguard Apothecary, Spells 500 Hostile to vampires
GunmarDG Fort Dawnguard Blacksmith 1000 Hostile to vampires
Sorine JurardDG Fort Dawnguard General 750 Hostile to vampires


  • Atub and Garakh at Largashbur were apparently intended to be merchants (apothecary and blacksmith respectively), but do not function as one due to a bug.


Raven RockEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Fethis Alor Alor House General 1500 Yes☑
Garyn Ienth Ienth Farm Innkeeper 50
Geldis Sadri The Retching Netch Innkeeper 100
Glover Mallory Glover Mallory's House Blacksmith 2000 Yes☑
Milore Ienth Ienth Farm Apothecary 1000 Yes☑

Tel MithrynEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Elynea Mothren Tel Mithryn Apothecary Apothecary 1000 Yes☑
Neloth Tel Mithryn Staves & Spells 1000 Yes☑
Talvas Fathryon Tel Mithryn Spells 500 Yes☑
Revus Sarvani Tel Mithryn General 500 Found on outskirts of the town with his silt strider


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Edla Edla's House in Skaal Village Apothecary 50
Baldor Iron-Shaper Baldor Iron-Shaper's House in Skaal Village Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑
Falas Selvayn Ramshackle Trading Post General 750 Yes☑
Halbarn Iron-Fur Bujold's Retreat /
Thirsk Mead Hall
Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑

Whiterun HoldEdit


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Alvor Alvor and Sigrid's House Blacksmith 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Orgnar Sleeping Giant Inn Innkeeper (also buys Ingredients) 100
Lucan Valerius (Camilla Valerius) Riverwood Trader General; sells Blue Mage Robes, several Spell Tomes 750 Yes☑ (see bug) Yes☑


Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Adrianne Avenicci (Outside) Warmaiden's Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑
Adrianne Avenicci; Ulfberth War-Bear Warmaiden's Blacksmith 1000 Yes☑ Yes☑
Anoriath Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 No☒ Yes☑
Arcadia Arcadia's Cauldron Apothecary 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Belethor Belethor's General Goods General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Carlotta Valentia Marketplace Stall Innkeeper 50 Yes☑
Elrindir The Drunken Huntsman Armor, Arrows, Food, Tools, Weapons 750 Yes☑
Eorlund Gray-Mane Skyforge Blacksmith 1000-2500 Yes☑
Farengar Secret-Fire Dragonsreach Spells 500 Yes☑ Yes☑
Fralia Gray-Mane Marketplace Stall Jeweler 50
Hulda; Saadia (Ysolda) The Bannered Mare Innkeeper 100 Yes☑
Mallus Maccius Honningbrew Meadery Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Sabjorn Honningbrew Meadery Innkeeper 100
  • Anoriath will allow you to invest in his store, but his available gold will not increase due to a bug.
  • Adrianne Avenicci is unique in having access to two merchant chests; when she is outside during the day, she sells items from a separate chest. When she is inside and the store is open, she uses the same chest as Ulfberth War-Bear. The two chests are counted as separate stores for the purpose of investing. However, you can only invest once.

Other LocationsEdit

Merchant Name Store Name Town Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Mralki Frostfruit Inn Rorikstead Innkeeper 100



Merchant Name Store Name Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Birna Birna's Oddments General 750 Yes☑ Yes☑
Dagur; Haran The Frozen Hearth Innkeeper 100 Yes☑
Nelacar The Frozen Hearth Spells 500 Yes☑

College of WinterholdEdit

Merchant Name Store Location Merchandise Gold Invest Master Notes
Colette Marence Hall of Countenance Spells (Restoration) 500 Yes☑
Drevis Neloren Hall of Countenance Spells (Illusion) 500 Yes☑
Enthir Hall of Attainment General 500 Yes☑ Stocks a Black Soul Gem and 2 Daedra Hearts
Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Faralda Hall of Countenance Spells (Destruction) 500 Yes☑
Phinis Gestor Hall of Countenance Spells (Conjuration) 500 Yes☑
Tolfdir Hall of Attainment Spells (Alteration) 500 Yes☑
Urag gro-Shub The Arcanaeum Books 500 Yes☑

Not Specific to One HoldEdit

Khajiit TradersEdit

Merchant Name Store Location Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Ahkari Dawnstar or Riften General; Sells Moon Sugar and Skooma 750 Yes☑
Atahbah Markarth or Whiterun Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Ma'dran Solitude or Windhelm General; Sells Moon Sugar and Skooma 750 Yes☑
Ma'jhad Solitude or Windhelm Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑
Ri'saad Markarth or Whiterun General; Sells Moon Sugar and Skooma 750 Yes☑
Zaynabi Dawnstar or Riften Fence 1000-4000 Yes☑


Merchant Name Store Location Merchandise Gold Invest Master
Imperial Quartermaster Most Imperial camps Blacksmith 1000
Stormcloak Quartermaster Most Stormcloak camps Blacksmith 1000
Hunter Randomly anywhere in the wilderness Meat, Hides 3-36*
Peddler Randomly anywhere in the wilderness
(being attacked by bandits or Forsworn)
General Goods 50-77
Skooma Dealer Randomly anywhere in the wilderness Moon Sugar, Skooma, Sleeping Tree Sap 20-56
Dremora MerchantDB Summoned to the player's location Heavy armor, Weapons 2000 No☒ No☒
*Hunters will not dissipate their wealth when you sell them things. They have theoretically unlimited wealth. It is just that they will only pay up to a certain amount of gold for a single item, or a single stack of items.
Choosing the Black Market power at the end of the Black Book: Untold LegendsDB quest makes the Dremora Merchant available. You can then summon him to your location, regardless of whether you are in Solstheim or Skyrim.


  • Merchants who are also Trainers add the gold that you pay them for training to the gold they carry in their personal inventory. As such, it then becomes available to be used for bartering as all personal items not equipped can be purchased from a merchant.
  • Resetting the Speech perk tree using the Black Book Waking DreamsDB does not affect investments that you may have previously made with merchants.
  • If you move your spouse to one of the homesteads added by the Hearthfire add-on, they will often wander around outside the house where their merchant chest will not be available. To engage in trade with your spouse, wait until they go inside, or if they are a follower you can ask them to follow you and lead them inside.


  • The game does not save or load inventory and gold contents of merchants. They remain in memory, lost when the game's process terminates. As a result:
  • Loading a saved game before trading with a merchant does not restore that merchant's state. For example, if you initiate trading with a merchant who has 750 gold, sell things to them until they only have 20 gold left, then load a saved game, the merchant's gold will still be at 20. Any items you bought before reloading will also be gone from the merchant's inventory.
  • Closing the game and opening it again resets all merchants' inventory and gold contents. You can sell items to a group of merchants until they run out of golds, save and close the game, re-open and reload the game, and resume selling items to the same merchants whose inventory and gold contents are reset.
  • Another way to cause a trader to reset prematurely is to save your game, attack them until they become hostile, and then reload the saved game.
  • The game stores a vendor's gold quantity as a signed 16-bit integer. In layman's terms, their gold quantity could be between -32768 and 32767. If you buy a lot of expensive items or receive high-level skill training from them, so much so that they go beyond 32767, an Integer overflow bug occurs. You can still sell them items, but you lose the item without gaining any gold.