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The Khajiit traders are caravans of roving Khajiit merchants who travel between different settlements in Skyrim with their entourages, which includes trainers and mercenaries who protect the groups. After completing several quests for the Thieves Guild, a merchant in each caravan will become a fence and purchase stolen goods. All three caravans are owned and operated by Ri'saad, though he has divided his workers into three smaller groups and assigned each of them a different trading route.

The Khajiit caravans can be encountered on the road traveling between their destinations and will do business with passing travelers. When arriving at a city, they will establish a camp with tents and a campfire outside the main entrance to the city ready to trade with customers.

The Rare Curios Creation adds a number of items that are exclusively available from the Khajiit traders, most of which are rare ingredients with otherwise unobtainable alchemy effects.


Ri'saad's CaravanEdit

Ri'saad's own caravan has a trade route between Whiterun and Markarth, and includes the fence Atahbah and the Dark Brotherhood target Ma'randru-jo. They are protected by the mercenary Khayla, who is a common Sneak trainer.

Ahkari's CaravanEdit

Ahkari is accompanied by the fence Zaynabi and travels between Riften and Dawnstar. They are protected by the mercenaries Dro'marash, a common Speech trainer, and Kharjo, who becomes a follower after retrieving his Moon Amulet.

Ma'dran's CaravanEdit

Ma'dran's route between Windhelm and Solitude has proven to be very profitable during the civil war. He is protected by the mercenaries Ra'zhinda and Ma'jhad, who is both a fence and an expert trainer in Lockpicking.


Ri'saad's Caravan
Ri'saad General Goods
Khayla Trainer (Common)Sneak (Common)
Atahbah Fence
Ahkari's Caravan
Ahkari General Goods
Dro'marash Trainer (Common)Speech (Common)
Kharjo Follower
Zaynabi Fence
Ma'dran's Caravan
Ma'dran General Goods
Ma'jhad Trainer (Expert)Lockpicking (Expert) Fence

These people only become fences after completing the Thieves Guild Caravan Fence Quest.

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