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Skyrim:Geldis Sadri

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Geldis Sadri
(RefID: xx018291)
Added by Dragonborn
Home City Raven Rock
Store The Retching Netch
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level 10 Class Pawnbroker
RefID xx018291 BaseID xx018290
Gold 100
Sells Innkeeper (Food, Raw Food, Drinks)
Buys Innkeeper (Food, Raw Food)
Other Information
Health 125 Magicka 80
Stamina 80
Primary Skills Sneak, Speech, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Destruction
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type MaleDarkElf
Faction(s) JobInnkeeperFaction; JobMerchantFaction; JobRentRoomFaction; DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction; Raven Rock Geldis Services Faction; Raven Rock Retching Netch Faction
Geldis Sadri

Geldis Sadri is a Dark Elf pawnbroker who owns and operates The Retching Netch in Raven Rock. Among other things, he sells Sadri's Sujamma, his own special sujamma brew which he promises to be the "finest sujamma to ever cross your lips". You can offer to help him market his latest mixture.

He wears a Dunmer outfit with Dunmer shoes, and he carries an elven dagger, a key to the inn, and a selection of common items and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


His greetings:

"Welcome to the Retching Netch Cornerclub, home of the finest sujamma that will ever grace your lips."
"Welcome to the Retching Netch, outlander. What can I get you?"
"If you're looking for a room, or perhaps some libations, you've come to the right place."
"I know everyone in Raven Rock, and they know me. You want stories? I've got plenty."
"I've seen many visitors come and go, but you... there's something about you that I like."
"The mine's open, people are buying drinks and I'm making money again... just like old times." (Reopened the mines)
"How about a drink for the hero who cleared Fort Frostmoth!" (Stopped the ash spawn attacks)
"I hear you're the reason Councilor Morvayn's still breathing today. Serves those damn Hlaalu traitors right!" (Foiled the Hlaalu plot)

When speaking to him:

Your inn has an unusual name.
"There's actually a funny story behind the name, friend. A few years ago, I was walking down by the docks and I noticed a Dunmer staggering along with a bottle of sujamma in hand. He was one of my patrons, and liked to drink heavily, so I wasn't exactly surprised."
Doesn't sound unusual.
"Ah, but you see this particular Dunmer was as naked as the day he was born and singing badly at the top of his lungs. As I'm watching this spectacle, a netch floats over the Bulwark towards him. The man looks straight up at the netch... yells 'have a drink' and tosses the bottle... and it never hit the ground."
What did the netch do?
"Well, the bottle broke on the netch, and it must have swallowed its contents because it started floating sort of tilted. Finally, it stopped and began to quiver. A few moments later, the foulest liquid to ever assail your nostrils spewed from its maw. I've seen plenty of drunks in my day, and I'll tell you right now that netch was sick."
Now I get it.
"True story, friend. True story."
How are things now that the mines are open again?
"How do you think? It's a blessing. I've got regular paying customers again, thirsty workers at the end of the day, and more coin than I can count."

When asked for rumors, he can give the latest news or gossip about Solstheim:

"Words reached us that the dragons have returned. I wonder if we'll see them on Solstheim?"
"With the mines shut down, there's no telling how much longer Raven Rock's going to last. Hopefully, Councilor Morvayn has a plan."
"Nothing specific, but I'm hearing rumblings of assassins living among us. I think they intend to target Councilor Morvayn, but I can't be certain."
"The ash spawn attacks on the Bulwark are getting worse. Captain Veleth is trying his best, but I think the Redoran Guard are overwhelmed."
"The Redoran Guard have spotted a pack of werewolves in the mountains. The hunters up at Frostmoon Crag might know more."
"The blacksmith up at Skaal Village seems to have gone missing and they've asked us to keep an eye out."
"I heard crazy old Crescius has been sneaking into Raven Rock Mine again. At his age, he's going to get himself killed in there."
"If you've got gold on your hands, you might talk to Ralis, up at Kolbjorn Barrow. I've heard he wants to excavate the place."
"Coast has been dangerous lately... lot of Reavers about. I've heard they're searching for the treasure of Haknir Death-Brand, the pirate king."
"Haven't heard anything lately, but check back with me... you never know."

When exiting conversation:

"Come back anytime, my doors are always open."
"Watch yourself out there... looks like an ash storm might be brewing."
"Come back if you're feeling thirsty. I'll set you up right."
"Safe travels, outlander."

Quest-Related EventsEdit


When asked what's being built on the outside of town:

What's being built outside of town?
"The Earth Stone is there. There's also a shrine..."
Why are you building a shrine near town?
"Are we building it? I had a dream about that..."

Reluctant StewardEdit

When asked if he wants to be Neloth's steward, he immediately declines:

Do you want to be the new steward of Tel Mithryn?
"Are you nuts? Neloth is crazy! I hear he talks to mud crabs."
Know anyone that might take the job?
"It would have to be someone pretty desperate. You might ask my apprentice Drovas. Lately he seems to be hard up for coin."

It's All In The TasteEdit

When asked about the specialty of the house, he presents an offer,

So what's the specialty of the house?
"The finest sujamma to cross your lips, friend. My own personal formula that I call 'Sadri's Sujamma.' In fact, I've just added some new ingredients to the mixture that I think makes it taste better than ever. All I need to do is get the word out that it's ready and they'll flock here for it."
They'll show up eventually I suppose.
"Yes, I suppose they might. Ah well.
I could help spread the word.
"I was kind of hoping you'd say that. Here, take these samples of the sujamma and spread the word. If you get rid of all of them, there's something extra in it for you."

If you're helping him distribute his sujamma, he'll remind you

"Just get them to taste my sujamma... once they take a sip, it'll sell itself."

If you run out of samples and ask for more:

I'm all out of Sadri's Sujamma.
"Here's a bit more. Hope you're not drinking this stuff yourself."

When you finish:

I've given out the Sadri's Sujamma as requested.
"Perfect! All that's left now is to go ahead and wait for the patrons to come in. As promised, here's a little something for yourself."

Feeding the AddictionEdit

Bralsa Drel might tell you that Geldis kicked her out of his inn, and then requests for him to let her back in, putting you to the task of convincing him. When you ask Geldis about it, he'll say no out of concern:

Why did you ban Bralsa Drel from your inn?
"Have you seen the poor girl? She's a mess. She used to be richer than Councilor Morvayn and she's spending it all drowning her sorrow. As much as I love making coin, I can't watch her do that anymore. I won't."

You will now have to try to persuade him:

Option Dialogue
She has a right to do what she pleases. (Persuade) Passed: "I suppose you're right. If she wants to spend her life at the bottom of an ale mug, it's her right. Tell her she'll welcome back anytime."
Failed: "No, sorry. It isn't right."
Let her back in, or you answer to me! (Intimidate) Passed: "Okay, okay. There's no need to get violent. If Bralsa wants to come back, she's welcome here... I swear."
Failed: "I'm not afraid of you. She's not coming in here, and that's that."
Maybe this will change your mind. (Bribe) Passed: "Well, there's morals, and then there's money. In this case, money wins. Tell Bralsa she's welcome here anytime."
Failed: "It's going to take more than that to change my mind."

After this quest, he can often be heard saying, "Bralsa's may be welcome here again, but I still expect her to pay her way like everyone else."

Served ColdEdit

When Adril Arano puts you up to the task of saving Councilor Morvayn's life, he sends you to Geldis for information on how to catch the Ulens. When you approach him and inform him that Adril says he could help catch the Ulens, he'll be slightly surprised:

Adril Arano said you might be able to help me.
"Well, well. Adril's got himself a spy, does he? Azura knows he needs all the help he can get. He's been chasing the Ulens for years now."
You think he's mistaken?
"No, I just think he's going about this the wrong way."
You have a better idea?
"Actually, I do, If you want to catch those slippery slaughterfish, you need to let them come to you."
How do I get them to do that?
"There's an Ulen Ancestral Tomb near the Temple. Someone's been leaving ash yam offerings on the altar inside. If you were to wait inside for whomever that is, I'm betting they'll have some of the answers you're looking for."
Why haven't you told Adril about this?
"What makes you think I haven't? Any time Adril and the Redoran Guard made a move, the Ulens must have been one step ahead and didn't show up."
Thanks for the tip.
"You can thank me if it works. Until then, I'd head to the tomb and wait until your visitor shows up."

At this point, you can ask him why Dunmer leave ash yams in tombs:

Why do Dunmer leave ash yams in their tombs?
"When a Dunmer is laid to rest, the body is burned and returned to the ashen soil. Since the ash yam is born of the very same soil, it represents rebirth and renewal... the fact that life ends and begins anew."
Why did Councilor Morvayn execute an Ulen?
"Back in 95, Vilur Ulen came to Raven Rock with a plan to take over our town. The fetcher thought he could stir up the locals and use them against the Redoran Guard and then murder Councilor Morvayn when we weren't looking."
Vilur did this alone?
"He arrived alone, but spread enough coin around to start changing people's minds. Half the bloody town joined his side. Can you believe that?"
How did Vilur get caught?
"He underestimated the Redoran Guard. They were organized and brought a swift end to the coup. Vilur tried to run, but he was caught by Captain Veleth himself. Vilur Ulen was executed a short time later and his remains placed in the Ulen Ancestral Tomb."


He can often be seen conversing with his patrons:

Adril Arano: "Geldis, I need to know if you've heard anything about House Hlaalu setting foot on the island."
Geldis Sadri: "I'm not holding back. If I knew something I wouldn't wait until you strolled in, I'd come find you."
Adril Arano: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't bark at you like that."
Geldis Sadri: "You're doing your job, Adril. No one can fault you for that."
Geldis Sadri: "Captain Veleth! Good to see you again. What can I get you?"
Captain Veleth: "How about a hundred Dunmer armed to the teeth?"
Geldis Sadri: "I'm afraid we're completely out of them at the moment. Sounds like you've had a rough day."
Captain Veleth: "There's no reason to bourdon [sic] you with my troubles. How about I just settle for some mazte and we'll forget I mentioned it."
Geldis Sadri: "Dreyla, I have a message for you."
Dreyla Alor: "Tell my father if he wants to speak to me, he should do it in person."
Geldis Sadri: "It's not from your father. It's from Captain Veleth."
Dreyla Alor: "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, Geldis! Please, tell me... what did he say?"
Geldis Sadri: "He said he'll meet you where you met for the first time. He said you'd know what it means."
Dreyla Alor: "I do! Thank you."
Fethis Alor: "Geldis, I want you to let me know if you see Dreyla with Captain Veleth. I don't trust him."
Geldis Sadri: "She's not a little girl anymore, Fethis. When are you going to let her go?"
Fethis Alor: "He's twice her age and they barely know each other. You expect me to ignore them?"
Geldis Sadri: "Raven Rock doesn't offer much in the way of companionship. You should be happy for her."
Fethis Alor: "How about you keep serving the drinks, and I'll decide what's right for her!"
Garyn: "I should have another batch of vegetables ready for you soon, Geldis."
Geldis Sadri: "How much do I owe you this time?"
Garyn: "Tell you what. If you use them to make your kwama egg stew, you can have them for free."
Geldis Sadri: "It's a deal."
Geldis Sadri: "How's business, Glover?"
Glover Mallory: "The usual. Piles of armor to repair for the Redoran Guard."
Geldis Sadri: "Aren't you pleased to keeping [sic] busy?"
Glover Mallory: "These hands were made for bending steel... not mending bonemold. But, it's certainly better than not working at all."
Geldis Sadri: "Drovas, I thought I told you I needed the jazbay crushed for my Emberbrand Wine. Where is it?"
Drovas Relvi: "We ran out of jazbay berries almost two weeks ago."
Geldis Sadri: "Damn it. I wish you would have told me sooner."
Drovas Relvi: "Sorry, boss."
Geldis Sadri: "Drovas! I need you to clean the rooms again. I went through there, and there's ash everywhere."
Drovas Relvi: "Sorry, boss. The ash comes in faster than I can clean it up."
Geldis Sadri: "Well, then you'll just have to clean them twice a day. Whatever it takes."
Drovas Relvi: "Yes, boss."
Geldis Sadri: "Mogrul, I thought I told you I didn't want you hanging around here."
Mogrul:"Yeah, I heard you before. I just don't care. You won't kick me out of here, and we both know it."
Geldis Sadri: "Look, we've been over this. I paid you off, I don't owe you a thing."
Mogrul: "And I'm supposed to run my operation outside in a pile of ash? I don't think so. I'm not asking you if I can stay, I'm telling you. Now that's the end of it."

Standard MerchandiseEdit

This is the merchandise found in Geldis's merchant chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days.

Count Item Details
1 Salt Pile
6 Random drinks
4 Random inn food
~5 Solstheim drinks Max 6 (6@75%)
~3 Solstheim Food Max 4 (4@75%)
1 Horker Loaf
1 Ash Yam


  • Geldis should have been able to give you another rumor :"Heard that Reiklings [sic] got hold of Thirsk Mead Hall. Forced the Nords who lived there to move to a camp nearby.", however, it never plays due to having impossible conditions set.
  • Geldis says "Haven't heard anything lately, but check back with me... you never know." when he has plenty more rumors.