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(RefID: 00074341)
Location Outside Whiterun or Markarth
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 5 Class Pawnbroker
RefID 00074341 BaseID 0001B1DA
Gold 1000-4000 (+1000 Master Trader)
Sells See Standard Merchandise
Buys Fence (all)
Other Information
Health 83 Magicka 63
Stamina 64
Primary Skills Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocket
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Voice Type FemaleKhajiit
Faction(s) CaravanMerchant; Khajiit Traders; KhajiitCaravanFaction
Atahbah outside of Whiterun

Atahbah is a Khajiit pawnbroker in Ri'saad's trade caravan. She will become a fence for Thieves Guild members after completing the quest Thieves Guild Caravan Fence Quest.

Atahbah wears a set of merchant clothes and a pair of boots. She is equipped with a steel dagger and a long bow, and carries a selection of common loot and gold.

Related QuestsEdit


She can be overheard speaking to Ri'saad:

Atahbah: "My bones ache for the Moon Sugar. It has been too long since I tasted it."
Ri'saad: "You know that our supply is limited. It could be a season or more before we get a new shipment from the south."
Atahbah: "My ears hear the truth in your words, and yet my body shakes with the need."
Ri'saad: "Control yourself! Do not frighten our customers away with your fits."
Atahbah: "Yes, of course, your are right. Still, I would give much for even a few grains of moonsugar."
Ri'saad: "Put the thought out of your mind, and do not speak of it again."

She can be overheard speaking to Ma'randru-jo:

Atahbah: "We have been in this land for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to walk on warm sand."
Ma'randru-jo: "Yes, I know what you mean. My toes are numb from the cold more often than not."
Atahbah: "Do you ever find that you regret making this journey?"
Ma'randru-jo: "In truth I do not. I have always dreamed of seeing new lands, and it does not hurt that we are making a good profit."
Atahbah: "That is true. Perhaps I should be more grateful for this opportunity. Not many Khajiit can say that they have visited Skyrim."

Standard MerchandiseEdit

This is the merchandise found in Atahbah's Merchant Chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days.

Count Item Details
~10 Lockpicks Max 14 (6@100% + 4@25% + 4@75%)
3 Leveled Light Armor Enchanted and best-quality


  • Internally, all data refers to her as Atahba, which is the name of a Khajiit previously seen in Oblivion.