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Skyrim:Her Word Against Theirs

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Spread the word of the Goddess Almalexia.
Quest Giver: Matriarch Drevlan
Location(s): Ashfall's Tear, Raven Rock
Prerequisite Quest: Ghosts of the Tribunal
Next Quest: Ashen Heart
Concurrent Quest: Buyer Beware, Careless Curation
Reward: (?)
ID: ccASVSSE001_QuestB
Added by: Ghosts of the Tribunal
Priest Drureth has a plan to gain more converts

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Receive this quest from Matriarch Drevlan in Ashfall's Tear.
  2. Get the Propaganda Letter from Priest Drureth.
  3. Speak with Aphia Velothi and give her two hours to translate the letter.
  4. Convince four people in Raven Rock to take a copy of the letter or show it to the Reclamation Priest in the Temple.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

A Task for the GoddessEdit

This quest is offered as part of the Ghosts of the Tribunal quest if you choose to disguise yourself as Hand Kenro Hlan before entering Ashfall's Tear. Doing so will allow you to speak with the normally hostile Matriarch Drevlan. Offer to serve the Goddess Almalexia, and Drevlan will give you this quest along with Buyer Beware and Careless Curation. These quests are all optional and can be completed in any order, although you must do them if you intend to remain aligned with the Tribunal Temple.

For this quest, you will be instructed to speak with Priest Drureth. He can be found in one of the side rooms within the temple in Ashfall's Tear. He will hand you a transcribed Propaganda Letter which will need to be translated from the original Daedric text before it can be distributed.

Information CampaignEdit

The Raven Rock Temple would be very interested in knowing about this letter

Return to Raven Rock with the untranslated letter and speak with Aphia Velothi. She is a former Temple priestess and will agree to secretly translate the text of the letter. If you have not yet encountered Aphia, she can initially be found just inside the entrance to Raven Rock Mine. It will take her two hours to translate the document.

With the translated letters in hand, you will be presented with two options on how to progress the quest:

Completing either of these options will complete the quest and will progress your list of tasks for Matriarch Drevlan. When all three tasks are completed, she will give you the quest Ashen Heart.


The outcome of this quest depends on whether you chose to distribute the propaganda or alert the New Temple authorities.

If you chose to distribute the material, you will return to Ashfall's Tear to find a number of new occupants. These new converts will have cleaned the temple's living areas, replacing the destroyed furnishings previously found there. In addition to this beautification, the main benefit will be the new blacksmith vendor, who will appear along with a now-functioning forge.

If you spoke to the Reclamation Priest instead, the interior of the temple will remain largely abandoned and you will not be able to use the forge. If you chose this option, the priest will appear at Ashfall's Tear in the company of three members of the Redoran Guard at the end of the quest line.[verification needed — when?] They will attempt to kill the heretics within, and you are free to join in if you so choose.

The Reclamation Priest will show up at Ashfall's Tear upon return either right after handing him the translated propaganda letters or after heading to Stony Creek Cave to either kill or rescue Curate Melita. If returning after the Careless Curation quest the Reclamation Priest may be found dead in the passage between the Alchemy lab and the Blacksmith chamber. In any case if he's killed the Priest Robes can be looted from his corpse.


  • The Renovations rewarded for spreading the papers are: a functioning Blacksmith Forge complete with a Blacksmith and his merchant chest under the floor by the forge, an alchemical garden with a new general goods vendor, a refurnished alchemy lab with a couple apothecary vendors (if Curate Melita is spared), all planters are now sprouting plants, and the armory is free to use with the display cases respawning with the unique weapons.

Quest StagesEdit

Her Word Against Theirs (ccASVSSE001_QuestB)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've discovered a temple near Raven Rock where worshipers of Almalexia gather. The Matriarch wishes to spread the word of the Tribunal using propaganda. It seems Drureth, a temple priest, has the letter in question.
Objective 10: Pick up the letter from Priest Drureth
20 I have a propaganda letter from Priest Drureth that requires a translation. I should speak to his contact in Raven Rock to have the translation done.
Objective 20: Deliver the propaganda letter to the translator
30 I delivered a propaganda letter to a contact in Raven Rock in hopes of getting it translated. I need to wait a few hours for her to finish the work.
Objective 30: Wait for 2 hours for the letter to be translated
40 I delivered a propaganda letter to a contact in Raven Rock in hopes of getting it translated. Having waited a few hours, I need to pick up the translated letters.
Objective 40: Retrieve the translated letters
50 I delivered propaganda letters to a contact in the city and waited a few hours for her to translate them. After retrieving the letters, I can now disseminate them to the general public, or give them to a Reclamation Priest.
Objective 50: Distribute the letters (0/4)
Objective 60: Give the letters to the Reclamation Priest
100 Finishes quest  I delivered propaganda letters to a contact in the city and waited a few hours for her to translate them. After retrieving the letters, I finished the task as I saw fit.
1000 Finishes quest  At a hidden temple in Raven Rock, I gained possession of a propaganda letter that required a translation. I delivered the letters to a contact in the city and waited a few hours for her to translate them. I then retrieved the letters and finished the task as I saw fit.
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