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Skyrim:Niranye's House

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Niranye's House
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# of Zones 2
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
WindhelmNiranyesHouse, WindhelmNiranyesHouseBasement
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Niranye's House in Windhelm

Niranye's House is a residence in Windhelm.

It is a large single-story house immediately to the east of the main gates into Windhelm, with the rear of the house formed by part of the walls that surround the city. It has a yard between the side entrance and Calixto's House of Curiosities, with a barrel in the northeastern corner (see notes) and a wooden bench.



Related QuestsEdit

Niranye's HouseEdit

Niranye's house

There are two entrances: a front entrance, and a side entrance which is in the yard attached to the property. The house is locked with novice-level locks on both doors whenever Niranye is not present and at night. When entering through the front door, you enter into the middle of three rooms, containing end tables on either side of the door, a dresser opposite against the south wall with an iron dagger, a pickaxe, and a bottle of alto wine on top, and a fancy jug on the floor to the left. Against the east wall, to the right of a doorway, is a set of shelves holding a knapsack, a lute, a bowl, and a goblet. Against the west wall is a column of three wall shelves with a hunting bow, a flute, and a goat hide on them (see bugs). There is a chair in the southwestern corner, and another to the right of a doorway on the west wall.

The doorway leads into Niranye's bedroom, which contains an owned double bed coming out from the west wall, an end table in the southwestern corner, and a set of shelves against the south wall holding several sets of clothes and boots, a leather strip, and copies of Lost Legends and The Firsthold Revolt, with a wash basin on a stand to the right of the shelves. Against the north wall is a dresser containing more clothes, and against the east wall is a cupboard holding a bottle of alto wine and four more common books. The doorway to the east leads into the kitchen and dining room, with an entrance on the east wall and food sacks all around the room. There is a wooden table with two chairs in the middle of the room, with a bottle of Nord mead, a loaf of bread, and a bowl containing two green apples on top. In the southeastern corner is a cooking pot on a stand, with a pile of firewood beside it. There are a couple cauldrons in the southwest corner. Against the north wall is a set of shelves holding a bottle of Nord mead, a bowl of bone meal, a portion of grilled leeks, a goat cheese wedge, a wooden bowl containing four bunches of jazbay grapes, and a cast iron pot containing two carrots, with a basket containing a gourd to the right. Against the west wall, to the right of the doorway to the middle room, is a cupboard holding a bowl of garlic bulbs, a sliced goat cheese, and a bowl of frost salts. There is a hidden panel in the south wall between the cauldrons and the cooking pot, behind which is a flight of wooden stairs leading down to the right. At the bottom is a master-locked door that opens into Niranye's basement.

Niranye's BasementEdit

Niranye's basement

The basement consists of one large dimly lit room with a practice dummy in the southwestern corner, a small unit and a tall wardrobe against the west wall, a small square wooden table and two chairs, a set of shelves, and an expert-locked safe against the north wall, and a couple food barrels with a crate in front and two archery dummies on either side against the east wall. Everything is empty except for the safe, which contains some average loot along with two letters from Linwe which relate to the reputation quest, but aren't vital to the quest's successful completion.


  • This barrel only appears once you have completed the relevant reputation quest. It is marked with the   Cache Shadowmark, and is one of three thieves' caches found in the city.
  • The key to the safe in the concealed basement can be obtained by pickpocketing Niranye (see bugs).