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Skyrim:Tel Mithryn (tower)

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Tel Mithryn
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
The Hidden Twilight
Console Location Code(s)
Tel Mithryn
Special Features
# of Arcane Enchanters 3
# of Staff EnchantersDB 1
Tel Mithryn Tower

Tel Mithryn is the main tower and home of Neloth and his apprentice Talvas Fathryon in Tel Mithryn.

It is by far the largest of the four mushroom structures in the settlement, between Tel Mithryn Apothecary to the north and Tel Mithryn Steward's House to the west.


Related QuestsEdit

Quests Starting HereEdit


Side QuestsEdit

The following quests become available after you've spoken to Neloth during Reluctant Steward, though they become unavailable while you are looking for a replacement steward.

The following quests become available after completing Reluctant Steward.

The following quest becomes available after completing Experimental Subject (A) and requires Destruction 40.

The following quest becomes available after completing Briarheart Necropsy.

The following quest becomes available after completing The Gardener of Men.

Miscellaneous QuestsEdit

The following quest becomes available after completing Azra's Staffs.

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Tel Mithryn (tower)Edit

The levitation shaft
The staff enchanter room

The entrance leads into the bottom of an enchanted vertical shaft, which allows you to float up and down between the entrance and the living quarters above. It is possible to fall and die from the upper area if the levitation activator is not used; followers should be asked to remain outside for this reason (see bugs).

The levitation shaft is in the middle of the circular main chamber, with a railing around the edge. The chamber features many tables, sets of shelves, and crates holding a wide variety of ingredients, potions, poisons, soul gems, and scrolls. The scattered ingredients include seven samples of canis root, as Neloth enjoys canis root tea, brewed by his steward. Against the railing next to the arrival point is a table holding large smeltable Dwemer items like solid Dwemer metal, with a second table holding similar Dwemer items nearby to the southeast. Farther to the southeast are two tables covered with maps of Skyrim and Solstheim, respectively. To the northeast is a chest, an owned bed roll, and a few bottles of wine and empty wine bottles. To the northwest are two arcane enchanters set into two of the tables. Four fly amanita and one white cap fungi grow near the outer wall among the tables and crates to the northwest and southwest.

To the south is a key-locked round door, beyond which is Neloth's staff enchanter, a third arcane enchanter, and the Black Book: The Hidden Twilight. The key is obtained from Neloth after completing the quest Reluctant Steward. It is possible to buy unenchanted staves from Neloth and create your own staves using heart stones at the staff enchanter. To the east is a storeroom containing another chest, several sacks, some empty and unusable barrels, and more crates. To the north is a bedroom containing a single owned bed and more scattered full and empty wine bottles. To the west is the withered part of the tower, which will be replaced by a small prison holding two spriggans after completing the quest Healing a House.


  • After completing the quest Telvanni Research, a number of potions and scrolls in the tower become unowned and free to take.
  • If you commit a crime and Neloth becomes hostile, you may have difficulty escaping the tower, as the levitation trigger will become inactive.
  • This location is also known as "Tel Mithryn Tower", one of the potential locations mentioned in the Scribbles of a Madman.


  • If a follower follows you into the tower, it's possible they will not exit with you when you leave. If you reenter the tower, and the follower wasn't tagged essential, you may find them dead on the upper or lower platforms. This is most likely caused by their inability to interact with the tower's levitation shaft, causing them to fall and die. This can be avoided by asking them to wait outside before you enter.
  • Although Neloth tells you he will reserve a bed and a chest for your use after completing the quest Old Friends, there will still be no chest clearly reserved for your use, and the bed in the steward's house will remain the only unowned bed or bed roll in the settlement.
  • The tower's local map shows two exits, but there is actually only one.
  • The locked door can sometimes disappear, giving you free access to the black book and staff enchanter before completing the quest to obtain the key for the door. ?
  • It's possible, due to the tower's layout, for both Talvas and Neloth to fall down the shaft during their normal schedule. Normally, they will use the levitation mechanism to float back to the upper level, but if this happens to Neloth during the beginning of Old Friends (before he divines where Illdari is), he won't levitate himself back to the top and the quest will be stuck, requiring you to reload a save from before it happened. ?