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Markarth, in The Reach
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Shops and Services
Markarth, viewed from outside the city gates
Inside Markarth

Markarth is a major city in the southwest of Skyrim near the border of High Rock, and the capital of the Reach. It is housed in an ancient Dwemer city, making its architecture noticeably different from that of most cities in Skyrim, with much of the city carved into the surrounding rock. Jarl Igmund, the initial ruler of the Reach, is having issues with a group known as the Forsworn, who infest the nearby countryside and attack travelers on sight. Though many races populate the city, the people of Markarth are not fond of outsiders, and the guards treat them with hostility and suspicion.

Half the city is owned by the Silver-Blood family. The Silver-Blood Inn near the entrance to the city is a good place for brawling, picking up bounty letters, hiring a follower, or renting a room. The Silver-Bloods also own Cidhna Mine, which is inside the city walls and used as a prison, said to be the most secure prison in Skyrim. Most of the poor of Markarth live in extreme poverty in an area dug into the cliff called The Warrens. Many in the Warrens work in the mine and at the smelters in the area. Several shops are in an open-air marketplace near the city entrance. The guards are quartered in a Dwemer dormitory carved out of the stone beneath the imposing Guard Tower at the center of the city. Markarth also houses Understone Keep, the ancient Dwemer castle and seat of government carved into the mountain at the west end of the city.

For more information on Markarth, see the lore article.

Markarth PeopleEdit

Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
Lisbet   [a]
Calcelmo's Tower
Captain Aquilius
Cidhna Mine (Prisoners)
Borkul the Beast [b]
Braig [b]
Duach [b]
Grisvar the Unlucky [b]
Madanach [b]
Odvan [b]
Uraccen [b]
Endon's House
Guard Tower
Markarth Guards
The Hag's Cure
Hall of the Dead
Brother Verulus [a]
Eola   [a]
Left Hand Mine: Daighre's House
Torom (Dog)
Left Hand Mine: Miner's Barracks
Kolskeggr Mine: Pavo's House
Gat gro-Shargakh
Pavo Attius
Left Hand Mine: Skaggi's House
Skaggi Scar-Face
Sosia Tremellia
Markarth Ruins
Markarth Stables
Banning   [a][f]
Vigilance (Dog)  
Nepos's House
Morven [c]
Nepos the Nose [c]
Tynan [c]
Uaile [c]
Ogmund's House
Weylin [d]
Salvius Farm
Rogatus Salvius
Vigdis Salvius
Silver-Blood Inn
Hogni Red-Arm   [a]
Kleppr     [b]
Margret [d]
Vigilant Tyranus [e]
Smelter Overseer's House
Mulush gro-Shugurz
Urzoga gra-Shugurz
Temple of Dibella
Fjotra [g]
The Treasury House
Betrid Silver-Blood [c]
Donnel [c]
Nana Ildene [c]
Reburrus Quintilius
Thonar Silver-Blood [b]
Thongvor Silver-Blood
Yngvar the Singer
Understone Keep
Anton Virane
Ghorza gra-Bagol     
Jarl Igmund
Legate Emmanuel Admand
Moth gro-Bagol  
Tacitus Sallustius
Thalmor Soldiers
Vlindrel Hall
Argis the Bulwark  
The Warrens
Eltrys [c]
These people only sell goods at the market.
Ghorza gra-Bagol only offers services at the forge located outside the Castle Markarth proper (just north of The Hag's Cure).
^aThese people can die as part of the Taste of Death quest.
^bThese people can die as part of the No One Escapes Cidhna Mine quest.
^cThese people can die as part of the Forsworn Conspiracy quest.
^dThese people can die when you first enter the city.
^eVigilant Tyranus can die as part of the House of Horrors quest.
^fBanning is not a potential follower, but will sell the canine follower Vigilance.
^gFjotra only appears after the quest The Heart of Dibella.

Related QuestsEdit

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Side QuestsEdit

Miscellaneous QuestsEdit

Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Banning Markarth Stables Delivery: Deliver an item to an associate. (radiant)
  • Deliver Spiced Beef to Voada
Bothela The Hag's Cure Bothela's Discreet Delivery: Deliver the Stallion's Potion to Raerek or Reburrus.
  • Deliver the <Alias=Potion> to <Alias.ShortName=Steward>
Calcelmo Understone Keep Buy Dwarven artifact: Bring your newly-obtained Dwarven artifact to Calcelmo in Markarth. (radiant)
  • Bring a <Alias=Item> to Calcelmo
Nimhe, the Poisoned One: Kill the giant frostbite spider blocking access to Nchuand-Zel.
  • Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel
  • Tell Calcelmo that Nimhe is dead
Frabbi Silver-Blood Inn Speak to Degaine: Ask a beggar about money.
  • Speak to Degaine
  • Steal the statue in the Temple of Dibella
  • Bring the statue to Degaine
Ghorza gra-Bagol Understone Keep Skilled Apprenticeship: Retrieve a skill book for Ghorza gra-Bagol.
  • Bring The Last Scabbard of Akrash to Ghorza
Igmund Understone Keep Kill the Forsworn Leader: Do a favor for Jarl Igmund by killing a Forsworn leader. (radiant)
  • Kill the Forsworn Leader for Igmund
  • Return to Igmund
Dungeon Delving: Do a favor for Igmund, the Jarl of Markarth, by retrieving a shield. (radiant)
  • Find Hrolfdir's Shield for Igmund
  • Bring Hrolfdir's Shield to Igmund
Kill the Forsworn Leader
Thane of the Reach: Gain the title of Thane of the Reach. (radiant)
  • Purchase a house in Markarth
  • Return to Igmund
Dungeon Delving
Kerah Endon's House Delivery to Calcelmo: Deliver a ring to Calcelmo.
Kleppr Silver-Blood Inn Speak to Degaine: Ask a beggar about money.
  • Speak to Degaine
  • Steal the statue in the Temple of Dibella
  • Bring the statue to Degaine
Lisbet Arnleif and Sons Trading Company Lisbet's Missing Shipment: Retrieve a missing Dibella Statue for a struggling store. (radiant)
  • Retrieve Lisbet's shipment from <Alias=ForswornCamp>
  • Bring the Dibella Statue to Lisbet
Moth gro-Bagol Understone Keep Coated in Blood: Bring a Daedra heart to Moth gro-Bagol.
  • Bring a Daedra's Heart to Moth
Omluag The Warrens A Few Words with You: Do a favor by talking to someone about a problem. (radiant)
  • Talk to Mulush about Omluag
  • Tell Omluag that Mulush is taken care of
Ondolemar Understone Keep Search and Seizure: Find evidence of a Talos worshipper for the Thalmor.
  • Find evidence of Ogmund's Talos worship
  • Bring Ogmund's Amulet of Talos to Ondolemar
Thongvor Silver-Blood The Treasury House Thane of the Reach: Gain the title of Thane of the Reach. (radiant)
  • Purchase a house in Markarth
  • Return to Thongvor
The Battle for Fort Sungard or Season Unending

Other QuestsEdit

Creation ClubEdit


  • Vlindrel Hall is a house available for purchase after completion of certain quests for the Jarl. It may be purchased from the steward for 8,000 gold.
  • Evidence of the former Dwemer presence in Markarth is found in the deserted ruins of a Dwemer city. The ruins still contain several operational (and hostile) Dwemer machines.
  • Markarth is a unique city in that many citizens may be killed depending on the choices that you make during quests, making the phrase that only "Blood and Silver" runs through Markarth true. See the notes to the table of NPCs above for details.
  • Markarth also appears in Arena as Markarth Side, and reappears in ESO.


  • There is a dialogue glitch with Markarth guards that occurs after the two Forsworn quests. They will attempt to arrest you, and if you reply with any option other than resist arrest, the dialogue will repeat endlessly. ?
    • The simplest way of resolving this is to go back to the Temple of Talos and speak with the guards inside. Choose the option to go to jail, then walk outside and speak to another guard to pay your bounty, persuade, etc. successfully.
    • For various other methods on how to resolve this, see the talk page.
  • The steward Raerek may refuse to speak with you, or will not offer to sell you Vlindrel Hall. See this section for details. ?