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Skyrim:Alor House

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Alor House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Proprietor Fethis Alor
Important Treasure
Hallgerd's Tale
Console Location Code(s)
Raven Rock
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 2
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Alor House

Alor House is the home of Fethis Alor and his daughter Dreyla Alor in Raven Rock.

It is in the marketplace between the path to Raven Rock Mine to the west and The Retching Netch to the southeast.


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In front of the entrance is where Fethis Alor generally sells his wares, with a narrow table holding five bottles of sujamma nearby. To the left of the entrance is a woodcutter's axe, a tanning rack, and an open box containing two more bottles of sujamma. To the right of the entrance are two ash yam urns, a wood chopping block, another woodcutter's axe, and two scathecraw plants. The entrance has an apprentice-level lock.

Alor HouseEdit

The entrance leads into the upper floor of the house. Along the south wall are three straw bales, an ingredient barrel, a fish barrel, two meat barrels, two food barrels, one of which has a bottle of alto wine and a bottle of wine on top, an open box containing a copy of Words of the Wind, and a table holding two bottles of sujamma, a bottle of shein, two bottles of alto wine, three bottles of wine, and a note to Dreyla. Near the west wall is a cooking pot on a stand in front of the fire, with two chairs nearby. Along the north wall are three food barrels, a meat barrel, three unusable barrels, three crates, a sideboard holding a large coin purse and copies of all seven volumes of The Poison Song, five sacks, an ash yam urn, and two loose pieces of firewood on a wood pile. In the middle of the room, stairs lead down to the lower floor, with three straw bales, two ash yam urns, and a bench around the sides of the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, to the left of a doorway are two unusable barrels. Beyond the doorway is an area with rooms beyond doors to the southeast and northeast and a crafting area ahead in an alcove to the west. In the main area is a tanning rack, three sacks, a meat barrel, many unusable barrels, one of which has a food urn on top, and many crates. In the alcove to the west are four crates, a table holding a bottle of sujamma, a workbench, a grindstone, an open box containing seven iron ingots, and a chair.

The room to the southeast is Fethis Alor's bedroom. Along the north wall is an owned double bed with a chest at its foot, and a sideboard holding a bowl of cabbage potato soup, a potion of stamina, a bottle of sujamma, and copies of The Red Year, Vol. I and the Heavy Armor skill book Hallgerd's Tale. Near the east wall are three unusable barrels, two chairs, and a table holding three loaves of bread, an East Empire Company strongbox, a steel war axe, and a copy of The Axe Man. Along the south wall is a fish barrel, a set of shelves holding two empty petty soul gems and a large coin purse, with three letters to Fethis Alor titled first letter from EEC, second letter from EEC, and third letter from EEC on the floor in front of the shelves, and two ingredient urns.

The room to the northeast is Dreyla Alor's bedroom. Along the north wall are two unusable barrels and a bench. Near the east wall is a meat barrel, an owned single bed, a table holding a copy of Bone, Part I and a bottle of shein, and a chair. Along the south wall are two meat barrels, a set of shelves holding a chest, copies of The House of Troubles and all three volumes of History of Raven Rock, three lockpicks, three red apples, and two green apples, and a sack.