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Solitude in the Haafingar hold
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Solitude, capital of Skyrim

Solitude is a major city located in Haafingar on the northwestern shore of Skyrim. In addition to being the largest city in all of Skyrim, it is also the capital of the province and seat of the High King of Skyrim. The entire city is built on a natural arch over the Sea of Ghosts and houses many important buildings, such as the headquarters of the Imperial Legion in Skyrim, the East Empire Company Warehouse, the Blue Palace, and the Bards College. As Skyrim's capital, Solitude was the seat of the High King before his death. The Thalmor Embassy is also located near Solitude.

The Jarl of Solitude is Elisif the Fair, widow to the late High King Torygg. She resides in the Blue Palace, located at the far end of the city.

When the city is entered for the first time, Roggvir is executed for treason.

For more information on Solitude, see the lore article.

The view from Solitude's port
Solitude at street level

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Imperial LegionEdit

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Miscellaneous QuestsEdit

Quest Giver Giver Location Quest Objective(s) Requirement
Ahtar Jala's House Kill the Bandit Leader: Do a favor by slaying a bandit leader. (radiant)
  • Kill the leader of <Alias=Dungeon>
  • Tell Ahtar the bandit is dead
Angeline Morrard Angeline's Aromatics No News is Good News: Find out about the fate of Angeline Morrard's daughter from Captain Aldis.
  • Ask Aldis for information about Angeline's daughter.
  • Tell Angeline what Aldis said.
Captain Aldis Castle Dour Rare Gifts: Do a favor by finding a rare item. (radiant)
  • Bring one The Mirror to Aldis
Elisif the Fair Blue Palace Elisif's Tribute: Take Torygg's war horn to the Shrine of Talos.
  • Take Torygg's War Horn to the Shrine of Talos for Elisif the Fair.
  • Talk to Elisif
The Man Who Cried Wolf
Thane of Haafingar: Gain the title of Thane of Haafingar. (radiant)
  • Purchase a house in Solitude
  • Return to Elisif
Elisif's Tribute
Evette San Evette San's House The Spiced Wine: Convince Vittoria Vici to hand over some spices.
  • Convince Vittoria Vici to release the Spiced Wine shipment
  • Tell Evette that Vittoria agreed to release the shipment
Giraud Gemane Bards College Rjorn's Drum: Retrieve a drum for Giraud Gemane.
  • Find Rjorn's Drum
  • Give Rjorn's Drum to Giraud
Tending the Flames
Inge Six Fingers Bards College Finn's Lute: Return an invaluable lute to Inge Six Fingers.
  • Find Finn's Lute
  • Give Finn's Lute to Inge
Tending the Flames
Noster Eagle-Eye The Winking Skeever Dungeon Delving: Do a favor by retrieving an item from a cave. (radiant)
  • Find Noster's Helmet inside <Alias=Dungeon>
  • Return Noster's Helmet to Noster
Octieve San Evette San's House A Few Words with You: Do a favor by talking to someone about a problem. (radiant)
  • Talk to Irnskar about Octieve
  • Tell Octieve that Irnskar is taken care of
Pantea Ateia Bards College Pantea's Flute: Find a missing flute for Pantea.
  • Find Pantea's Flute
  • Return Pantea's Flute
Tending the Flames
Sorex Vinius The Winking Skeever Delivery: Deliver a bottle of Rum to Falk Firebeard.
  • Deliver the Stros M'Kai Rum to Falk Firebeard
Svari Addvar's House Return to Grace: Convince a mourning mother to go to the local temple.
  • Speak to Greta about going to the Temple of Divines.
  • Retrieve <Alias.ShortName=Item> off of <Alias.ShortName=DeadPerson>.
  • Return <Alias.ShortName=Item> to Greta.
Sybille Stentor Blue Palace Kill the Vampire: Do menial work for Sybille Stentor by assaulting a vampire lair.
  • Kill the leader of <Alias=Dungeon>
  • Tell Sybille the vampire is dead
Taarie Radiant Raiment Fit for a Jarl: Model some clothes for Elisif the Fair.
  • Speak to Elisif with Taarie's outfit on.
  • Tell Taarie what Elisif said about the outfit.

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Creation ClubEdit

Player-Owned HouseEdit

  • Proudspire Manor is a house available for purchase upon completion of some miscellaneous quests for the Jarl. It may be purchased from the steward for 25,000 gold.



  • With the Skyrim Special Edition a door to "Quick Test Cell" can be seen on the local map near the entrance to the city. This door is otherwise invisible and can't be interacted with. It is a placeholder door for the Saints & Seducers Creation which changes it to an entrance to the Solitude Sewers. Without the Creation it is just an exit from the CTest cell. ?
  • There are several reports on the net about CTD in Solitude. Possibly related to Return to Grace. ?