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Orc Stronghold:
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# of Zones 3
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Heavy Armor Forging
Console Location Code(s)
Narzulburexterior01, Narzulburexterior02
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 2
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Grindstones 1
# of Workbenches 1

Narzulbur is an Orc stronghold in the northeast of Skyrim, southeast of Windhelm.

Crafting stations

The stronghold contains three zones: Mauhulakh's Longhouse, Mauhulakh's Cellar, and Gloombound Mine.

In the stronghold, you'll find an Orc tribe led by a sentimental chief with no wives. The stronghold owns and operates an ebony mine containing sixteen ebony ore veins and six iron ore veins.

As with all Orc Strongholds, you must become Blood-Kin to the Orcs before you are welcome in the stronghold and able to barter or receive other services.

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Apothecary's hut

A typical Orc stronghold, with a wooden palisade surrounding the longhouse and compound. There are two lookout platforms, one just to the right of the entrance, and the other outside the protection of the wall. At the top of the latter is a chair, a food barrel with a copy of Yellow Book of Riddles on top and a bucket containing a couple of loose Orcish arrows. The platform inside the compound has a hunting bow, a drum and a chair at the top. There is a raised walkway around part of the inside of the palisade wall. The compound rises up to the rear where the longhouse is situated. Next to the wall are two of the work areas and a small vegetable patch, with a goat pen and a hut on a ledge above, to the left of the longhouse.

The first work area is covered without walls and contains a tanning rack, two set of shelves and a wooden table with a dead deer and an Orcish dagger on top. The shelves holds two potions of true shot, an elixir of true shot, a potion of minor stamina, an Orcish dagger, two wolf pelts, a deer pelt, three sabre cat pelts, and a bear pelt. A hunting bow leans against one of the shelves. Beside the table is an alchemy lab, with a small vegetable patch containing six cabbage plants, six potato plants and six leeks further to the left. Beyond the vegetable patch is a hut that is expert-locked and contains two sets of shelves separated by an unlocked chest, a couple of food sacks and barrels. On the shelves are two pieces of iron ore, two iron ingots, two pieces of owned ebony ore and a couple of loose ebony arrows. There is a third piece of ebony ore under a set of shelves, however this piece is unowned and can be freely taken. To the left of the door, outside the hut, is a pair of ebony boots. To the south is a gate and a wooden bridge leading to the stronghold's forge area and mine; Gloombound mine, one of the richest ebony mines in Skyrim.

As you climb towards the longhouse, passing a goat pen containing two goats on the left, there is another hut to the left. The other hut is also expert-locked. Inside there are two sets of shelves with a long wooden table between them. Inset into the table is an alchemy lab with a lingering poison and a bunch of jazbay grapes to the left and a sample of giant lichen on the lab and a potion of true shot to the right. The shelves hold a potion of strength, a potion of true shot, a poison, a potion of minor magicka, a deadly lingering poison, a potion of minor healing, a weak lingering poison, a potion of resist cold, a weak aversion to shock, two potions of enhanced stamina, a sample of giant lichen, two nightshade flowers, a deathbell flower, a bulb of garlic, a potion of resist shock, a sprig of elves ear and a bunch of frost mirriam.

Orc graveyard

There are three snowberry bushes to the left of the longhouse. To the right of the entrance to the longhouse is a practice dummy, an adept-locked trap door leading to the cellar and a wood chopping block. Beyond this is a path that leads up to a small cemetery which is unusual for a stronghold. This is where Chief Mauhulakh's four deceased wives are buried. It contains four marked graves, each has offerings of lavender and items of the women buried including armor, weapons and clothes. There are three nightshade plants among the graves.

Forging area

Crossing the bridge to the south will lead to the entrance to Gloombound Mine. A cart can be found nearby, containing a piece of owned ebony ore and a pickaxe. On the far side is a covered forge area consisting of a forge, a grindstone and a workbench with a piece of ebony ore and an ebony ingot on top. Beside the forge there is a wooden table and chair, with a bottle of wine on top. A bucket to the rear contains another unowned piece of ebony ore. To the northeast of the covered area is a ramp leading up to a smelter, while to the left of the smelter is a path that leads up to the mine, passing several barrels and an orichalcum ore vein on the left. Past the mine is an immobile cart containing three more owned pieces of ebony ore. Beyond the cart is an open-sided hut with an unowned single bed inside and an apprentice-locked chest under the bed. Opposite this is a long wooden table with a copy of the Smithing skill book Heavy Armor Forging and two bottles of wine. There is a small fire on a rock at the rear of the hut beside some barrels with a baked potato in front of it.


  • In the DialogueViews files for the game, there exists a line (likely meant for the gate guard) that was meant to quickly establish the stronghold: "This is Narzulbur, home of chief Mauhulakh, and owners of the Gloombound Mine."
  • Like most other Orc Chieftains, Mauhulakh will challenge you to a brawl if you ask him about work. Accepting and winning will increase the stronghold's disposition toward you enough to allow you to take (instead of steal) the lower valued items around the camp.
  • Dushnamub, the chief's son and the stronghold's blacksmith, will buy any ebony ore you bring him at full price.
  • North-northwest of the stronghold is a small hunters' camp occupied by two hunters. Their lean-to holds a copy of the Light Armor skill book Ice and Chitin.
  • For those wondering why the relationship between the chief and his aunts is so detailed, there is a quest entry for a "NarzulburFreeformWifeQuest", which involved helping the chief to find a new wife. However, it was not implemented. Thus there is also no way to bring the aunts' conspiracy to his notice and bring them to justice.
  • Gadba and Mul are not natives to Narzulbur, but are working on hire from Largashbur (hence their having taken the "gro-Largash" surname.) This is presumably down to a shortage of manpower in Narzulbur, and the fact that Largashbur has no mine of its own. One would guess that these two mine-workers thus function as a source of ore for their own stronghold's smiths. When they gossip about a cursed chief, it's their own stronghold's Chief Yamarz that they're talking about: although their plans to go back and take over the place come to nothing, since it will eventually gain a new chief entirely without their help, in their absence.