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Skyrim:Imperial Quartermaster

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Imperial Quartermaster
Location Imperial Camps
Race Radiant Gender Male
Level PC×0.25 (max=50) Class Soldier
RefID N/A BaseID 00016973
Gold 1000
Sells See Standard Merchandise
Buys Blacksmith (Animal Hides, Armor, Arrows, Ore/Ingots, Tools, Weapons)
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-4)×2 Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-4)×1.8
Primary Skills Archery, Block, One-handed, Two-handed
Perks Extra Damage
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Faction(s) All guards of both factions in forts get put in this faction; CWDialogueSoldierFaction; CWImperialFactionNPC; CWImperialFaction; CWQuartermasters; CWServicesQuartermasterImperial; CrimeFactionImperial; JobMerchantFaction
The quartermaster at Rift Imperial camp

Imperial Quartermasters can be found in some of the Imperial Legion military camps. Speaking to them will open the trade screen.

Quartermasters wear a blacksmith's apron and a pair shoes. They are equipped with an Imperial sword, a steel dagger, and an Imperial bow supplemented by up to 13 steel arrows.

Standard MerchandiseEdit

This is the merchandise found in the quartermaster's merchant chest. These items are only available if purchased from the merchant; they cannot be pickpocketed or stolen. They are restocked every two days.

Count Item Details
1 Complete leveled set of heavy armor (unmatched, unenchanted; Ebony is best possible)
1 Complete leveled set of light armor (unmatched, unenchanted; Glass is best possible)
1 Complete leveled set of weapons (one of each type incl. bow except dagger; unenchanted; Ebony is best possible)
50 Iron Arrows
10 Iron Ingots
10 Leathers
10 Leather Strips
~2 Leveled Armor (unenchanted) Max 3 (3@75%)
~4 Leveled Arrows (batches of 15) Max 5 (5@75%)
~5 Leveled Enchanted Armor Max 6 (2@75% + 1@100% + 1@75% + 2@75%)
~5 Leveled Enchanted Weapons Max 6 (2@75% + 1@100% + 1@75% + 2@75%)
~4 Leveled Ingots Max 5 (5@75%)
~4 Leveled Ores/Charcoal Max 5 (5@75%)
~2 Leveled Weapons (unenchanted) Max 3 (3@75%)
1 Pickaxe