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Skyrim:Bujold's Retreat

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Bujold's Retreat
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Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
East of Thirsk Mead Hall
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
Bujold's Retreat

Bujold's Retreat is a camp east of Thirsk Mead Hall inhabited by Nords exiled from the hall by rieklings.

It is named for the group's leader, Bujold the Unworthy.


Bujold's Retreat after completing Retaking Thirsk
Bujold the Unworthy
Halbarn Iron-Fur *‡
Herkja §
Kuvar *‡
Sirkjorg §

* The services offered by these people will only become available after completing the quest Retaking Thirsk, with the availability of Kuvar's services depending on the player's choices at the end of the quest.
† Found at the Beast Stone at night until the stone has been cleansed during the quest Cleansing the Stones.
‡ Found at the Beast Stone at night after you witness the dialogue between Bujold the Unworthy and Kuvar at Bujold's Retreat and until the stone has been cleansed during the quest Cleansing the Stones.
§ Found at the Tree Stone until the stone has been cleansed by completing the quest At the Summit of Apocrypha.

Related QuestsEdit

* It is only possible to complete one of these quests, as completion of one will automatically cause the other to fail. However, you can start and complete the first two objectives in the riekling chief's quest, then change allegiance before agreeing to his third objective by deciding to instead support the Nords camped at Bujold's Retreat.

Bujold's RetreatEdit

The camp consists of five small tents, a larger tent, and three campfires. Each of the small tents contains an owned hay pile, and the larger tent contains three. All eight hay piles and all low-value items in the camp will be free to use and take after completing a favor for Elmus.

To the northwest is a campfire with a cooking pot (see bugs) hanging over it and two small tents. Two bowls of horker stew are on a rock next to the campfire just outside the west tent. Between the tents are four sacks, an unusable barrel, two crates, and a basket containing five leeks. The north tent contains a random helmet, with a wood pile and a corundum ore vein behind the tent.

To the southeast is another campfire surrounded by a bench and the other three small tents. To the left of the northeast tent is a wood chopping block, a woodcutter's axe, and a knapsack, with a random bow and a quiver of arrows inside the tent. To the right of the east tent is a rack holding three rabbits and two pheasants. To the left of the southwest tent are two bottles of ale and three sacks on and next to a tree stump, with a salmon steak inside the tent and a tanning rack to the right of the tent.

To the southwest up a short slope is the larger tent, flanked by a third campfire and a bench. The tent contains a knapsack, an apprentice-locked chest, and a table and bench holding a random helmet, a random war axe, three bottles of ale, a bottle of Black-Briar mead, a horker loaf, a random dagger, and a large coin purse.

To the east on the shore below the camp is a small dock with two rowboats, with three sacks on the pier and a fourth sack near a stack of three crates on land. Next to the crates is a framed fishing net holding an owned silverside perch and an unowned histcarp and cyrodilic spadetail.

Many plants grow in and around the camp, including blue mountain flowers, red mountain flowers, scathecraw, trama roots, and spiky grass. Nearby animals may also engage the camp's inhabitants.


  • The camp will be abandoned if you help its inhabitants retake Thirsk Hall, leaving only the remains of the two lower campfires and an overturned unusable bench. Any items stored in the containers prior to the Nords' departure will therefore be lost.