Skyrim:Bujold's Retreat

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Bujold's Retreat
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Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 10
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On the eastern coast of Solstheim, east of Thirsk Mead Hall
Bujold's Retreat

Bujold's Retreat is a camp of Nords exiled from Thirsk Mead Hall by rieklings. It is named for the group's leader, Bujold the Unworthy.


Bujold's Retreat after finishing Retaking Thirsk
Bujold the Unworthy
Halbarn Iron-Fur*

* The services offered by these Nords will only become available by completing the relevant quests.

Related QuestsEdit

* Only one of these quests can be completed (depending on whether you side with the Nords or rieklings).

Bujold's RetreatEdit

The camp consists of several tents and campfires on the eastern shore of Solstheim spanning an animal trail. All of the tents have owned hay piles in them. The Nords living here were exiled from the mead hall when they were driven out by a group of rieklings. There are two small tents on the northwest side of the camp around a campfire with a cooking pot hanging over it. There are a stack of crates, several food sacks, and a basket containing five leeks between the tents; inside one of them is an imperial helmet. There is a larger tent southwest of the first campfire containing three owned hay piles, a long wooden table and bench with a steel war axe, a horker loaf, some cheap cutlery, a medium coin purse, and four bottles of ale. To the left of the table is an apprentice-level locked chest with a knapsack beside it.

There is another campfire to the southeast, which is surrounded by a wooden bench and three tents. One of the tents is located next to a tanning rack, food sacks, and a mead barrel on top of a tree stump, with a salmon steak inside. The other tents are surrounded by a rack holding three rabbits and two pheasants on the right and a wood chopping block, a woodcutter's axe, and a knapsack on the left. On the shore below the camp is a small jetty with two row boats. A fishing net is laid over a nearby frame containing an owned silverside perch and unowned histcarp and cyrodilic spadetail.

There are many plants and flowers that grow in and around the camp, including mountain flowers, scathecraw, trama roots, and spiky grass. There are also several nearby animals that may engage the camp's inhabitants. Prior to completing Cleansing the Stones, many of the residents can be found working at a nearby construction site. It is even possible to come upon the campsite and find nobody here.


  • The camp will be abandoned if you help its inhabitants retake Thirsk Hall, leaving only the remains of campfires. Any items stored in the containers will be lost.


  • The pot over the campfire acts like a cooking pot instead of a container, but won't make anything. (details)