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Adrianne Avenicci
(RefID: 0001A67C)
Home City Whiterun
Store Warmaiden's
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level 6 Class Blacksmith
RefID 0001A67C BaseID 00013BB9
Gold 1000 (+500 Investor; +1000 Master Trader)
Sells See Warmaiden's
Buys Blacksmith (Animal Hides, Armor, Arrows, Ore/Ingots, Tools, Weapons)
Other Information
Health 95 Magicka 60
Stamina 70
Primary Skills Block, One-handed, Restoration, Smithing, Speech
Class Details VendorBlacksmith
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type FemaleCommander
Faction(s) CrimeFactionWhiterun; JobBlacksmithFaction; JobMerchantFaction; ServicesWhiterunWarmaidensForge; ServicesWhiterunWarmaidens; TownWhiterunFaction; Whiterun Warmaiden's Faction
Adrianne Avenicci

Adrianne Avenicci is an Imperial blacksmith who runs Whiterun's armory Warmaiden's with her husband Ulfberth War-Bear. She is the daughter of Proventus Avenicci, the steward for Jarl Balgruuf the Greater.

She wears a blacksmith's apron and shoes, and carries around a steel mace, along with some common loot and the key to Warmaiden's. She wakes up at 6am, after which she can be found outside her shop smithing for 11 hours, and offers her services. At 5pm, she goes inside where she can be found eating or resting after a hard day's work, although she will also offer services. Her husband runs the shop inside from 8am to 8pm. The interior shop carries different merchandise than she does outside. After 8pm closing time, she goes out for a long walk around Whiterun until midnight, when she'll return home to sleep. For a list of wares she sells, see the Warmaiden's page.

Related QuestsEdit


Like any good merchant, she will frequently remind you of her wares as she greets you:

"Got some good pieces out here, if you're looking to buy. More inside."
"Have you met my father? He's the steward, up at Dragonsreach."
"You think all the council my father provides the Jarl is his alone? Hmph. Let's just say I advise the advisor, and leave it at that."
"I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun. Eorlund Gray-Mane's got that honor. Man's steel is legendary. All I ask is a fair chance."
"I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun. Eorlund Gray-Mane was that and more, but now he's dead. All I ask is a fair chance." (Eorlund Gray-Mane is dead)
"Have you met my father? He was the steward, up at Dragonsreach when Balgruuf was Jarl." (Stormcloaks control Whiterun)

Speaking to her:

What can you tell me about Whiterun?
"Hmph. Plenty. I'd say we're prosperous enough. Most folk don't go hungry, if they're willing to work hard. The city's ruled by the Jarl up in Dragonsreach. That's the fortress, there, up on the tall hill. But you're probably more interested in Jorrvaskr, mead hall of the Companions. Their deeds of war and valor are... legendary."

Should you have helped taking over Whiterun after having sided with the Stormcloaks:

Have things changed much with the Stormcloaks in charge?
"Well, not a great deal, no. But I do less business than I used to. The Stormcloaks don't like buying from anyone that isn't a Nord. If I wasn't married to Ulfberth, I'd be out of business."

Her goodbyes:

"Stay sharp."
"Don't forget to check inside the shop if you need anything."
"Thanks for the business."

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Blacksmithing TutorialEdit

If you haven't already asked Alvor in Riverwood, or Lod in Falkreath, you can ask her if she needs help around the forge, which starts a minor blacksmithing tutorial in which she asks you to perform every part of smithing:

Need any help around the forge?
"Yes, actually. How about you smith me an iron dagger? Here's everything you need to make one. Go ahead."

After crafting the iron dagger she will say:

"Not bad. Reminds me when I first started smithing."

Talking to her:

Here's an Iron Dagger.
"Not bad, but it's a little dull. How about you sharpen it up? Just need a bit of metal and the grindstone over there."

After tempering it:

I've sharpened the Iron Dagger.
"This looks good. You put time into your blades, they'll serve you well when you need them. You want to keep helping? How about you make some armor? Let's start by tanning some leather on the rack."

After tanning the leather:

Here's that Leather you wanted.
"Ah, good. A lot of weapons and armor need leather for straps, fittings, that kind of thing. Let's see if you can make a hide helmet. Here's the rest of what you need."

After crafting the hide helmet:

Here's a Hide Helmet.
"I should hire you to be my assistant at this rate. Let's improve the fit. Take this leather to the workbench over there."

After tempering the hide helmet:

I've tempered the Hide Helmet.
"You have talent. Keep working at your craft, and you'll be a fine smith one day. Why don't you keep that dagger and helmet? Maybe you'll remember me when you're making Skyforge Steel, huh?"

Greatsword for a Great ManEdit

Do you work the forge all day?
"Aye, that I do. I've got to, if I hope to be as good as Eorlund Gray-Mane some day. In fact, I just finished my best piece of work. It's a sword. I made it for the Jarl, Balgruuf the Greater. It's a surprise, and I don't even know if he'll accept it. But... Listen, could you take the sword to my father, Proventus Avenicci? He's the Jarl's steward. He'll know the right time to present it to him."
I'll do it.
Another time, maybe.
"Very well then."


"I just can't fill an order that size on my own."

When you first visit Whiterun, you'll come across Idolaf Battle-Born in the middle of requesting Adrianne to fulfill a shipment for the Imperial Legion. Downright refusing to ask a Gray-Mane for help, he insists that Adrianne accept his request:

Idolaf "We'll pay whatever it takes. But we must have more swords for the Imperial soldiers."
Adrianne: "I just can't fill an order that size on my own. Why don't you swallow that stubborn pride of yours and ask Eorlund Gray-Mane for help?"
Idolaf: "Ha! I'd sooner bend my knee to Ulfric Stormcloak. Besides, Gray-Mane would never make steel for the Legion."
Adrianne: "Have it your way. I'll take the job, but don't expect a miracle."


  • She is part of two separate merchant factions: one for outside, and one for inside Warmaiden's. While you can barter with her outside, she offers different services with Ulfberth inside. This means the merchant gold she has outside is independent of the gold she has inside.
    • Therefore, male characters with the Speech perk Allure are advised to barter with her when she's inside, instead of bartering with Ulfberth.