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Halbarn Iron-Fur
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Location Bujold's Retreat
Thirsk Mead Hall
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=10-60) Class Dremora Class
RefID xx01A51D BaseID xx01A51C
Gold 1000 (+1000 Master Trader)
Sells Blacksmith
Buys Blacksmith (Animal Hides, Armor, Arrows, Ore/Ingots, Tools, Weapons)
Other Information
Health 149-699
Magicka 50
Stamina 86-286
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Block, Heavy Armor
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Protected Yes
Marry Yes
Faction(s) DLC2PillarBuilderFaction; DLC2ThirskNordCrimeFaction; DLC2ThirskNordFaction; JobBlacksmithFaction; JobMerchantFaction; PotentialMarriageFaction; Halbarn Services
Halbarn Iron-Fur

Halbarn Iron-Fur is a Nord blacksmith initially found at Bujold's Retreat while battling for control over Thirsk Mead Hall. If the quest Retaking Thirsk is completed, he relocates to the mead hall along with the others. If you speak to him after completing the quest, he will ask you to do him a favor by collecting some items for him. If you do so, he becomes a potential marriage candidate.

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  • While Halbarn is a blacksmith and is in appropriate merchant and citizen/resident factions, he has a combat class (CNAM) record of EncClassDremoraMelee "Dremora" [CLAS:00017008].
  • He is one of just three spouses that can actually live on Solstheim with you, as spouses and children cannot move into Severin Manor.


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