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This article is about the place. For the DLC, see Clockwork City (DLC).

Clockwork City
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Story DLC
Zone Story Quests 8
Wayshrines 4
Delves 2
Points of Interest 3
Striking Locales 6
Set Stations 3
World Bosses 2
Skyshards 6
Player Hub
Brass Fortress
Notable Treasure
Clockwork City Antiquities
Interdimensional space
Physical representation beneath Mournhold
Loading Screen
Loading screen
The Clockwork City, also known as Sotha Sil, after its creator, is said to be a great and intricate mechanism that duplicates the mythic structures of Nirn in metallic miniature. Only Seht himself knows its true purpose.
The Clockwork City

Clockwork City is a mechanical realm created by Sotha Sil, one of the living gods of Morrowind. It supposedly exists "outside space and time", represented in Tamriel as a miniature realm within a globe about the size of a large crate, requiring an individual to be magically shrunk to enter. The globe is located in a vault in the Dwemer ruin of Bamz-Amschend, deep beneath the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold.

The location serves as the setting of the Clockwork City DLC, although some parts of the city can also be visited in two quests available in the Morrowind chapter of ESO; the Halls of Fabrication and the Clockwork City Vault.

Clockwork City can be accessed from a portal behind the waterfall that is located just outside the northeastern wall of the Tribunal Temple.(map). This is the same waterfall area visited to access the city in the opening quest To The Clockwork City. A fishing spot is to the immediate right when facing two waterfalls on the opposite bank. The Clockwork City portal entrance is inside the first waterfall, located just before the cave door entrance needed to access the zone quest. Swim towards this first waterfall and enter it to access the portal. This portal doesn't appear until the zone story quest To The Clockwork City is completed.



Points of InterestEdit

Striking LocalesEdit

Set StationsEdit


World BossesEdit

Player HousesEdit


Unmarked LocationsEdit

Connected WorldsEdit


Story QuestsEdit

Side QuestsEdit

Daily QuestsEdit

  • Blackfeather Court Tributes:

Bursar of Tributes. Available after completing "Lost in the Gloam" Main Story quest.

  • Brass Fortress Resupplying:


  • Clockwork Facilitator Contracts:

The Clockwork Facilitator

  • Clockwork Apostles:

Novice Holli. Available after completing "The Shadow Cleft" or "Halls of Regulation" quests.


  • Rounds two and four of the Maelstrom Arena  are themed after Clockwork City.
  • As a mechanical realm, there are no natural resources of wood, cloth or herbs in the zone. These resources drop from respectively Scrap Wood, Torn Cloth, and Herbalist's Satchel nodes.
  • The guards in Clockwork City infer Clockwork City is within the Ebonheart Pact since they will repeat the line questioning whether an alliance between Dunmer, Nords, and Argonians can be maintained. This would correspond with Clockwork City being accessible via Mournhold in Deshaan, even though Clockwork City supposedly exists "outside space and time".


Map of Clockwork City