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Elder Scrolls Online: Places: Craglorn / Subzones
Upper Craglorn
Skyshards 6
Northern Craglorn
Upper Craglorn

Upper Craglorn is the northern region of Craglorn. The main settlement in Upper Craglorn is Dragonstar, which lies in the northwest of the region. The Dragonstar Arena sits on the hillside above the town. Parts of the region are currently under the influence of the Celestial Serpent. Lower Craglorn lies to the south, accessible through a pass in the southwest, or a sundered barricade in the southeast.

When Craglorn was added in Update 1, Upper Craglorn was not yet available. It was not present on the zone map, the pass was blocked by rocks, and the Iron Orc barricade was sealed. Upper Craglorn was subsequently added in Update 4. It was originally the only place where Nirncrux trait materials could be found, although they can now be found throughout the whole of Craglorn.


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There is one Achievement associated with this region:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png Serpents and Secrets 50 Dismantle the Serpent's forces and vanquish the Exalted Viper.