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The Gold Coast always served as the Empire of Cyrodiil's gateway to the Abecean Sea—but with the Empire in eclipse, the region has gone its own way.
Gold Coast
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Western Cyrodiil
The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a region situated in western Colovia, between Hammerfell and Malabal Tor. During Varen's Rebellion, a rough stone wall was built along the region's border with the Colovian Highlands to protect the cities of Kvatch and Anvil from retaliation by the Longhouse Emperors. The wall has since played a major part in keeping the region protected from the fallout of the Alliance War which is raging across the rest of Cyrodiil.

The Gold Coast is a DLC zone added by the Dark Brotherhood DLC. The zone also contains an entrance to the Depths of Malatar group dungeon, but the Wrathstone DLC is needed in order to access it.



  • ON-mapicon-City.png Anvil — A major settlement on the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil. (map)
  • ON-mapicon-City.png Kvatch — A major settlement in the eastern highlands of the Gold Coast. (map)




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For Dark Brotherhood faction quests, please see Dark Brotherhood Quests.

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Clue Location Notes
On a lonely isle staring out across the Abecean. On a small island west of Anvil. (map)
Proudly displayed near the caretaker's home. West-southwest of the Colovian Revolt Forge Yard. (map)
Nestled in the arm of the eastern watchtower. Southeast of Kvatch, in the ruins of a tower. (map) This one is usually guarded by a Minotaur.
Pulled from the ground in a strange harvest East of the Enclave of the Hourglass, in a farm infested with thunderbugs. (map) There are usually a few Thunderbugs around this one.
Hidden away where only spelunkers will find it. Inside Hrota Cave, in the northeast corner. (map)
A treasure of the Gold Coast, kept in a stolen vault. Inside Garlas Agea, in the large eastern room. (map)