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Online:Orsinium (DLC)

Elder Scrolls Online: DLC
Orsinium: Come to the homeland of the Orcs in Tamriel Unlimited's first new PvE quest content DLC! Help King Kurog rebuild the city of Orsinium, and watch its walls and towers rise due to your deeds. Includes new armor, weapons, a solo challenge arena, and more!
DLC Game Pack:
Price 030003,000 Crowns
(Included with ESO Plus)
Quest Invitation to Orsinium
PC/Mac November 2, 2015
Xbox One November 17, 2015
PS4 November 18, 2015
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Orsinium introduces the zone of Wrothgar, and focuses on singleplayer PvE content.

The loyalty reward for Orsinium is an Echalette pet. The DLC was also available for purchase as part of the Orsinium DLC Collector's Edition bundle for 050005,000 Crowns. It's included with the Gold Edition of ESO and the Guilds and Glory bundle.