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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Save the Clockwork God.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Proctor Luciana Pullo
Location(s): Mechanical Fundament
Cogitum Centralis
Prerequisite Quest: Unto the Dark
Next Quest: The Light of Knowledge
Reward: Proctor's Bronze Fists
Sotha Sil's Codex of Infinite Possibility (if you choose "power" as your reward)
Luciana's Codex of Mastery (if chose "Luciana" as reward)
Average Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Standard Experience
"I can't hold it much longer! Get up, comrade! You have to turn the Skeleton Key! Now!"
Luciana and I cleared the way to the Cogitum Centralis. Now we must delve deep into the core of the Clockwork City to stop the Shadow of Sotha Sil.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Proctor Luciana Pullo and enter the Cogitum Centralis.
  2. Talk to Aios.
  3. Activate the two terminals on either side of the bridge.
  4. Proceed through the Centralis.
  5. Activate the light switches.
  6. Defeat the Shadow of Sotha Sil.
  7. Turn the Skeleton Key.
  8. Talk to Sotha Sil.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Sotha Sil


  • If "I want power." is chosen, Luciana will die and you will receive Sotha Sil's Codex of Infinite Possibility, a one-time use item that grants a 150% experience boost for two hours.
    • If this is chosen, the quest will have an optional step to speak with Luciana.
  • If "Please save Luciana." is chosen, Luciana will be saved and you will receive Luciana's Codex of Mastery, a one-time use item that grants a 100% experience boost for two hours.
  • Both codex rewards are bound and cannot be banked.


  • In The Inner Curiosity section, the quest markers over the lamp lacks an objective to match in the quest HUD. The objective name can only be seen when hovering over the marker icons on the local map. ?
  • Unlike the shadows encountered in the Halls of Convention, the shadows in The Inner Curiosity only inflict damage once you are halfway past them, instead of when getting close to them. ?
    • A similar example occurs in the All-Axle. There is no objective in the quest HUD matching the objective marker above Aios, and the actual missing objective can be seen by hovering over the marker in the local map. ?
  • Stepping into the shadows during the objective to wake up Sotha Sil doesn't harm you. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Where Shadows Lie
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Luciana and I must pursue the Shadow of Sotha Sil into the mysterious Cogitum Centralis.
Objective: Enter the Cogitum Centralis
The Cogitum's automated security system rotated the central bridge, making it impassable. Luciana believes she can override the lock, but she needs more power. I must find two nearby power terminals and activate them.
Objective: Activate the Left Core Pump
Objective: Activate the Right Core Pump

Optional Steps: A peculiar factotum appeared, calling itself Aios. Perhaps I should speak with it to see what it knows.

Optional Step: Talk to Aios
I should follow Luciana deeper into the Cogitum Centralis.
Objective: Follow Luciana
Otherworldly shadows block our way forward, and Luciana's magic is spent. We have to find another way through.
Objective: Find a Path Through the Shadows
Objective Hint: Activate the First Switch
Objective Hint: Activate the Second Switch
Luciana and I discovered lights capable of dissolving the Daedric shadows. We can use them to clear the way to Sotha Sil's central chamber: the Throne Aligned.
Objective: Find Sotha Sil
We found the Shadow of Sotha Sil preparing to kill and replace the real Sotha Sil. We must defeat this creature and save the true Clockwork God.
Objective: Confront the Shadow of Sotha Sil
Objective: Defeat the Shadow of Sotha Sil
Nocturnal's fury encroaches from all sides! I need to turn the Skeleton Key and wake Sotha Sil before it's too late.
Objective: Wake Sotha Sil
I must turn the Skeleton Key to finish unlocking Sotha Sil from his throne.
Objective: (?)
It's time to leave the Cogitum Centralis. I can speak to everyone once I'm back in the Clockwork Basilica.
Objective: Exit the Cogitum Centralis
I managed to wake Sotha Sil just in time. He used his divine power to cast out Nocturnal, then teleported all of us back to the Brass Fortress. It looks like Sotha Sil wants to talk to me.
Objective: Talk to Sotha Sil
(If you chose power as a reward) Luciana seems gravely wounded. Perhaps I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Luciana
Finishes quest  I should talk to Sotha Sil to claim my reward.
Objective: Talk to Sotha Sil
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