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(lore page)
Location The Throne Aligned, Cogitum Centralis
Crystal TowerSummerset
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39,959
15,000 (At the Crystal Summit)Summerset
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Triad
Associated Cults: The Darklings, Whispering Shadows
Nocturnal atop the Crystal Tower

Nocturnal is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is night and darkness. She is part of The Triad, alongside Clavicus Vile and Mephala, a group of Princes who did not sign the Coldharbour Compact and seek to start a Daedric War. Her realm of Oblivion is the Evergloam. For more information, see the lore page.

Nocturnal is encountered as the hidden main antagonist of the Clockwork City main quest, where she seeks to control the power of the city and acquire her Skeleton Key. Her minions include the Whispering Shadows cult and many shadow creatures, most notably the Shadow of Sotha Sil, who has secretly usurped the real Sotha Sil. In the Cogitum Centralis, she appears after the shadow's defeat as a large purple aura of darkness before being banished by Sotha Sil.

Nocturnal later returns as the primary antagonist in Summerset.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Where Shadows LieEdit

When the Shadow of Sotha Sil is defeated:

Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Fyr? Where did you―? What are you doing?"
Divayth Fyr: "Never mind where I came from! I'm keeping Sil alive, you ungrateful shrew! We can't let the shadow escape!"
Luciana Pullo: "Just hurry! I can't hold the light for long!"
Nocturnal: "Even now, at the end, you bicker. How predictably mortal..."
Divayth Fyr: "She's here! Nocturnal!"
Nocturnal: "Why do you struggle so? Do you not see that it's hopeless? Sleep now... give in to the dark."
Divayth Fyr: "I can't hold it much longer! Get up, comrade! You have to turn the Skeleton Key! Now!"
Luciana Pullo: "I... will not yield! Go, friend― do as Fyr says! Unlock the throne! Free Sotha Sil!"

When the Skeleton Key has been deactivated:

Sotha Sil: "You trespass, Ur-dra. The Clockwork City shall bear your weight no longer."
Nocturnal: "You achieve nothing, little godling. The Triad looms upon Summerset's shores. All that is shall be ours!"
Divayth Fyr: "Well done, my friend. Enough theatrics, Luciana. On your feet. Luciana...?"
Sotha Sil: "We should return to the surface. This is no place for mortals."

Lost in TranslationEdit

Nocturnal with Ritemaster Iachesis

After Ritemaster Iachesis reveals the location of the Heart Of Transparent Law, Clavicus and Mephala appear in Evergloam:

Clavicus Vile: "Look, Mephala! The mortal hid the heart inside his own body! How clever!"
Darien Gautier: "Uh-oh. Mephala and Clavicus Vile. This could be bad."
Mephala: "But why did Nocturnal keep this from us?! No matter, I'll take the heart now, Ritemaster."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "My wards … shall … protect me!"
<Vile and Mephala proceed to use their powers to attempt to rip the Heart Of Transparent Law from the Ritemaster's body, but he is protected by his wards.>

During the defense in the ruins:

Clavicus Vile: "Impressive, for a mortal. But the wards won't hold long against our power!"
Mephala: "Stop struggling, mortal. You're only delaying the inevitable."
Valsirenn: "Fight, Iachesis! Just hold on!"
Mephala: "Hold still, mortal, and I'll make this quick."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Val … promise me … you'll lead them … if …."
Valsirenn: "Don't even say it, Iachesis! Just keep fighting!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "They're … tearing me … apart!"
<The tug-of-war continues.>

After the defense, Nocturnal makes her appearance:

Clavicus Vile: "Stop that, Mephala! I've got him! Wait … what's—?"
<Nocturnal appears on the pillar between them, standing behind the Ritemaster.>
Mephala: "Nocturnal?! How dare you interfere!"
Nocturnal: "Get out of my realm, Princes!"
<Nocturnal casts Vile and Mephala out.>
Nocturnal: "You are no longer welcome. The Heart belongs to me. We made a deal, didn't we, mortal?"
<Nocturnal grabs the Ritemaster.>
Valsirenn: "Iachesis?"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I did what I had to. I hid the Heart, even from you. The only way to retrieve it is to kill me."
Nocturnal: "Very well. I accept those terms."
<Nocturnal takes the Heart from the Ritemasters chest, destroying him.>

After Iachesis' death, Darien squares off against Nocturnal, to no avail:

Darien Gautier: "Dawnbreaker will protect us! I hope."
Nocturnal: "Meridia's vessel. You have no power here!"
Darien Gautier: "I'll show you power, you monster?"
Nocturnal: "The sword of light. I'll take that."
Darien Gautier: "My sword! I just fixed that!"

The Crystal TowerEdit

After defeating her earl, Nocturnal's voice rings out as she envelops you in her darkness:

Earl Tundilwen/Veya Releth: "I don't understand. Why didn't the sword protect me?"
Darien Gautier: "Because Dawnbreaker was never intended for you."
Earl Tundilwen/Veya Releth: "Meridia's magic is gone. The blade isn't yours anymore, either."
Darien Gautier: "We'll see about that."
Darien Gautier: "No!"
Nocturnal: "Join Meridia in my eternal darkness!"

When you reach the Tower's pinnacle, you'll hear's Nocturnal's voice:

Nocturnal: "The tower crystal is almost whole. You are too late, mortal!"

Upon approaching her at the Crystal Summit, where she is remaking the Heart of Transparent Law in her own image.

Nocturnal: "You are too late. Once the crystal is made whole, I shall become infinite!"

When you use Dawnbreaker's power and dispel the shadows:

Nocturnal: "Meridia's power won't help you against me!"

Nocturnal summons Shadow Veya to oppose you.

Nocturnal: "Rise, my champion! And this time, succeed where you last failed!"
Shadow Veya: "Finally! My true purpose! I will not fail you, Mother!"

When Shadow Veya is defeated, Nocturnal summons her again, larger, stronger and with more arms.

Nocturnal: "You strength is impressive, but Transparent Law is almost whole. Now rise again, my champion!"
Shadow Veya: "You can't stop me. I only grow stronger as we bathe this world in darkness!"
Nocturnal: "Witness my unbridled power!"

Defeat Shadow Veya with the help of Dawnbreaker's divine energy and Reforge Transparent Law to end the fight.

Nocturnal: "No … the tower crystal … was supposed to be … mine …."
Nocturnal: "No!"

Shrine of NocturnalEdit

Nocturnal's statue in Blackwood

Approaching the Shrine of Nocturnal, you can overhear a worshipper plead with Nocturnal, and the Daedric Prince answers:

Millona Brolus: "My lady Nocturnal, I beg you!"
Nocturnal: "Ungrateful child, bear the consequence of your failure with grace."
Nocturnal: "You, mortal, I command you to speak with me!"

She will remember you if you completed the Summerset questline:

Completed the Clockwork City or Summerset  Storylines :
"Darkness curse you and the land you have traveled, mortal.
Were I not otherwise occupied with that sniveling wretch of an acolyte I would tear you to shreds."
"Another mortal? Have you come to the Shrine of Nocturnal to grovel at my feet like that worthless acolyte, or will you betray my hospitality as well?."
Your acolyte?
"Yes. A faithless weakling named Millona Brolus.
When thieves came to my property, she spoke to them as friends and asked them to stop. As if that would stay their hands."
What did these thieves steal, exactly?
"The Shade Sickle—a powerful instrument of my will. For her inability to protect it, Millona will never sleep again. I wonder how long she can last.
Perhaps you have the mettle to return my sickle? With it, you would reap great reward."
Yes, I will find this Shade Sickle for you.

Once you agree to help, you can ask Nocturnal some questions:

"I will bear witness. Do not fail me.
Now, speak to my acolyte and find the cowardly fools who dared to steal from me."
How can I even be sure that you're really Nocturnal?
"Your doubts do you credit, mortal. But in your heart, you know the truth.
Your shadow grows long and dark. The shades of Evergloam dance at the edge of your sight. I am Ur-dra. I am Nocturnal."
I faced you before. How do I know this isn't another plot? 
"A petty quarrel.
I am eternal, mortal. Do you think I see your impertinence as more than a flicker in the candle of time? My sickle was stolen. I want it returned. That is all."
How can I trust you?
"Trust or doubt. It makes little difference to me.
I am overlooking your past transgressions, mortal. If petty grudges would prevent you from reaping my blessings, so be it."

Once you have retrieved the Shade Sickle from the necromancer Tumma-Maxath you can bring it back the shrine:

Nocturnal: "You return to me at last."

When you place the sickle at the base of the shrine, Nocturnal will have some words to say before her prescence leaves:

Nocturnal: "The faithless wanderer succeeds where my servants fail. Once again, the fruits of devotion prove inferior to the benefits of skill. Claim your reward from Millona, mortal. You find favor in the shadows."

Abyssal Geyser DialogueEdit

After the death of K'Tora, the voice of Nocturnal will be heard at Abyssal Geysers before and after the final wave.

Generic Pre-Boss Dialogue
Nocturnal: "Can you feel my cold touch, mortals?"
Nocturnal: "Do you truly think you can stand against my shadows?"
Nocturnal: "These mortals. They are so predictable."
Nocturnal: "What fools these mortals be!"
Nocturnal: "You have meddled in our affairs for the last time!"
Nocturnal: "Feel the power of eternal darkness!"
Nocturnal: "You took something from me, so I take something from you."
Nocturnal: "Feel the anger of the darkness enraged!"
Destroying the Abyssal Pearl
Nocturnal: "Victory? For a time, perhaps. But time belongs to the Daedric Princes."
Nocturnal: "You accomplished nothing, mortal worm."
Nocturnal: "Nocturnal is the dark, and the dark is endless."
Nocturnal: "A single battle isn't a war, mortal."
Nocturnal: "Nocturnal has survived worse than this."
Nocturnal: "Whenever darkness falls, I'll be there."
Nocturnal: "I am the night, and the night cannot die!"
Nocturnal: "In the dark, you will never see the end when it comes."
Nocturnal: "Nocturnal shall have her revenge!"
Nocturnal: '"I am the darkness lurking around you always. Beware."
Nocturnal: "Those who've seen the face of darkness do not survive long."
Nocturnal: "When next we meet, things will be different."
Nocturnal: "As the darkness swallows light, so shall Nocturnal consume you."
Nocturnal: "Before Oblivion, there was Nocturnal."
Nocturnal: "Nocturnal is the night, and the night goes on forever."
Nocturnal: "Defeated? Oh how little you understand, mortal flea!"
Nocturnal: "When the day ends, Nocturnal lives."
Nocturnal: "The night is eternal. How can you possibly win?"
Nocturnal: "Savor this moment. It shall not last."
Nocturnal: "You believe you have won? How amusing."
Nocturnal: "You have no idea what comes next, do you, foolish mortal?"
Nocturnal: "I dwell in the darkness and one day I shall return."

Named BossesEdit

A named character will often replace the generic final wave boss at an Abyssal Geyser, and Nocturnal will comment on it.

Bosses Nocturnals's Commentaries
Ruella Many-Claws "Mortals make the perfect hosts for the eggs of Ruella Many-Claws."
"I call forth Ruella Many-Claws to shock the mortals into submission."
Churug of the Abyss "From the depths' darkness, Churug arises!"
"Mortals fear the dark. Now let them fear Churug!"
Sheefar of the Depths "Sheefar, bane of sailors, Nocturnal calls you forth!"
"Drown in Sheefar's cold embrace!"
Girawell the Erratic "Let us see how you fare against Girawell the Erratic."
"Girawell, emerge from my shadows!"
Muustikar Wave-Eater "Muustikar, Nocturnal has need of you, Wave-Eater!"
"Muustikar hungers for more than waves today."
Reefhammer "Reefhammer, destroy these fools!"
"Reefhammer, smash these mortals upon your shell!"
Darkstorm the Alluring "Let's see how you deal with Darkstorm's charms."
"From out of the sea, I give you Darkstorm the Alluring!"
Eejoba the Radiant "Eejoba take your will, mortal fools!"
"Let Eejoba lead you into my darkness, mortals."
Tidewrack "I summon Tidewrack to end this."
"Now Tidewrack crashes down upon you."
Vsskalvor "Vsskalvor, protect this geyser!"
"Nothing can stand against the power of Vsskalvor!"