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A factotum in the Clockwork City

Factotums are humanoid mechanical constructs created by Sotha Sil. They are predominantly found in the Clockwork City. Factotums are genderless machines, but they almost exclusively have female voices. Older models more commonly had a mix of both.

Larger and more powerful variants, such as Imperfects, can also be encountered. They appear in both the Morrowind Chapter and Clockwork City DLC, and in few specific locations in the Greymoor and Necrom DLCs.

For more information, see the lore article.

Unique Generic
Aios Clockwork City
Bolin Clockwork City
Clockwork Archivist Clockwork City
Clockwork Clinician Clockwork City
Clockwork Criterion Greymoor
Clockwork Facilitator Clockwork City
Clockwork Guardian
Clockwork Registrar Clockwork City
Commerce Delegate Clockwork City
Cuisine Administrator Clockwork City
Currency Steward Clockwork City
Factotum Commerce Delegate Crown Store
Factotum Property Steward Crown Store
Factotum Medica Clockwork City
The Grand Prognosticator Clockwork City
Malfunctioning Commerce Delegate Clockwork City
Pinnacle Factotum
The Precursor Clockwork City
Protus Necrom
Retail Assistant Clockwork City
Saint Felms the Bold Clockwork City
Saint Llothis the Pious Clockwork City
The Steadfast Regulator Clockwork City
Sovor Saryoni Clockwork City
Auditory Stimulator Clockwork City
Damaged Factotum Clockwork City
Factotum Clockwork City
Factotum Adjudicator
Factotum Analyst Clockwork City
Factotum Arbalest Clockwork City
Factotum Assembler Clockwork City
Factotum Charger
Factotum Conduit Clockwork City
Factotum Conveyer Clockwork City
Factotum Courier Clockwork City
Factotum Excavator Clockwork City
Factotum Expurgator
Factotum Freebooter Clockwork City
Factotum Harvester Clockwork City
Factotum Patcher
Factotum Pursuer Clockwork City
Factotum Sanitizer Clockwork City
Factotum Seeker
Factotum Steam Knight Clockwork City
Fortress Excavator Clockwork City
Multifunctional Aide Clockwork City
Pneuma Projection Clockwork City
Ruined Factotum
Tactical Facsimile
Unfinished Factotum Necrom
Visiting Factotum

Overheard DialogueEdit

Factotums have ambient dialogue that is uttered while they idle. Most of it indicates that the construct is processing information.

Hostile Idle
  • "Dreaming …. Glowing embers. Wool blanket."
  • "Dreaming …. Storm clouds. Wind."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar smell. Wrinkled hands."
  • "Dreaming …. Burning tapestry. Screaming."
  • "Dreaming …. Soiled tablecloth. Washboard."
  • "Dreaming …. Pottery wheel. Laughter."
  • "Dreaming …. Flower garden. Bird songs."
  • "Dreaming …. Fish pond. Skipping stone."
  • "Dreaming …. Familiar embrace. Moonlight."
  • "Dreaming … Torchbugs. Overturned jar."
  • "Dreaming … knee abrasion. Lullaby."
  • "Dreaming … open window. Sunlight through glass."
  • "Dreaming …. Scrib jelly. A rainy day."
  • "Dreaming …. Discarded Flowers. Empty Cylinder."
  • "Dreaming …. One netch. Two netch …."
  • "Dreaming … Deceased bird. Handkerchief."
  • "Dreaming … raindrops on glass. Wood smoke."
  • "By His word, I am bound."
  • "Welcome to Lord Seht's gleaming city."
  • "Farewell res—. Greeting error, eight two seven."
  • "Apologies. This partition is not designed for conversation."
  • "Accessing general greeting array. Hello, resident."
  • "Greetings, resident. Please obey all Clockwork City laws."
  • "The Clockwork City welcomes you."
  • "May Lord Seht bless your labors."
  • "Greeting array corrupted. Please try again."
  • "All functions are working as intended."
  • "By His will, we are sustained."
  • "Core rotation initialized."
  • "To every machine, a purpose."
  • "Searching area for hostile entities."
  • "We must all serve our purpose."
  • "Temperature variance detected. Documenting."
  • "Wonder. Labor. Create."
  • "Excess corrosion detected. Maintenance required."
  • "Sweep detects zero intruders. Restart initialized."
  • "Detection array calibrating. Awareness rating: sixty two percent."
  • "Transitioning to detection state seven."
  • "Routine diagnostics complete. Resuming threat awareness."
  • "Increasing visual clarity by fifteen percent."
  • "Detection array fully calibrated. Awareness rating: ninety four percent."
  • "Combat permissions registered and logged."
  • "New patrol path registered. Reflecting."
  • "Internal function audit in progress. Please try again later."
  • "Defensive maneuver collation in progress. Reflecting."

Factotums also have justice dialogue: if one catches you committing a crime inside the Brass Fortress, it will report you. They will remark on catching players stealing, trespassing, murdering, and pickpocketing.

They also have remarks for when they notice their pockets are empty: this occurs when you manage to pickpocket them until they have nothing left for you to steal (usually after the third swipe) and manage to steal the last of their personal effects without getting caught. The discerning Factotum occasionally remarks when they detect someone sneaking, and will advise the individual in question against criminal tomfoolery.

Witnesses Trespassing
Witnesses Theft
Witnesses Pickpocketing
  • "Unlawful behavior recorded. Category: trespassing."
  • "Trespassing observed. Reporting actions to authorities."
  • "Exit this area at once, resident."
  • "Trespassing observed. Please vacate the premises."
  • "You are not permitted in this current area, resident."
  • "Your presence is unauthorized. Please depart."
  • "Cease your actions and present yourself to the nearest guard."
  • "Discontinue your unlawful behavior, resident."
  • "It is not advised to take items without permission."
  • "Unlawful actions will not be tolerated in the Fortress."
  • "Your actions are not allowed within the Fortress."
  • "Please return all illicitly obtained items, resident."
  • "Your behavior is not permitted in the Brass Fortress."
  • "Your unlawful behavior has been reported."
  • "Larceny recorded. Notifying local authorities."
  • "Thievery is not allowed within the Brass Fortress."
  • "Your actions are not permissible, resident."
  • "Your actions have been recorded and reported."
  • "Criminal acts will lead to arrest and containment."
  • "All misconduct will be reported to the authorities, resident."
  • "Thievery is not authorized in Clockwork City."
  • "Theft observed. Reporting to local authorities."
  • "Minor criminal activity detected."
  • "Criminal: category pick-pocket detected."

When a Factotum witnesses assault or murder, they will calmly proclaim that a crime has been committed, and helpfully recommend that the perpetrator turn themselves in to the local authorities in compliance with the law.

Witnesses Assault
Witnesses Murder
Notices Pockets Are Empty
Witnesses Sneaking
  • "Do not assault me, resident."
  • "The Brass Fortress does not allow unsolicited assault."
  • "Structural integrity compromised."
  • "Unauthorized combat is not permitted."
  • "Discontinue your attack, resident."
  • "Abstain from violent actions, citizen."
  • "Physical aggression observed."
  • "Damage sustained. Defense protocol initiated."
  • "Assault in progress. Initiating defense."
  • "Alert! Physical assault occurring!"
  • "Impact detected. Please discontinue this assault, resident."
  • "Warning: personal misconduct will result in fines or execution."
  • "Resident, please cease all violent activity."
  • "Please present yourself for arrest, murderer."
  • "Murder observed and reported."
  • "Unapproved execution is not allowed within the Fortress."
  • "Discontinue all homicidal actions, resident."
  • "Alert! Homicidal resident observed."
  • "Resident deceased. Cause: homicide."
  • "Personal items detected missing. Cause: minor larceny."
  • "Minor larceny committed on storage compartment."
  • "Breach of storage compartment detected."
  • "Items stored have been unwillingly taken."
  • "Inhibiting factotum operations is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation."


  • Two Factotum polymorphs are available: the Clockwork Curator, which can be earned within Asylum Sanctorium, and the Factotum, which is acquired through Baandari Pedlar Crown Crates and occasionally available in the Crown Store.
  • There are two collectible Factotum assistants: the Factotum Commerce Delegate (a merchant) and the Factotum Property Steward (a banker).
  • The generic and unique NPCs will be friendly in Brass Fortress, and hostile in most other locations.
  • Factotums added in Update 14 originally had a much more different appearance, consisting of smooth cone-shaped heads with no holes at their masks, chestplates with large pauldrons and different patterns, clunkier arms and legs without any thin pieces of metal protruding, and much pointier boots. Following the release of Clockwork City in Update 16, the appearance of all factotums was updated and the older Factotums established to be discontinued models known as "Era 1 Factotum".