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West Weald
(lore page)
Gold Road Chapter
Zone Story Quests 8
Wayshrines 13
Delves 6
Points of Interest 10
Striking Locales 6
Set Stations 3
Public Dungeons 2
World Bosses 6
World Events 4
Skyshards 18
Player Hub
Notable Treasure
West Weald Antiquities
Colovian Highlands, Dawnwood, The Gold Road, Wildburn
Western Cyrodiil
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"West Weald is my home and I'll protect it with my life! From Sutch in the west, to Rustwall in the east, and all along the Gold Road, I'll help keep Skingrad and the Weald safe from all enemies. This I swear!"—Tribune Alea Idolus
West Weald

West Weald is a region in western Cyrodiil. It spans a broad swathe of Colovia, and is bracketed to the east by the heartlands of central Cyrodiil and to the west by the Gold Coast, meeting with the mountains of Craglorn to the north.

An Ayleid ruin

The West Weald encompasses three sub-regions. In the southeast is The Gold Road, the seat of the Colovian city of Skingrad. In the north is the Colovian Highlands, home to the Imperial settlements of Sutch and Ontus, and a wealth of Ayleid ruins. In the southwest is the emergent jungle known as the Dawnwood and the Wood Elf settlement of Vashabar. The temperate Gold Road and Colovian Highlands are separated from the encroaching Dawnwood by a boundary area called the Wildburn, where the wildlife and vegetation have been magically twisted.



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The following Points of Interest do not count towards Zone Completion:

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Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight


Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight


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A map of West Weald


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