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Online:Everwound Wellspring

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Everwound Wellspring
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ON-icon-Sotha Sil.png
Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Beetle Fabricant, Factotum Arbalest, Factotum Charger, Factotum Patcher, Kagouti Fabricant, Verminous Fabricant
Clockwork City
East of Mire Mechanica Wayshrine
The entrance to the Everwound Wellspring

The Everwound Wellspring is a farming facility in the northeast of the Clockwork City run by Lector Naril.

The aim of the Everwound Wellspring is to grow food for the entire region; a tricky feat considering the plants grow in entirely artificial conditions. The actual farming labor is carried out by specialist factotums called Harvesters, with standard factotums providing security in sensitive areas. Research, along with more complicated tasks, are carried out by Apprentices - young Apostles chosen annually by Lector Naril.

Sotha Sil is indirectly responsible for creating the facility, having set the wellspring and gave it a reservoir of water, with water being a scarce resource in the Clockwork City. He had intended to create an oasis, but moved onto other projects before that had come to fruition, giving Lector Naril the opportunity to learn to make actual plants grow in the artificial soil.

This is a complicated process requiring water treated with alchemical nutrients and other solutions and artificial sunlight, which is provided by using lenses, crystals, and a unique power source to create life-giving light similar to Nirn's sun.

Scattered around the Everwound Wellspring are various notes on the facility - you will likely read them during the related quest.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Everwound Wellspring Objective: Accompany Sherizar into the Everwound Wellspring.
  • Repeatable A Bitter Pill: Gather Herbalist's Satchels to assist the people of Slag Town.



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