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"Misty hollows filled with gregarious nixads. Hidden lagoons containing singing waters, clear as fresh-blown glass. Flowers that whispered secrets when the wind blew, and stones with names too long for mortal tongues to speak. Such was the island of Artaeum."—Vanus Galerion

Artaeum is a mystical island, home to the Psijic Order. It can be visited in the Summerset Chapter, and is linked to the Summerset zone guide.

The island was formerly part of the Summerset Isles, but disappeared 350 years ago around the time the Mages Guild was founded. It is very similar to the lush environment of Summerset, sharing much of the same flora and fauna. Mephala has taken interest in the island for uncertain reasons relating to the Daedric War Storyline.

The northern half of the island is made up of traversable plains where numerous crop fields and orchards can be found. The Ceporah Tower, the headquarters of the Psijics and the island's most ancient structure, can be found on the northeast coast, with many beaches and coral structures found across the other coastlines. The southern half of the island is home to the College of Psijics Ruins, a series of ancient structures built into the mountains of the island. A small beach can be found on the southeast side, with a close-by player house found on a small island southwest of Artaeum. A statue of the Aldmeri god-ancestor of magic Syrabane can be found in the northeast corner of the island with a stream running behind it.



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For Psijic Order faction quests, please see Psijic Order Quests.

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Artaeum Wayshrine

The Artaeum Wayshrine is located just a few paces south of the Ceporah Tower.

You will gain access to the wayshrine by completing the quest The Queen's Decree. If you want to get to Artaeum sooner, you can teleport to someone in your group or guild, or by exiting the Grand Psijic Villa player house. A chest can spawn just south of the wayshrine, behind the curved limestone wall.


  • Artaeum is the smallest zone in the game to date, at even smaller scale than starter zones such as Bleakrock Isle and Stros M'Kai.
  • The zone is accessed from the Aurbis map, alongside Coldharbour or Clockwork City, and the Elvish writing around it reads "The Hidden Isle Artaeum" twice.
  • The sky in Artaeum shows numerous yellow-orange lights and various planet-like objects.


A map of Artaeum
Ceporah Tower
The Dreaming Cave
Artaeum Wayshrine
Colosseum of the Old Ways
Traitor's Vault
Portal to Summerset
College of Psijics Ruins
College of Psijics Ruins
Artaeum Craftworks
Psijic Relic Vaults
A map of Artaeum
  1. Ceporah Tower
  2. The Dreaming Cave
  3. Artaeum Wayshrine
  4. Colosseum of the Old Ways
  5. Traitor's Vault
  6. Portal to Summerset
  7. College of Psijics Ruins
  8. Artaeum Craftworks
  9. Psijic Relic Vaults
  • Each image is relevant to its location, and each number corresponds to the key on the right.


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