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Help a novice Clockwork Apostle investigate a farming facility in the Clockwork City.
Zone: The Clockwork City
Objective: Everwound Wellspring — Accompany Sherizar into the Everwound Wellspring.
Quest Giver: Sherizar
Location(s): Everwound Wellspring
Reward: Gardening Gloves
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Help Sherizar discover the secret of the Wellspring
Lector Naril oversees the Everwound Wellspring, an oasis in the mechanical desert that is the Clockwork City. He has found a way to grow plants in the metallic soil. Once every year, he shares his harvest and selects a new apprentice.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Sherizar outside the facility.
  2. Enter the Everwound Wellspring and speak to Lector Naril.
  3. Accompany Sherizar as you recover the mystery behind the facility.
  4. Defeat Lector Naril.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Safe samples: B, E, and G.


Quest StagesEdit

Oasis in a Metal Desert
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sherizar, a Clockwork Apostle initiate who hopes to be selected as this year's apprentice, asked me to accompany her to the entrance to the Wellspring.
Objective: Approach the Gate
Lector Naril selected Sherizar to be this year's apprentice and invited the rest of us to come inside. I should enter the Everwound Wellspring and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Lector Naril
Lector Naril wants to show off the wonders of this oasis. I should follow him.
Objective: Follow Lector Naril
Lector Naril finished his tour and noticed that Sherizar has wandered off. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Lector Naril
Lector Naril wants me to find Sherizar and bring her back so he can get her started on her new duties here in the Everwound Wellspring.
Objective: Find Sherizar
I found Sherizar in one of the Wellspring's fungal workshops. I should talk to her and see what she's up to.
Objective: Talk to Sherizar
Sherizar asked me to help her get past the factotums so she can talk to her old friend, Chirrhari, who also currently serves as one of Lector Naril's apprentices.
Objective: Talk to Apprentice Chirrhari
Chirrhari suggested we bring a few samples of her fungi to another apprentice named Idrono. It might help endear us to him and get him to answer Sherizar's questions. But she stressed that we only bring him the safe mushrooms.
Objective: Gather Safe Mushroom Samples: 0/3
Objective Hint: Read Chirrhari's Notes
Objective Hint: Read Chirrhari's Notes in Your Inventory
We gathered the safe mushroom samples as Chirrhari requested. Now we need to deliver them to Apprentice Idrono.
Objective: Talk to Apprentice Idrono
Optional Step: Use the Speaking Tube to Talk to Lector Naril
We need to cross the Sunless Garden to talk to Apprentice Ohtowen. Apprentice Idrono warned us to watch out for the fabricants that invaded his garden as we pass through that area.
Objective: Talk to Apprentice Ohtowen
Optional Step: Use the Speaking Tube to Talk to Lector Naril
Ohtowen suggested there might be evidence of the other apprentices in Lector Naril's private workshop. A broken vent is our best way to reach the restricted area.
Objective: Reach the Private Workshop
We entered Lector Naril's restricted area. Sherizar suggested we examine his notes to see if he makes any mention of the apprentices that appear to be unaccounted for.
Objective: Examine Lector Naril's Notes: 0/4
Lector Naril's notes indicate that the Wellspring is fueled by the life force of the missing apprentices. I should follow Sherizar into the Simulated Sunlight Atelier and see what she thinks about all this.
Objective: Enter the Atelier and Talk to Sherizar
I have to stop Lector Naril's mad plan to sacrifice Sherizar and myself in order to fuel the simulated sunlight that keeps the plants alive.
Objective: Defeat Lector Naril
I defeated Lector Naril. Now I should talk to Sherizar and decide what to do with the simulated sunlight inductor.
Objective: Talk to Sherizar
Finishes quest  (If you choose to stop the sacrifices) I advised Sherizar to shut down the inductor. No amount of food is worth sacrificing vibrant, healthy lives.

(If you choose to continue with the sacrifices) I advised Sherizar to call for volunteers to sacrifice themselves to keep the inductor running and the Wellspring producing food.

Objective: Talk to Sherizar
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