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Zone map (Tamriel)
Zone map (Aurbis)
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Zones are playable areas of the world in Elder Scrolls Online. Unlike older single-player entries in the series, the world is not one continuous map, and is divided into several separate regions which cross the borders of the traditional Imperial provinces. The base-game zones are divided by Alliance, with five to each Alliance as well as one or two starter zones, which are further divided into three Subzones each. Cyrodiil is one zone, much larger than the others, divided into three larger-than-normal disputed territories. There are also a number of zones which are considered politically neutral. Chapters and DLC have added additional zones outside of the core Alliance territories, some of which are split into multiple Regions.

Overworld ZonesEdit

Aldmeri DominionEdit

Daggerfall CovenantEdit

Ebonheart PactEdit

Neutral and DisputedEdit

Chapter ZonesEdit

Story DLC ZonesEdit

Dungeons and Other AreasEdit

While the term "zone" usually refers to the Overworld Zones listed above, any location with its own loading screen is technically a separate zone. This includes Dungeons, Worldspaces and a number of other places encountered during exploration or questing. Most of these locations are found "within" one of the Overworld Zones, but some are completely separate, and are considered "Unzoned".

  • Unzoned — A listing of places which are not part of any zone or their associated storylines.


  • Prior to One Tamriel, zone content was geared to specific player levels according to the table below. Note that levels 1-2 were encountered only in the tutorial dungeon, the Wailing Prison; characters that skip the tutorial start at level 3.
  • The tiered ordering of zones remains important for story progression, but the level banding no longer exists, as all zones are subject to the Battle Leveling system that previously only existed in Cyrodiil and DLC zones.
  • As well as originally being a Veteran-only zone, Craglorn was first released as an Adventure Zone, a retired subset of zones which contained content solely aimed at groups of four players.