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Home Settlement Artaeum
Location Ceporah Tower
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 133,844
15,000 (At the end of "The Towers' Fall")
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order
Crowns (formerly)

Josajeh is a Redguard member of the Psijic Order and apprentice to Loremaster Celarus. She is initially found at the Athenaeum of the tower.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Before you start the questline, she may say one of the following:

"Greetings and welcome, friend. I'm glad you've come! Seeing a new face is a refreshing change of pace."
"Old Ways protect you, initiate. Hopefully we'll have something for you when you return."

The Psijics' CallingEdit

After you have spoken with Loremaster Celarus, he will direct you to talk with Josajeh and get some items:

"Yes? Can I … can I help you?"
Your master sent me. He told me to collect a map, some Psijic Seals, and the Augur of the Obscure.
"Right. You're the Order's new initiate. I didn't expect you so soon. Things here on Artaeum are normally, you know … snail-ish.
I transcribed our seers' visions onto the map there and collected these Psijic Seals. The Augur, however …."
Do you have it?
"I don't. Please don't tell the Loremaster!
It tricked me into dismissing the binding charms that keep it here in the Athenaeum—then it popped like a bubble and vanished! It escaped before, but never on my watch."
Do you have any ideas where the Augur went?
"Mercifully, yes. I just scryed its location.
It looks like it reappeared somewhere on the shores of Wasten Coraldale. Didn't take long for some Sea Elves to scoop it up and squirrel it away. You'll have to steal it back. I am sorry, truly."
All right. I'll go to Wasten Coraldale and recover it.

After you agree to help, you can ask Josajeh some questions:

"I'm indebted.
You'll definitely need the Augur on your quest. Without it, you'll never find those time breaches."
What exactly is this Augur of the Obscure, anyway?
"The Loremaster didn't tell you? All right. How to explain it ….
The Augur is a skull. Sort of. It's really a crystalline entity that resembles a skull. Some think it's from the head of an ancient mage, but I don't believe that for a minute."
Why not?
"It's hard to say.
Once you have a few conversations with it, you'll see what I mean."
Wait, the skull talks?
"Yes. Incessantly. I think that's why Loremaster Celarus made me its caretaker—no one else wants to listen to it.
You should know that it lies constantly, unless you ask it a direct question. If you do that, it's compelled to always tell the truth."
Good to know. Now, you're sure it will show me these time breaches?
"It will! Stirring up the Augur's power will give you a second sight. The skull sees time differently. Well, it sees practically everything differently—but time most of all.
I think it's fascinating! I just wish the little bugger wasn't so sneaky."
What can you tell me about these Psijic Seals?
"The seals are one of the Order's oldest tools. They act as a sort of anchor—shoring up any wayward spirits or forces in a given place.
When Nirn was still young, the veil was much looser. More unpredictable, you know? So the Aldmer made these."
Is there a trick to using them?
"None at all. We've been refining them for thousands of years, remember?
Just take one in your hand when you reach a tear and the seal will do the rest."
So you're Celarus's apprentice?
"I am. You look surprised."
If Redguard:
I just haven't seen many of our people here.
"It's an unlikely fit, yes. Are you a Crown or a Forebear? Never mind. I don't mean to pry.
It's not racial bias—just a matter of circumstance. Psijic study is an Aldmeri tradition. High Elves also live a long time and have more natural aptitude."
I just haven't seen many non-Elves here.
"Right, of course. It's not racial bias. The Psijic Order doesn't have any axes to grind. It's just a matter of circumstance. Psijic study is an Aldmeri tradition for one thing. High Elves also live a long time and have more natural aptitude."
How did you wind up here on Artaeum?
"It's a long story.
I was the heiress to a Crown magnifica. Our house was prosperous, well-respected …. When Celarus offered to take me to Artaeum, I cast off my duties immediately and left the family's fortunes in the hands of my brother."
"He drove our family into shame and poverty—pretty much immediately. I try not to think about it. Let's change the subject, all right?
You have lots to do and very little time to do it!"

Speaking to her again before taking the map:

"Thank you for agreeing to this. The map's just there on the table.
Now, you should hurry to Wasten Coraldale before those Maormer bandits do something stupid with the Augur."

Speaking to her after picking up the map and before going out:

"All right, you look prepared!
Remember, the Augur is somewhere on the coast near Wasten Coraldale. My visions revealed more than a few Sea Elves, but it's nothing you can't handle, right? Right."

Return after sealing the time breaches and she'll say:

"Thank goodness, you're back. I hope the Augur didn't give you too much trouble. I know it can be a handful.
Now, the Loremaster asked me to give you something. The first of many gifts."
What is it?
"The most valuable gift—knowledge! Please, use it carefully. When I learned my first spell, I accidentally banished a toad to the far ends of time! At least I think I did. It hasn't come back yet.
Congratulations! You've earned it—and my thanks."

Breaches On the BayEdit

After your work in Summerset, Josajeh will have more work for you:

"First rate work in Summerset. Really, first rate. Unfortunately, we have another problem.
Are you ready to set out again?"
Yes. What's the problem?
"Our seers detected more of these time breaches. This time, in the Iliac Bay region. My homeland.
The Loremaster and I will keep searching for the cause of the disturbances. In the meantime, we need you to seal them."
All right. Should I use the same gear as last time?
"Yes. Take this map of the region, more Psijic Seals, and the Augur. I hope the breaches haven't grown more powerful.
Stay safe. And … just make sure Alik'r weathers this, all right? I know I shouldn't … I have to stay detached. Never mind."
Don't worry. I'll seal these time breaches.

After you accept the mission, you can continue talking to her:

"May the Old Way guide your steps. The Loremaster was very impressed by your work in Summerset. He's a hard mer to know, but he's always been generous with his praise.
I just wish I could be a better student."
You think you're a poor student?
"Well, not in the traditional sense.
Don't get me wrong—I'm a very proficient mage. That's what caught the Loremaster's eye when he found me in the Alik'r. I just struggle with some of the deeper lessons. The philosophy."
What lessons are you talking about?
"The Psijic Order isn't just a collection of wizards. It's a world-view, you know? A state of mind.
It's not enough to be a talented mage. You have to learn to see things in a different way. To cultivate a detached and virtuous perspective."
You haven't done that?
"Some days I think I'm making progress. Then other days—days like today—I see how far I have to go.
A true Psijic would see all people and regions as equals. But for me … part of me never left the Alik'r. My heart's still in the desert."
So you're more troubled by this happening in your homeland?
"Yes. I would never admit it to the Loremaster, but yes.
I'm sorry—I don't mean to bother you with this. You're just starting out, after all. Just forget I said anything. Be safe."

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll warn:

"Be careful, initiate. The fields and deserts around the Iliac Bay present their own risks—even on the best of days.

Breaches of Frost and FireEdit

After your work in the Iliac Bay, Josajeh will need to send you northwards to to seal the breaches there:

"Are you prepared for your next task? I'm afraid we need to quicken the pace.
Was that too pushy? Sorry, I'm just a bit anxious, you know?"
Yes, I'm prepared. What do I need to do?
"Our seers detected a new cluster of breaches in the lands of Morrowind and Skyrim. The elder members of the Order don't want to admit, but I'm afraid these distortions are growing stronger.
But there's good news! We think we found the cause."
"The Loremaster and I. While you made your way across Alik'r, we reached out with projections—looking for objects of power. We found one. The Staff of Towers.looking for objects of power. We found one. The Staff of Towers.
The Loremaster's confident we can find it. You should speak with him when you return."
All right, I'll travel to Skyrim and Morrowind and seal these time breaches.

After agreeing to help, you can ask her about the Staff of Towers:

"Thank you, initiate. I honestly don't know what we'd do without your help. I keep telling the Loremaster I can assist you. I mean, I did spend my entire childhood on the continent after all.
I suppose he knows best."
You mentioned the Staff of Towers?
"Yes! The actual staff, created by the arch-mage Anumaril in the first era. If we're right, this could be the greatest arcane discovery in millennia!
According to the Psijic histories, the staff could bend and shape time itself."
And you think that's what stirring up these time breaches?
"We can't say for certain. Yet.
I should warn you-the Loremaster finds this all very troubling. Magical artifacts always present a destabilizing influence. You know by now that a lack of stability dopes not sit well with our Order."
You're not concerned about it?
"I'm very concerned! An artifact left out in the wild for any hedge-mage to find … results could be disastrous! It should be here on Artaeum.
I need to get back to our research. We should have more answers when you return."

Speaking to her again before leaving:

"Safe travels, initiate. We'll share our findings with you as soon as you return."

The Shattered StaffEdit

Speaking to her after being directed to her by the Loremaster:

"You spoke to the Loremaster, right? You should be setting out for Tamriel.
What brings you?"
Loremaster Celarus sent me to speak to you.
""Hmm. Checking on me, no doubt. I'm fine, really.
The Loremaster and I had a brief disagreement. But it's fine. I'm sure he's right … I just needed a moment to think on it."
He's right about what?
"The Staff of Towers. I discovered that each piece emits a unique temporal wave—almost like an artist's signature. I ran to the Loremaster to show him. Nearly tripped over my robe on the way!
I thought he'd be proud, but he just went pale."
He said he was proud of you. He just thinks the staff is too dangerous to wield.
"I know. But just between the two of us, don't you think we could put an item like that to good use?
Imagine being able to shift time to avoid the Planemeld, or cure the Knahaten Flu before it took hold. It's worth at least discussing, right?"
Yes. A powerful artifact like that should be put to good use.
"Exactly! We've all suffered our fair share of heartbreak. If we could wash that away … that would be miraculous right? We all want things to be different. To be better.
Anyway, I've talked enough. Don't worry about me—go find those fragments."
No. The Loremaster is right. The staff is dangerous.
"Yes … yes, I guess you're right. It's just that when things happen to you … to your family—things you can't fix—the power to set things right can be very tempting.
Anyway, I've talked enough. Don't worry about me. Just find those fragments."

Both replies then lead to the same ending dialogue:

Celarus told me that the Augur will light a path to the fragments. What does that mean?
"Ah, right. Finding these pieces of the staff will require a bit more legwork.
As I said, each of the fragments emits a unique temporal wave, but the point of origin remains hidden. We were only able to locate points where those waves crash."
So I'm looking for these places where the waves wash up? More breaches?
"Exactly. Once you find a breach, you can use the Augur to track the waves back to their source-the staff fragment.
The trail should manifest as a series of lights. Just follow the lights and you'll find what we're looking for."

Speaking to her again before leaving:

"May the Old Ways guide your steps, initiate. And have a care around those fragments of the staff, all right? Items of power often draw dangerous creatures."

Speaking to her upon coming back with the fragments, before reporting to the Loremaster:

"You're back! And you have the staff fragments? Well done! You should take them to the Loremaster at once. Go! Go!"

A Breach Amid the TreesEdit

Speaking to her after being sent by the Loremaster Celarus, who has become increasingly concerned about her:

"It's good to see you again, initiate. The Loremaster told you about the breaches in Valenwood, right? I have your equipment here."
Are you all right, Josajeh? Celarus is worried about you.
"I'm fine. I wish that he'd stop, I don't know … hovering.
I won't lie to you. I'm disappointed that we won't have the opportunity to study the staff and its time-distorting properties, but that's ultimately his decision. I will abide by it."
He said you suffered a trauma that might cloud your judgment.
"He's referring to my family's fall, no doubt.
My family dealt in trade—ferrying goods from Sentinel to remote Imperial holdings. My father was always selective when it came to contracts. My brother, Afarh, never took those lessons to heart."
So he made a bad deal?
"Yes. A disastrous deal.
Shortly after I left, the Longhouse Emperor, Leovic, put out a call for an Alik'ri trader to transport a shipment of arms across the desert. Afarh leapt at the opportunity. He used our entire estate as collateral."
What happened?
"Exactly what you'd think. The caravan was waylaid by bandits, and the Empire seized our lands, our businesses, everything. My family fell into abject poverty—some turned to begging, theft … or worse. So now you know.
You should get going."
All right. I'm sorry about what happened.

Speaking to her again afterward:

"I'm fine, initiate. You should set out soon."

Returning to her after having sealed the breaches:

"There you are. I was wondering when you'd return.
Did all go well in Valenwood?"
Yes, I closed all the time breaches.
And by the way, I'm sorry about how I've been acting. You've done nothing but help the Order. I had no right to take my frustrations out on you."
It's all right.
"It isn't, but thank you all the same.
Honestly, it was good to speak about my family again. The Psijic code makes conversations like that … difficult. Thank you."
Yes, you have been a little difficult.
"I know. Believe me, I'm going to make a good faith effort to see things as the Loremaster does. I'm sure it will make sense … eventually.
Anyway, thank you for your patience."

Both choices lead back into the same dialogue option:

You're welcome. What's next?
"The scryers are already clamoring about all the information coming back from the Psijic Seals you placed. We'll locate the last four pieces of the staff soon, I know it.
In the meantime, take this. I'm sure you will put it to good use."

A Time for Mud and MushroomsEdit

This time you will be heading to southern Morrowind and the Black Marsh:

"From what the Loremaster tells me, the scryers are nearly halfway to locating the last four pieces of the staff. Placing another batch of Psijic Seals should give them all the information they need.
Are you ready for another trip to the continent?"
Yes. Where am I headed this time?
"A new cluster of time distortions appeared in the swamps and fields north of Black MarshShadowfen and Deshaan specifically.
Take the Augur, the seals, and this map of the region. At this point, I'm sure you know what to do with them."
I'll seal these new time breaches. Do you need anything else?
"It might be worth talking to the Loremaster. He would never admit it, but I think something is bothering him. Something about the staff fragments."
All right. I'll set out for Blakc Marsh after I speak with Celarus.

Speaking to her again before leaving:

"Old Ways protect you, initiate. Those swamps look very forbidding—but I'm sure it's nothing you haven't faced before."

Speaking to her after returning from sealing the breaches:

"Welcome back, initiate! No shortage of mud on your feet, I see. Did you manage to seal all the time breaches in the swamp?"
Yes, I placed all the Psijic Seals and closed the breaches.
"Well done! With those seals in place, we should have a much better idea of where the remaining staff fragments are hidden.
I can't wait to see them!"
Wait, I thought Loremaster Celarus was sealing the fragments away.
"That was the plan, yes. But as he may have told you, separating the pieces has proven difficult-even for our most powerful monks.
It looks like we'll have to study the staff after all. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how exciting that is!"
You think you'll find a way to keep the pieces apart?
"Maybe. The leadership seems confident enough. As for me, I'm just happy to have the opportunity to see it!
Now, you should probably check in with the Loremaster. With any luck, our scryers have found the remaining fragments already."

Speaking to her again before going back to the Loremaster:

"Don't just stand there, initiate! Go speak to the Loremaster. I'm anxious to see these new fragments!"

The Towers' RemainsEdit

You can talk to her in her study once you return with the fragments:

"Were you successful? You were, weren't you? Go tell the Loremaster! Quick!"

After completion of this quest and before accepting Time in Doomcrag's Shadow you can talk to her:

"From what I hear, there's still more to do in Tamriel. You should speak with the Loremaster."

Time in Doomcrag's ShadowEdit

You can talk to her after the Loremaster sends you to her:

"Ah, welcome back initiate. I can't believe you collected all eight fragments of the staff! I know that we intend to render it inert … but there's no harm in learning more along the way, right?.
Now. I hear you're setting out for Rivenspire."
Yes. The Loremaster sent me to collect my gear.
"Of course! Do I sound giddy? Sorry.
I just never imagined we'd have a chance to actually study the staff! This promises to be very illuminating. At least for now …."
Are you prepared to let this go when the time comes?
"Of course. I mean … it will probably be some time before we discover the secret of keeping it fragmented, anyway.
You still doubt my intentions? I guess that's not suprising. I would not betray the Order, initiate—not even for my family's name."
All right. I will see you when I return.
"Yes, you will. Safe travels, initiate."

You can talk to her immediately afterwards before venturing to Rivenspire:

"Be cautious in Rivenspire. I hear there are more vampires than people out there."

Speaking to her upon returning after completing your task and before talking to the Loremaster:

"I'm sorry, I can't talk right now … You should go speak to the Loremaster."

After talking to Loremaster and before finishing the quest:

"I'm sorry … I'm still recovering from the Loremaster's decision. You should talk to him—I can't bear to right now."

After completion of this quest and before accepting A Breach Beyond the Crags you can talk to her:

"I'm sorry, I can't … I just can't right now. You should go talk to the Loremaster."

A Breach Beyond the CragsEdit

Speaking to her after the Loremaster sends you to her:

"Oh, it's you. I assume the Loremaster sent you to collect your things for the trip to Craglorn?"
Yes. Are you all right, Josajeh?
"No, I'm not. Do I look—?
It's … it's not your fault. I'm sorry. I'm not proud of what I did. But … I was so close. I found Anumaril's journals in the stacks. There was a binding ritual in there. If I could get to the White-Gold tower …."
You'd have used the staff, despite the Loremaster's warnings?
"It's just a tool! Can you even imagine all the good we could do? Knahaten Flu—never happened. Planemeld—never happened. My father's death—never happened. My family's lives destroyed! Never happened.
Just … just tell me you understand."
I understand.
"I know it's not right. I know it's oegnithir. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all of this.
Be careful in Craglorn. We'll meet again soon, I promise."
Meddling with time is too dangerous, Josajeh.
"Really? Even you? I thought … never mind.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry. For all of this. Be safe in Craglorn. We'll meet again soon."

If you talk to her again afterwards:

"I just need some time, initiate. To think. Be safe, all right?"

The Towers' FallEdit

Josajeh holding the Staff of Towers

After your time in Craglorn, when you return to Artaeum, you learn from the Loremaster that Josajeh stole the staff fragments and fled to Tamriel with them. You and the Augur track down the time breach in Divad's Chagrin Mine and upon entering, find yourself in the Time-Lost Throne Room.

Josajeh will be starting the ritual to change events:

Josajeh: "I use this staff to make right what once went wrong!"

Durning this, other versions of her will be summoned, Captain Josajeh, Josajeh, Duchess of Worms and Ritemaster Josajeh and you will need to defeat them to be able to close the time breaches. During all this, the effects of the ritual will be hurting Josajeh. Once you have succesfully stopped the ritual, the Loremaster and Relicmaster will arrive.

At this point you can speak with Josajeh:

"Is it …? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! Was anyone hurt? I will never forgive myself if someone …."
No one was hurt. Why did you do it, Josajeh?
"You know why, initiate. Everyone knows why.
I looked at the Staff of Towers and saw a world without consequences. A world where no sin, small or large, would go unpunished. Where nothing broken was beyond repair. I … I was wrong."
You could have destroyed time.
"I know. But some pain … some pain runs so deep that it blinds you. Weakens your senses. Makes you believe in the impossible. Have you ever felt a pain like that?
What's time compared to all the people you love? It doesn't make sense, I know."
Do you think the Order will take you back?
"No. And they shouldn't. I betrayed the Loremaster's confidence. Betrayed the Old Ways—everything the Psijics stand for.
No, I will face my justice. I will accept the punishment, whatever it is."

If talked to afterwards before entering the portal:

"I will surrender myself to the Psijic Order and face my punishment. Without your intervention, I shudder to think what my recklessness could have done to the fabric of time.
I know you don't want to hear this, but … thank you ."

Back in Artaeum, Josajeh will be banished from the Order and the Augur will be meant to taken back into storage. However, you can hold up your end of your Bargain with the Obscure and convince the Loremaster to allow Josajeh to take the Augur with her.

If you choose to let the Augur go with Josajeh you can find her below Ceporah Tower, in the northeast.

"It's beautiful, isn't it? Even after all these years, I'm still in awe of this place. And now I'll never see it again.
Forgive me. We both know this is a fate I brought upon myself. Is there something you need, initiate?"
Celarus agreed to let the Augur leave the island … under your supervision.
"He … he'd entrust this to me? After all I did? How I disappointed him?
I don't know what to say. Actually, come to think of it, I do. I will never disappoint my mentor again. I may be exiled, but the Augur and I will make a better world."
Here it is.
"You don't know what this means to me—to have a friend on such a lonely journey. Thank you.
I hope you'll see me off. I'm to meet the Loremaster at the portal to Tamriel."
I have an errand to run, but I'll be there shortly.

If talked to afterwards:

"I think I'll stay here just a few moments longer. I never knew how difficult it would be to say goodbye …"

At the portal to Tamriel in Artaeum before she leaves on her exile:

Josajeh: "I'm so sorry for disappointing you, Loremaster."
Loremaster Celarus: "It is as I always said, Josajeh. Failure is an opportunity for growth. I hope this exile will lead you to better things."
If you respected the Augur's wishes:
If you decided to take the Augur back to the vault:
"Well, I guess this is goodbye. I'll take good care of the Augur, you have my word.
Thank you … for everything. I deserve this exile, but I don't think I will ever deserve a friend like you. Take care of the Order for me, all right?"'
"Well, I guess this is goodbye.
I appreciate you coming to see me off. Thank you … for everything. I deserve this exile, but I don't think I will ever deserve a friend like you. Take care of the Order for me, all right?"'
Do you have any idea where you'll go?
"First? I think I'll go home. To the Alik'r. I have a lot of ghosts to confront—choices to make peace with. Changing the past was always a mirage. All we can do is face it and persevere."
And then?
"I'll do what I can to ease my family's burdens. To rebuild a sense of hope and set them back on the path to happiness.
Then? Travel. Definitely travel. As much as I love this place, there's a whole world to explore out there."
Safe travels, Josajeh.

If talked to again afterwards:

"Nothing else to prepare, I guess. Time to bid this island farwell [sic]."

Once you finish the quest she will head towards the portal and say:

Josajeh: "Farewell."

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Josajeh casting a spell

Josajeh (as a Ritemaster Josajeh) makes use of various Psijic abilities:

Psijic Bolt
Basic ranged attack
Psijic Assault
Basic attack performed from melee range
Psijic Bash
Josajeh may perform a bashing attack if you stay at melee range.
Temporal Assist
Josajeh conjures four spectral copies of herself who spin and unleash beams of blue energy in the shape of cone in front of them.
Rapid Acceleration
Josajeh turns into bright orb of light and dashes around the area Upon impact with the orb player character receives damage and stun.
When her health drops below 50% she may start channel to restore her health. If not interrupted she may restore all her health back.
Time Bomb
Josajeh raises her staff and freezes the passage of time at the target location, gradually reducing the Movement Speed of enemies in the area during the channel before finally damaging and stunning them in place for when the channel completes.



  • Alternate timeline versions of Josajeh can be seen behind the barriers in the Time-Lost Throne Room.