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Location Anexiel's Lair, Nilata Ruins
Inner Temple, Falinesti Autumn Site
The Dreaming Cave, Artaeum
Race Daedric Prince Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Triad
Mephala in her Princely form

Mephala, also known as The Lady of Whispers and the Webspinner, is the Daedric Prince of murder, sex, and secrets.

Related QuestsEdit


A Marriage in RuinsEdit

Mephala in her Dremora form

Mephala appears in her spectral Dremora form within Anexiel's Lair in Nilata Ruins after Anexiel has been slain.

Mephala: "Another thread cut, yet the loom spins on."
Mephala: "And now you think yourself free of the web. What a delightful fiction …."

You must speak to her.

"Oh, yes, come closer …. Hmm … how strong you look with my minion's blood on your hands …."
Who are you?
"Hmm … I would have thought someone as mighty and well-traveled as you might already know. I am Mephala, The Lady of Whispers."
What are you doing here?
"A fair question. I don't often come to greet those who would slay my servants. But you … oh, there's something different about you. The scarred wrists of a Coldharbour slave, yet such a regal bearing …."
What was Anexiel trying to do?
"Trying to do? Oh no. You strong, beautiful fool. Do you think she failed?
A marriage ruined, a sister slain, souls lost, families broken … And to think―all of this began with a wayward goat. What a gorgeous and horrifying tapestry."
So there was no greater plot?
"What a predictably mortal question.
Small, great … the same. Each thread tugs the other. Petty jealousy, an unintended slight, dog-like lusts … these are the things that bring empires to ruin.
Think on this, my dear. I'll be watching."

The Arbordawn CultEdit

Mephala in her Spider Daedra form
Mephala: "Ahh... welcome to my web, mortals."
Telenger the Artificer: "Mephala! A Daedric Prince herself in these tunnels! I should have known."
Mephala: "Do be quiet, Artificer. Your companion is far more intriguing. Come, child. Speak with me!"
Telenger: "Trust nothing she says, assistant."

The Daedric Prince Mephala appears as a ghostly spider daedra. She reveals that the Arbordawn cultists are her newest Deathweavers. "The lost city, the Artificer, all tremble in the web of Mephala."

"Ahh, such a lovely warmth against the temple stones. So good to smell pumping blood in these halls again."
Mephala, I presume?
"I am as the Artificer named me. Mephala. Webspinner, debaser, and consumer. Have you enjoyed sparring with my newest Deathweavers?"
The Arbordawn cultists?
"Nothing like an empty mind, waiting, yearning for purpose. The lost city, the lost Faithful, the great Artificer, all tremble in the web of Mephala."
What's that supposed to mean?
"I have no answers for you, child. None that would satisfy you, anyway. Now, take your Artificer and go. The temple doors are open. You've done your part here today."
Done my part?
"Go speak to your Artificer, child. He seems quite agitated."

She tells you to take Telenger with you and leave, since "you've done your part". Speak to Telenger about Mephala and the cult. He says opening the temple was a bad idea, and it needs to be resealed.

Telenger the Artificer: "This should be the work of a moment. Mephala! You face Telenger the Artificer! Learn what it means to ensnare one such as me in your web!"
Mephala: "No! How dare you, mortal?"
Telenger the Artificer: "I am the Artificer, madam! That's why I dare!"

Edge of DarknessEdit

The Whispering Lady communicates through her bust

Upon completing the quest, Alanwe will commune with the bust of Mephala, who is referred to as the Whispering Lady:

Alanwe: "You did it! He's… gone."
Whispering Lady: "The mortal did well in feeding my killing word. My black edge."
Alanwe: "Who are you?"
Whispering Lady: "Never has the whispering from that blade been so… pronounced."
Alanwe: "You're the Daedric fiend that created it, aren't you? That weapon must never again be allowed to influence mortals."
Whispering Lady: "It has hurt you, has it not? Perhaps you could destroy it. Disable it. I could help you."
Alanwe: "You think I trust you, the one who twisted my husband, murdered my students? I will send the blade away, and I will do so on my own terms―no matter the cost. It will travel far, ever slipping from the hands that desire it. This cannot happen again."
Whispering Lady: "The Blade will fight you. It is fully empowered, and it wishes to return home."
Alanwe: "Never... again!"
<Alanwe casts a spell on the blade, disappearing along with it.>
Whispering Lady: "Mortals never fail to amuse. That edge was fully sharpened, and would have seen great use at my side in the days to come, but Alanwe gave everything to cast it away. There is nothing left to take from her. You and I, however, will meet again."

Lost in TranslationEdit

Mephala and Clavicus Vile with Ritemaster Iachesis

After Ritemaster Iachesis reveals the location of the Heart Of Transparent Law, Clavicus and Mephala appear in Evergloam:

Clavicus Vile: "Look, Mephala! The mortal hid the heart inside his own body! How clever!"
Darien Gautier: "Uh-oh. Mephala and Clavicus Vile. This could be bad."
Mephala: "But why did Nocturnal keep this from us?! No matter, I'll take the heart now, Ritemaster."
<Vile and Mephala proceed to use their powers to attempt to rip the Heart Of Transparent Law from the Ritemaster's body, but he is protected by his wards.>
Clavicus Vile: "Impressive for a mortal, but the wards won't hold for long against our power."
<The tug-of-war continues.>
Ritemaster Iachesis: "They're … tearing me … apart!"
Clavicus Vile: "Stop that, Mephala! I've got him! Wait … what's—?"
<Nocturnal appears on the pillar between them, standing behind the Ritemaster.>
Mephala: "Nocturnal?! How dare you interfere!"
Nocturnal: "Get out of my realm, Princes!"
<Nocturnal casts Vile and Mephala out of her realm.>

A Necessary AllianceEdit

Leythen summons Mephala to negotiate a deal with them.

Leythen summons Mephala by the statue at the Cathedral of Webs:

Leythen: "Mephala, appear before your faithful servant!"
Mephala: "I answer my earl's summons, only to find him with these … unworthies. Do you betray me too, Leythen?"
Leythen: "Never, my Prince. We share a common enemy now. Please, talk to them and hear what they have to say."

Speak with Mephala.

"So, the mortal who opposed me wants to speak. If what you say doesn't interest me, I will order Leythen to kill you."
Nocturnal threatens us all. I've made a deal with Clavicus Vile. Now I want to negotiate with you.
"And what did the cowardly Prince of Bargains off you? Was it something so intriguing that you would risk my wrath, as well?
Speak before my patience wears thin!"
Vile offered passage to the Crystal Tower through his realm, but we need to attune the diamond keys.
"You would challenge Nocturnal in the Crystal Tower? Since gaining the Heart of Transparent Law, the tower serves as an extension of her own realm. It amuses me that you want to thwart her plans. She'll destroy you, of course, but I am still amused."
Could you make the diamond keys work so we can enter the Crystal Tower?
"How desperate you must be to offer the very relics I once sought!
I will think upon your request. Before you enter Vile's realm, have my earl contact me again. At that time I will either help you… or I won't. As is my prerogative."
We'll contact you when we're ready.

The Crystal TowerEdit

Mephala will manifest in the Dreaming Cave when summoned.

Mephala: "Sotha Sil, the false god. I should have expected to see you.
Sotha Sil: "Lady Mephala. WIll you honor the agreement you made with this mortal?"
Mephala: "I am always true to my word. Now, send forth the mortal who consistently avoids the tangles of my webs. We have much to discuss."
Close up of Mephala in her Princely form

Speak with Mephala.

"You are strangely consequential, for a mortal. In my calculations, I somehow overlooked your significance. And yet, that has worked to my advantage, for now we have a chance to thwart Nocturnal. And that will be something to savor."
So you'll attune us to the Resolute Diamonds?
"I can attune the diamond keys, but that won't be enough to keep you safe. Using the secrets she stole from Sotha Sil, Nocturnal has infused the Crystal Tower with boundless energy. It makes the tower's connection to reality … increasingly unstable."
What else do we need?
"I must turn the Resolute Diamonds into more than just keys. They must become an anchor, something to lock you to this reality. Without such a weight, you will be lost as the tower rapidly shifts from one plane to the next.
And in exchange …."
Tell me what you want.
"Two trivial concessions, nothing more. First, just as Vile sends his Hound, I want you to take my earl, Leythen, into the Crystal Tower. And second, I wish a private meeting with Sotha Sil after reality has been saved.
Do we have a deal?"
I can only speak for myself. Attune the diamonds as you have said and Leythen can come with me.
"Two Resolute Diamonds … imbued with the power of Mephala! Now they merge into a single gem … one Resolute Anchor to serve as both key and safeguard!
Do not lose this. Only its presence will keep you and your companions anchored to reality."
Thank you, Prince Mephala.

Mephala addresses you a final time before taking her leave after your conversation ends.

Mephala: "Remember, if any of you stray from the protection of the Resolute Anchor, you'll be lost in the nothingness between realities.
And know that I will be watching."


  • The vision of Mephala encountered during the quest A Marriage in Ruins was originally very translucent and difficult to see. The shader was eventually brightened by a patch.