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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Locate the Heart of Transparent Law.
Zone: Summerset
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Ritemaster Iachesis, Valsirenn
Location(s): Ceporah Tower, Ebon Stadmont, Evergloam
Prerequisite Quest: The Dreaming Cave
Next Quest: A Necessary Alliance
Reward: Ritemaster's Memorial Battlesword
Psijic Warden Gauntlets
1 Skill Point
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
"You remember where you hid the Heart of Transparent Law?"
Ritemaster Iachesis remembers a woman's voice, whispering ancient words over and over. He thinks these words are tied to the place where he hid the Heart of Transparent Law. Before we breach the barrier, we need to determine what the words mean.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Oriandra and read the notes about the ancient language.
  2. Talk with Leythen who sends you to Ebon Stadmont with a projection rune.
  3. Read Grand Maestro Forte's Research and find the way through Ebon Stadmont.
  4. Interact with the stone to summon Leythen.
  5. Talk with Nocturnal's Earl.
  6. Talk with Leythen again.
  7. Return to Artaeum and tell the Ritemaster what you've learned.
  8. Talk to Darien Gautier and return to the Dreaming Cave.
  9. Go through the portal to Evergloam.
  10. Scout your way ahead with Darien and talk with the Ritemaster every time the crows jog his memories.
  11. Head towards the ancient ruins at the top of the mountain.
  12. Defend yourself against the combined Daedric forces of the two Princes.
  13. Fight the Wraith-of-Crows and escape through Valsirenn's portal.
  14. Talk with Oriandra to finish the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Decoding the DreamEdit

If you've left the Dreaming Cave after completion of its quest, then you may encounter Valsirenn while roaming around Summerset. She'll tell you to return to the Ritemaster and, if prompted to, give you a rundown of what's happened so far.

Regardless, talk to the Ritemaster to learn about his recently-recalled memory:

"My memories return slowly, a little at a time. While you searched for the knight, a memory came back to me. A woman's voice, barely a whisper. Beautiful but speaking in a language I can't understand. Repeating the same words over and over."
What do you think the memory means?
"I suspect that the language is ancient. It may actually predate the languages of Tamriel. I feel that the memory is connected to the barrier in the Dreaming Cave and where I hid the Heart.
My friend, we need to discover the meaning of these words."
I'll help you in any way that I can.
"I hoped you'd say that. I sent Oriandra to my study to review my memory and see if she could translate the ancient words. I even suggested a scholar she could contact. An expert in ancient languages and obscure dialects.
Go. Check on her progress."

Oriandra is located in the Ritemaster's Study; when you enter, you can see her consulting books as a spectral image of the Ritemaster's memory stands in front of her. Speak to her to learn more:

Oriandra: "Not derived from Ayleid, though I see a possible correlation to Daedric linguistic patterns …."
"Who? Oh! Don't you know not to interrupt a sage when she's deep in concentration?
I suppose the Ritemaster sent you to see how my research was coming along? I've listened to his memory over and over, and I examined every relevant tome I could find."
Have you been able to identify the unknown language?
"Not yet. The master of the House of Reveries sent me his work. It relates to a similar language seen in the ruins of Ebon Stadmont, but I only understand a little of it.
I wish Leythen was still one of us. He was our language expert."
Leythen's an expert on ancient languages?
"Ancient languages and battle magic, to name just a few. Leythen betrayed us and I don't trust him, but I've reached a dead end. We need help and he's the best option I can think of.
Take the notes and show them to Leythen. What do we have to lose?"
I'll take the notes and talk to Leythen.

Oriandra thinks that the language spoken in the Ritemaster's memory may be able to be decoded, but would require Leythen's knowledge of ancestral languages to do so. She believes that taking notes of the language and bringing it to him is their only choice. Behind her sits the book that Oriandra wants you to take notes of. Once you take the notes, head to Valsirenn's study. When you enter, you will overhear her arguing with Leythen before storming off.

Earl Leythen: "Interesting. You weren't this attentive when our daughter actually needed you."
Valsirenn: "Leythen, I— arrgh! I need to go check on the knight anyway."
Earl Leythen: "Val, wait .... Damn it."

Once Valsirenn leaves, Leythen will be available to chat:

"By the Spinner's holy webs, when did I become an insufferable arse? Valsirenn didn't deserve that. Ealdaawe was her daughter, too.
Why am I talking to you about this? I know it isn't because I like you, because I really don't."
I understand you're good with languages.
"Is this some new attempt at interrogation? If so, I'm not familiar with the technique.
Very well, I'll play along. Yes, I am a master linguist, specializing in ancient and obscure languages. Why do you ask?"
The Ritemaster heard these words, but we can't translate them. They may point to the tower crystal.
"Intriguing. I've never seen this dialect before. I can translate it, but I need more to work with. I need to examine the original tablets found at Ebon Stadmont.
That will never happen, of course. You do remember I'm a prisoner here, don't you?"
I can go to Ebon Stadmont. What do you need to complete the translation?
"According to those notes, the writing is carved into a massive stone. I doubt you'd be able to carry it back here.
All right, you've piqued my interest. Use this rune when you reach Ebon Stadmont and I'll be able to see what you see."

He wants you to head into Ebon Stadmont and indirectly bring him there using a rune he hands you, as it will allow him to see what you do. Go back to Summerset and make your way to Ebon Stadmont, located northeast of the Alinor Docks and southeast of its Wayshrine.

Entering Ebon StadmontEdit

When you get to Ebon Stadmont, head to the river close-by, and use the Rune you were provided. A projection of Leythen will then appear, which you'll need to talk to for more information:

Earl Leythen: "Ah, the rune is working perfectly! It's almost as if I'm standing right next to you."

"I can feel the powerful magic that permeates this place. I sense a Daedric influence, but something that's far older than my Prince Mephala."
What should I be looking for?
"The Maestro's notes said the ancient words were etched into a massive stone. I expect you'll need to travel deeper into the forest to find the exact location.
I can't translate the words the Ritemaster heard until you find that stone."
How do I find this massive stone covered in the ancient writing?
"I'm not your tour guide! Just pick a direction and start walking.
Wait a moment. The Maestro's notes. There was a passage that might help. Something about the crows. Maybe that will be enough to guide you."
I'll find the stone.

Earl Leythen: "Refer to the book and use the rune again when you locate the ancient writing."

The solution to getting through Ebon Stadmont is in the following passage of Grand Maestro Forte's Research— the notes you took prior to speaking with Leythen:

"A pair of crows to begin your search,
Then a lone crow upon a perch,
But it's not one or two that open the way,
The crows will have their say."

Each portal is positioned between a stone arch, some of which have statues on them. Go through the portal with the two crow statues, and head deep within its chamber until you reach an inscribed, stone pedestal. When you activate the Rune that Leythen gave you, he will project into view, but outside interference will have him fade away— a different Earl, instead, will take his place. If you've met her before, both her dialogue and appearance will change slightly:

"Tell the Ritemaster. It's a spell of retrieval."
Earl Leythen: "The ancient inscription! You found it!"
Earl Leythen: "Something isn't right. I feel—"
Earl Leythen: "Our connection ... breaking up! It's Nocturnal's earl—"
Earl Tundilwen: "Now that Leythen's gone, we can talk freely."
If you've never seen her before If you've seen her once before
These words of power, they aren't meant for mortal eyes.
As an earl in the Court of Bedlam, believe me when I say that Leythen isn't being totally honest with you."
As an earl in the Court of Bedlam, why should I believe a word you say?
"I wish to maintain the balance of power among the Daedric triad. If Leythen translates this language and passes the secret on to his mistress, Mephala, she'll gain an advantage that could threaten my Prince, Nocturnal."
"I never expected to see you again, but you shouldn't have come here. These words of power, they aren't meant for mortal eyes.
I'm an earl in the Court of Bedlam now. So believe me when I say that Leythen isn't being totally honest with you."
Veya from Balmora? You're Nocturnal's earl? How did that happen?
"That doesn't matter. What matters is that I want to maintain the balance of power among the Daedric triad. If Leythen translates the language and gives Mephala the secret, she'll gain an advantage that could threaten my Prince, Nocturnal."
It sounds like the triad of Daedric Princes isn't as united as we thought.
"Speculate all you want. I'm here to give you a gift. Nocturnal has authorized me to provide you with the meaning of the mysterious phrase.
It's in all our best interests for the Ritemaster to remember where he hid the Heart of Transparent Law."
So what do the words mean?
"The phrase the Ritemaster remembers, the words he keeps hearing, it's a spell to retrieve something hidden.
When the time is right, he just needs to repeat the phrase and the Heart's hiding place will be revealed."

Once you walk away from her, your connection to Leythen will be reestablished:

Earl Tundilwen: "Tell the Ritemaster. It's a spell of retrieval."
Earl Leythen: "Finally! I've reestablished my connection to the rune."
Earl Leythen: "Tell me what Nocturnal's earl said to you."
"I can't believe Nocturnal's earl interfered like that. We're supposed to be allies! Why would she want to stop me from reading that ancient inscription?"
Nocturnal's earl said that the ancient phrase is a spell.
"A spell? Interesting. And somehow connected to the Ritemaster's forgotten hiding place.
I wonder why Nocturnal decided to share this information? She isn't usually the most forthcoming of the Court's esteemed Princes."
Nocturnal's earl also indicated that you've been informing the Court about our plans.
"Right. I told them to interrupt my research before I could unravel an ancient and powerful language.
Look, you should come back to Ceporah Tower now. The Ritemaster wants to hear everything my associate shared with you. And frankly, so do I."
I'll return to Artaeum as soon as I can.

Leythen's projection then disappears, saying, "I just wish I could have spent a few moments studying that inscription."

Returning to ArtaeumEdit

Head back to Artaeum and enter Ceporah Tower. You will find the Ritemaster in the large chamber to the southwest, scolding Oriandra for instructing you without prior consultation:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "Oriandra, you should have consulted me beforehand."
Earl Leythen: "She saw an opportunity and she took it, Iachesis."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Silence, Leythen! Need I put you in chains to remind you of your status here?"
Oriandra: "I'm sorry, Ritemaster. We should have asked permission. It won't happen again."

After this interaction, Oriandra will quietly leave. Talk to the Ritemaster to tell him what you've learned:

"This escapade of yours could have been disastrous. What were you and Oriandra thinking, trusting Leythen to help us translate the ancient language?
Now nothing you discovered can be trusted. We're back to square one!
Nocturnal's earl says the words you remember are a spell that will reveal the Heart's location.
"I observed what I could through Leythen's connection, but it seems to me that the Court of Bedlam is just trying to confuse us.
What do you think? Should we trust Nocturnal's earl or not?"
We need to be cautious. I wouldn't take anything the Court of Bedlam tells us at face value.
"Then we're no better off than we were, except now we have the Golden Knight. Let's proceed and hope for the best. Perhaps I'll remember more after we use the portal.
Go outside and retrieve Darien, then meet me in the Dreaming Cave."
I'll go and talk to Darien.
They want you to find the Heart of Transparent Law. I think the earl told me the truth.
"As much as it pains me, I must concur. We'll just have to make sure that once we recover the Heart, it isn't allowed to fall into the hands of the Court of Bedlam or their Princes.
Darien's outside. Talk to him, then meet me in the Dreaming Cave."
I'll go and talk to Darien.

Regardless of your choice, you will be instructed to talk with Darien. You may talk to the Ritemaster beforethen, if you so wish.

Darien is outside, located east of the Wayshrine. When you near him, you will see him doing push-ups as Valsirenn briefly converses with him.

Valsirenn: "Your wounds, they're just … gone!"
Darien Gautier: "I've always healed fast, Val. I can call you Val, right?"
Darien Gautier: "Give me a moment. I'd like to chat with our friend."
Valsirenn: "Of course. Then go to the Dreaming Cave. The Ritemaster's ready to begin."

After this interaction, he will sit on a bench nearby, allowing you to talk with him:

"I wanted to thank you again for getting me out of Mephala's realm. It wasn't anything like I originally imagined.
Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I was able to repair the Dawnbreaker. The sword's power should allow us to breach the barrier."
Looks like you're fully recovered.
"No thanks to the Psijic healers! I thought they were going to slice me open to try to figure out what makes me ... well, me!
I'm glad you stopped by, though. I wanted to talk to you. In private."
What do you want to talk about?
"This might sound like a strange question. In fact, depending on how you answer it, it is a strange question.
Do you—do you remember me? I'm not talking about here in Summerset. I mean—from someplace else."

This is where your reply may change. If you've met Darien once before, you will acknowledge meeting him once before. If not, you'll claim otherwise, and Darien will have a doubt of his confirmed:

If you've met Darien once outside Summerset If you've met Darien only within Summerset
Of course I remember you. I thought we lost you in Coldharbour.
"Yeah, it was terrible. One moment I'm fighting Molag Bal and the next I'm stuck in the Colored Rooms without any kind of explanation.
I tried everything I could think of to get out of there, but nothing worked until Meridia gave me this mission."
So you didn't die?
"I thought I did. After the big flash of light, I remember floating. Then there was more light. Meridia was there. She told me I was in her realm.
Other than her lectures, it was pretty boring. Come to think of it, those were pretty boring, too."
You said Meridia gave you a mission?
"Oh yeah. She said I was supposed to help you stop the Daedric Princes. To keep them from reaching the Crystal Tower. Problem is, she didn't tell me how we're supposed to do that. And now I can't seem to reach her.
Hate to admit it, but I'm worried."
Not that I can recall. The first time I saw you was when you were wearing your golden armor.
"You don't remember me? I was afraid of that. Meridia told me that time worked differently in Oblivion, but I didn't believe her. What's happened to me hasn't happened to you yet.
That doesn't matter now. What matters is I found you."
Why does it matter that you found me?
"Meridia told me about the triad of Daedric Princes. And she told me about you. Even sent me to help you defeat them.
Of course, she conveniently forgot to tell me how to do that, and she's stopped responding to my requests. Has me a little worried."
Why are you telling me this?
"Not everyone gets a choice about the battles they fight. My Prince ... she's all right, but she's not big on free will.
I wanted you to know that you aren't beholden to a higher power. You can decide what you want to fight for."

Regardless of your outcome, the conversation continues:

Let's go get the Heart back.
"Fixing the Dawnbreaker was surprisingly easy, by the way. Especially considering that I never repaired a Daedric artifact before."

You can ask him a few more questions prior to entering the Dreaming Cave, to get more insight about the mysterious Golden Knight. After you're done talking to him, head back to the Dreaming Cave and consult with the Ritemaster.

Locating the HeartEdit

When you enter the Dreaming Cave, you will see the Ritemaster preparing the Dreaming Cave's portal, Valsirenn standing right beside him. Darien will rush in behind you as well. Talk to the Ritemaster once you're prepared:

"We're as prepared as we can be without knowing exactly where this pathway leads. I've even set wards that will help protect me from the Daedric Princes.
Remember, though, our primary goal is to recover the Heart of Transparent Law."
How do we activate the portal?
"The Golden Knight must wield the reforged Dawnbreaker to breach the barrier. Then we simply step through the portal and see where it takes us.
I expect we may call upon your fighting skills before all is said and done. Are you ready to proceed?"
Not yet. I need to take care of something else first.
"Of course. Do what you need to do. I have no idea how long it will take us to find the hiding place once we step through the portal.
I just appreciate that you have agreed to aid me in this effort. Return as soon as you can."
I'm ready.

Once you are ready, Iachesis calls Darien to open the portal; once he does so, both the Ritemaster and Valsirenn enter, leaving you and the Golden Knight to enter next.

Walking through the portal, you will enter the Evergloam, the Daedric plane of Nocturnal. Your party will be in front of you, though Iachesis looks partly exhausted. Talk to him to figure out why you're here:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "I'll be alright, Valsirenn. Manipulating the Dreaming Cave always exhausts me."
Valsirenn: "We'll take it slow. Let the others clear the path for us."
"I expected the pathway to lead to some obscure corner of Oblivion, but this is Nocturnal's realm!
I wish I could remember what compelled me to hide the Heart here."
You hid the Heart of Transparent Law in Nocturnal's realm?
"The Heart is here. I'm positive. Now that I think about it, this location has a familiar feel. I've been here before. I just need to remember where I placed the stolen crystal."
How do we find the Heart?
"Take Darien and scout the path ahead. Look for any signs that might indicate where I hid the Heart. Valsirenn will assist me and we'll follow behind you.
As much as it pains me to admit, my many years are finally catching up with me."
Darien and I will scout ahead.
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Be prepared for anything. This is Nocturnal's realm, after all."
"Tell me when to unleash Dawnbreaker's power!"

The Ritemaster admits that he did, in fact, hide the Heart here, as he feels the place is familiar to him. As the Ritemaster catches his bearings, he will follow closely behind you with Valsirenn. You, alongside Darien, will scout ahead.

Walk down the path, fighting or avoiding the denizens of Nocturnal's realm, including Shrikes, Night Terrors, and the powerful Wraith-of-Crows. Darien will fight alongside you, and his Dawnbreaker synergy will make quick work of most of the mobs here. After you pass the first area of enemies, a crow will appear for a brief moment to chat:

Blackfeather Crow: "The featherless one walks the path once more. But where is the pretty crystal he carried last time?"
Darien Gautier: "Did that bird just talk? You heard that, right?"
Ritemaster lachesis: "Pay the crows no mind. They're nothing but an annoyance."

Talk to the Ritemaster again for clarification:

"The crows serve as Nocturnal's eyes. She watches us through these annoying little creatures.
There's nothing to do about it except to keep moving forward until we find the hiding place."
What did the crow mean by "the featherless one walks the path once more"?
"I remember carrying the Heart of Transparent Law along this path and up toward the mountain above. I remember Nocturnal's creatures moved aside to let me pass. Obviously, they aren't as accommodating as last time I was here."
Should we keep going?
"I don't see any alternative, do you? Perhaps more memories from when I was last here will return as we continue along the path.
Clear the way ahead, if you please."

Keep heading up the path, dispatching enemies as you see fit. Once again, the crows will appear and give yet another exchange of dialogue between them and the Ritemaster:

Blackfeather Crow: "The featherless one couldn't resist the Sea Sload, not on his own."
Ritemaster lachesis: "What nonsense is this?"
Blackfeather Crow: "He doesn't remember! So desperate he was, he leaped at our Mistress's offer!"
Ritemaster lachesis: "Speak plainly, crows! Come back here!"
Valsirenn: "lachesis, calm down. Their words mean nothing."
Darien Gautier: "This is getting stranger and stranger."

Talk to him after this exchange:

"The crows … their words stir the echoes in my mind."
So you did accept an offer from Nocturnal?
"I remember fighting the Sea Sload's compulsion with every fiber of my being. And I was... losing. I remember searching for something, anything, to keep me from giving K'Tora the Heart."
Do you remember anything else?
"I remember Nocturnal appearing before me. Offering to help me hide the Heart away in a place that no one would ever find it. Then …
Let's keep going. Clear the path ahead while I try to recall the rest of the memory."

Finish following the path until it ends at a portal in the ground.

Darien Gautier: "Be ready for anything!"
Darien Gautier: "The path ends here."
Ritemaster lachesis: "I remember this."
Valsirenn: "lachesis, what are you saying?"
Ritemaster lachesis: "I'm saying I remember taking the Heart through that portal."

With this recollection, talk to the Ritemaster once more:

"With every step along this path, my memory grew clearer. This portal, it leads to where I had my fateful meeting with Nocturnal. Where she offered to aid me in my struggle against the Sea Sload K'Tora."
What kind of aid did she offer you?
"Nocturnal offered me a spell that would hide the Heart from everyone. The Sea Sload. Nocturnal. Even from me. As soon as I hid it away, my memory of even possessing the crystal faded like a distant dream."
So the Heart is on the other side of this portal?
"I assume so. Some of the details still elude me. I remember entering the portal with the Heart, then returning here without it in my hands.
Since I cast the spell with those ancient words, only I can use it again to unseal the hiding place."
What about Nocturnal?
"My preparations included numerous wards of protection. They should allow me to resist even the magic of a Daedric Prince, at least for a short amount of time.
Through the portal, I remember an ancient ruin. Head for that and we'll meet you there."
Then open the portal and let's go find the Heart.
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Step cautiously. I remember very little about what lies on the other side of this portal."

Take the portal to the mountain top ruin.

The Mountain Top RuinEdit

"Look, Mephala. The mortal hid the Heart inside his own body. How clever!"

Like your previous trek up the Evergloam, only Darien will accompany you once you enter through the portal. Most notably, however, are a lack of enemies. When you reach the top of the ruin, you will see the Ritemaster standing in the middle of it, and the Blackfeather Crows chanting, "Recite the words of power!" As you approach, Valsirenn runs up to him. Talk to him before he reveals the Heart:

"I remember the words, but I don't know exactly what they mean. Once I begin the spell, be ready for anything."
I'm ready. Cast the spell and reveal where the Heart is hidden.

Sit back and watch the scene unfold:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "My friends, the Heart of Transparent Law will soon be back in our hands.
Heart, reveal yourself! Gah Noro berrin, vo rah Larow e javeel!"
Valsirenn: "Iachesis—your chest, it's glowing!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Of course! I put the Heart inside myself. It was the perfect hiding place!"
Clavicus Vile: "Look, Mephala. The mortal hid the Heart inside his own body. How clever!"
Darien Gautier: "Uh oh. Mephala and Clavicus Vile. This could be bad."
Mephala: "But why did Nocturnal keep this from us? No matter. I'll take the crystal now, Ritemaster."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "My wards … shall … protect me!"
Clavicus Vile: "Impressive, for a mortal. But the wards won't hold long against our power!"
Mephala: "Stop struggling, mortal. You're only delaying the inevitable."

Suddenly, you will get rushed by waves upon waves of Skaafin and Skein enemies. After a few of each mob wave, Ogrim will appear. In the last wave, two named Wraith-of-Crows, Aaderyna and Ddynedan will appear. Darien's Dawnbreaker synergy will prove vital for these waves, as there are several.

Valsirenn, Iachesis, and even the Princes all have dialogue as this all commences:

Valsirenn: "Fight, Iachesis! Just hold on!"
Darien Gautier: "Where do all these Daedra keep coming from?"
Mephala: "Hold still, mortal, and I'll make this quick."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Val … promise me … you'll lead them … if …."
Valsirenn: "Don't even say it, Iachesis! Just keep fighting!"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "They're … tearing me … apart …"
"Meridia's vessel. You have no power here."

Right before the start of the final wave, however, Nocturnal will reveal herself.

Clavicus Vile: "Mephala, stop that! I've got him! Wait, what's—"
Mephala: "Nocturnal? How dare you interfere!"
Nocturnal: "Get out of my realm, Princes. You are no longer welcome. The Heart belongs to me. We made a deal, didn't we, mortal?"
Valsirenn: "Iachesis?"
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I did what I had to. I hid the Heart, even from you. The only way to retrieve it is to kill me."
Nocturnal: "Very well. I accept those terms."
Valsirenn: "No!"

The Ritemaster will then be torn apart and disappear. After you finish off the two Wraith-of-Crows, Valsirenn will prepare the way out of the realm:

Valsirenn: "… damn it! Hang on, I'll get us out of here!"
Darien Gautier: "Dawnbreaker will protect us! I hope."
Nocturnal: "Meridia's vessel. You have no power here!"
Darien Gautier: "I'll show you power, you monster!"
Nocturnal: "The sword of light. I'll take that."
Darien Gautier: "My sword! I just fixed that!"

You will immediately get teleported back to Artaeum.

Back to ArtaeumEdit

When you get transported back to the Dreaming Cave, Oriandra will welcome you back. Valsirenn, however, will present to her the grim news:

Oriandra: "Valsirenn … where's the Ritemaster?"
Valsirenn: "Nocturnal killed him. We couldn't stop her."
Oriandra: "No … that's not possible."

Talk to her to update her on the whole situation:

"This doesn't make any sense! What happened to the Ritemaster?"
Nocturnal killed him. She has the Heart of Transparent Law now.
"I don't believe it. The Ritemaster … Iachesis … he's the best of us. Besides, I thought only he could reveal the Heart's hidden location."
He hid the Heart in his own chest. Nocturnal tore it out and killed him.
"I knew he was remembering things, but I had no idea he was so desperate. To make a deal with a Daedric Prince? Even to foil the Sea Sload, that was just … foolish. In retrospect, though, I might have done the same.
How do we beat the triad now?"
I don't think the triad exists any more. Nocturnal took the Heart for herself.
"Nocturnal betrayed the other Princes? That's … actually, that's rather typical, from what I've read.
Without the Heart, without the Ritemaster, what are we supposed to do now?"
We have to find another way to stop Nocturnal.
"I'm not sure there is another way. With the Heart of Transparent Law, Nocturnal can control the Crystal Tower. And with the Crystal Tower, she can … well, I'm not sure why she wants the tower.
We'll need to consult a few experts about that."

Claim your reward, then talk to her to learn about the Order's next course of action.

Quest StagesEdit

Lost in Translation
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should return to the Dreaming Cave and talk to the Ritemaster about the memory he recovered.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
  The Ritemaster asked me to go to his study in Ceporah Tower and check on Oriandra's progress in translating the ancient words.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra in the Ritemaster's Study
Oriandra has asked that I take the notes on this ancient language to Leythen. Showing them to him might convince Leythen to help us.
Objective: Take the Notes on the Ancient Language
Oriandra suggested that Leythen could help translate the ancient words, since he was the Psijic Order's language expert before he left to join the Court of Bedlam. I should talk to Leythen in Valsirenn's study.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
Leythen provided me with a rune. He says if I use it in Ebon Stadmont, he'll be able to see what I see. I need to go to Ebon Stadmont, find the ancient writing, and use Leythen's rune.
Objective: Use Leythen's Rune in Ebon Stadmont
Leythen's rune has allowed him to project himself to my location. I should talk to him and see if he knows what I should be looking for.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
Leythen thinks the translated passages about crows will help guide me through the Ebon Stadmont forest. I should refer to the passages as I search for the stone inscribed with the ancient writing.
Objective: Navigate the Ebon Stadmont Forest
Objective Hint: Use the Research Book to Help Navigate the Forest
This might be the area where I'll find the stone inscribed with the ancient language. I should use the rune so Leythen can assist me.
Objective: Locate the Inscribed Stone
I found the inscribed stone mentioned in the Grand Maestro's Research, but before Leythen could translate it, he was replaced by another member of the Court of Bedlam. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Nocturnal's Earl
Leythen has reestablished his connection to the rune. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
I need to return to Ceporah Tower on Artaeum and tell the Ritemaster what Nocturnal's earl revealed about the ancient phrase.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis in Ceporah Tower
The Ritemaster asked me to check on Darien and make sure he's ready to help us breach the barrier in the Dreaming Cave.
Objective: Talk to Darien Gautier
Darien's ready. Now I should head into the Dreaming Cave and meet up with the Ritemaster.
Objective: Meet in the Dreaming Cave
Darien removed the barrier and opened the way to wherever the Ritemaster hid the Heart of Transparent Law. I should enter the portal and see where it leads.
Objective: Use the Dreaming Cave Portal
We emerged from the Dreaming Cave portal. Now I should talk to the Ritemaster and see if this place triggered any of his missing memories.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
The Ritemaster was weakened by the effort of opening the portal in the Dreaming Cave. He asked me to scout ahead and clear the path while Valsirenn helps him follow after.
Objective: Follow the Path
The crows seemed to recognize the Ritemaster. I should ask him about that.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
I should continue to scout ahead and clear the path for the Ritemaster until we find the Heart of Transparent Law.
Objective: Follow the Path
The crows said something about an offer from their mistress. I should ask the Ritemaster if he knows what they were talking about.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
I need to continue to scout ahead and clear the path up the mountain so we can find the hiding place of the Heart of Transparent Law.
Objective: Follow the Path
We reached the top of the path and it's a dead end. The Ritemaster seems to have remembered something important, though. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
The Ritemaster remembered that he took the Heart through this portal and made some sort of deal with Nocturnal to hide it safely. I should use the portal and see where it leads.
Objective: Use the Portal
The Ritemaster said he remembered an ancient ruin. I should head toward that and see what's there.
Objective: Approach the Mountain Top Ruin
This is the ancient ruin where the Ritemaster remembers casting the spell and hiding away the Heart. I should talk to him before he reveals the hiding place.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
The Ritemaster said the ancient words, but Clavicus Vile and Mephala appeared. We need to defend ourselves from the Daedric horde.
Objective: Defend Against the Daedric Attack
Nocturnal appeared, banished the other Princes, and ripped the Heart of Transparent Law from its hiding place inside the Ritemaster's chest. We need to hold on long enough for Valsirenn to finish casting her teleportation spell.
Objective: Escape Nocturnal's Realm
Ritemaster Iachesis is dead, the Heart of Transparent Law is in Nocturnal's hands, the triad of Daedric Princes has been dissolved, and Darien lost Meridia's sword, Dawnbreaker. I need to let Oriandra know everything that happened.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra
Finishes quest  I need to talk to Oriandra so we can determine a new course of action in the wake of the Ritemaster's death.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra
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