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Dangerous relics have been stolen from the Psijic vault.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Relicmaster Glenadir
Location(s): College of Psijics Ruins, Summerset
Reward: Psijic Codex Transcription
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6136
"You see, this happens to be the Vault of Moawita, where the Psijic Order keeps its most cursed relics. It's a tad bit emptier than usual though."
Relicmaster Glenadir of the Psijic Order has tasked me with recovering stolen relics, taken from the Vault of Moawita.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find the Vault of Moawita inside the College of Psijics Ruins on Artaeum.
  2. Speak to Relicmaster Glenadir.
  3. Read the Psijic Codex: List of Dead Drops and make a copy of it.
  4. Speak to Glenadir to conclude the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Vault of Moawita

The Vault of Moawita in the College of Psijics Ruins houses numerous dangerous relics. However, the relics were recently stolen by a thief and scattered across Summerset to be picked up later. Relicmaster Glenadir has foreseen that you will recover these items.

"Oh! Was it today that you would arrive? Well, it certainly seems like it. Welcome, welcome! I expected you would come, though perhaps not quite so soon. You're here about the missing relics of course."
I don't know about any missing relics.
"Well, yes, I would dare say you wouldn't! Not yet, anyway. You see, this happens to be the Vault of Moawita, where the Psijic Order keeps its most cursed relics. It's a tad bit emptier than usual though. It seems we've had a break in."
So someone stole the relics?
"Exactly so! And you'll be the one to help us collect them again, hopefully before anyone comes to harm. Why, these items could cause all sorts of mischief. First though, let's have you read the Psijic Codex. That should help bring you up to speed."
All right, I'll read the Psijic Codex.
"You'll find the Psijic Codex on that table over there, whenever you're ready. The codex will help your search immensely. It's bound to every item in our collection, so it should be able to tell you each relic's location."

As Glenadir says, the Psijic Codex is lying on a nearby table. Once you have read it, you will be prompted to use the Paper and Quill to make a copy of it, since the Psijic Codex isn't allowed to leave Artaeum. Return to Glenadir, who informs you that he has collected further research on the relics, found on scrolls placed next to their respective display cases. For completing the quest, you will receive the Psijic Codex Transcription and some gold.


  • There is no quest associated with actually finding the relics, but a guide to their whereabouts can be read on the Relics of Summerset achievement page.
  • The inscription from each plaque is recorded in a collection of books named Moawita Memories.
  • The Psijic Codex won't exist on the nearby table until starting the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

The Vault of Moawita
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've just learned about the stolen relics. I should ask Relicmaster Glenadir for more details.
Objective: Talk to Relicmaster Glenadir
The Psijic Codex can tell me the location of the relics. I should read it.
Objective: Read the Psijic Codex
I'm unable to take the Psijic Codex with me. I should copy down the locations described in the book.
Objective: Copy the Psijic Codex
I've copied down the locations of the relics. I should speak to Relicmaster Glenadir once more.
Objective: Talk to Relicmaster Glenadir
Finishes quest  I have everything I need to find the relics. I should speak to Relicmaster Glenadir for my reward.
Objective: Talk to Relicmaster Glenadir
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