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This article is about the quest. For the location, see Dreaming Cave.

ON-qico-Zone Story.png Find a way to communicate with Meridia and rescue her Golden Knight from Mephala's clutches.
Zone: Summerset
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Ritemaster Iachesis, Oriandra
Location(s): Ceporah Tower, Shimmerene, Eton Nir Grotto, The Spiral Skein
Prerequisite Quest: The Tower Sentinels
Next Quest: Lost in Translation
Reward: Ritemaster's Gifted Gardbraces
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
"My devoted priest, a loyal soldier, and an intrepid instigator... step closer and bask in Meridia's light!"
The Ritemaster used scrying magic to recall some of his missing memories. He took the Heart of Transparent Law into the Dreaming Cave beneath Ceporah Tower, but he still can't remember what happened after that. I need to help him remember.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis and meet him in the Dreaming Cave.
  2. Hold the Dawnstar gem over the Daedric barrier.
  3. Speak to the Ritemaster again.
  4. Talk to Leythen and Valsirenn for further advice.
  5. Find Razum-dar in Shimmerene and talk to him.
  6. Meet Razum-dar and Sadara-do outside Eton Nir Grotto.
  7. Make your way through the delve to the temple in the back and speak to the Meridia statue.
  8. Head back to the Dreaming Cave and talk to the Ritemaster.
  9. Enter the Spiral Skein with Valsirenn and make your way through the caves.
  10. Find the Golden Knight at the end of the cave and free him.
  11. Defend Valsirenn as she opens a portal back to Ceporah Tower.
  12. Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis to plan your next move.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


You answer Ritemaster Iachesis' summons. There is a barrier covering the Dreaming Cave portal, rendering it inaccessible. The player and the Ritemaster discuss the ongoing events. Mephala, Leythen's return, the Golden Knight's role… and what to do next. The Ritemaster brings up Meridia and the retrieval of the Dawnstar gem.

Remind me, who's Meridia again?
"Meridia is the Daedric Prince of Life and Light and the matron of the Colored Rooms. She isn't part of the triad of Princes. Indeed, it seems that she has specifically sent her champion to oppose them.
We'll need to keep that in mind as we proceed."

The Ritemaster then asks you to hold the Dawnstar gem over the Daedric Barrier covering the Dreaming Cave portal. The barrier recoils from the gem's power, and Iachesis is pleased with this development.

"Dawnbreaker's gem contains a portion of Meridia's power, but on its own it isn't strong enough to dispel this barrier. We need to find the Dawnbreaker sword and make it whole once more."
But the sword and the knight were pulled into Mephala's realm.
"As we've seen, the triad of Daedric Princes was able to interfere with the Golden Knight's efforts to reach us. If I attempt to use the Dreaming Cave to contact Meridia, chances are they'll notice and stop us. We can't risk tipping our hand just yet."

You are then instructed to gain further advice from Leythen and Valsirenn, who are speaking in front of the Ceporah Tower.

Leythen: "I never planned to come back here. The memories are ... painful."
Valsirenn: "I still can't believe I had to find you and drag you back. Was our time together really so terrible?"
Leythen: "You still don't understand. Our daughter will never again see this view. Or hold my hand. Or ... or ... anything."

Try talking to Leythen first.

"I suppose it's too much for a prisoner to expect a few moments of solitude with his thoughts. Ah, well.
So what can I do for you? Has the Ritemaster sent you to interrogate me? Doesn't he trust my wife's talents in that regard?"
Is there a Meridia cult on Summerset?
"What a curious question. Do you actually believe that all Daedric cultists know each other? I hate to disappoint you. We don't.
Although, I can tell you that there are a lot fewer of the Lady of Life's followers now than there were before."
What do you mean by that?
"The Court of Bedlam has been actively eliminating the competition, as it were. Oh, I wasn't personally involved, but I have it on good authority that the Meridia shrine hidden to the north of Shimmerene has been ... disposed of."
The Court of Bedlam killed all of Meridia's followers in Summerset?
"All? Who can say? I imagine that one or two of them scurried down a dark hole before the blade fell. Like rats, her followers are!
I believe I have said everything I'm going to on this subject. Now shove off."
I guess I could go search around to the north of Shimmerene.

If you continue trying to speak to him, Leythen will tell you that the Princes are at war. Valsirenn advises you to find Razum-dar and see what the two of you can do about contacting Meridia before she strangles Leythen.


Now you need to find Razum-dar in Shimmerene. When you arrive, you will find the Divine Prosecution examining some graffiti on the walls of the city depicting crudely drawn skeever heads. You must follow the skeever head scribbles, paying attention to where their noses are pointed. Raz can be found just east of Anchors Aweigh Inn. When you find Raz, he will be questioning a group of amateur Peryite cultists, who are looking for new members to start their cult. You learn that the Court of Bedlam has been attacking and destroying the Daedric cults of Princes outside the triad.

"Raz was planning to head up north to Eton Nir after talking to these Peryite imbeciles anyways. To check on his old friend.
The Court of Bedlam's attacks on the other cults were particularly vicious, and this one worries so."
The Psijics captured a Mephala cultist. He says the Princes are at war."
"War? That would explain the attacks. Raz isn't an expert on Daedric cultists, but this doesn't sound like their usual behavior.
This one just thought they just sort of left each other alone."

The Vestige points out that the Court of Bedlam may have wiped out Meridia's cult with the attack, granting urgency to the matter. You will then be told to travel to Eton Nir Grotto. To get to Eton Nir Grotto, travel north from Shimmerene, past the Eldbur Ruins. If you have access to the Eldbur Ruins Wayshrine, traveling there from the Shimmerene wayshrine will save you some legwork. North from Eldbur Ruins and west from Direnni Acropolis, Eton Nir Grotto sits nestled in the side of Eton Nir, Summerset's tallest mountain.

Outside Eton Nir GrottoEdit

Razum-dar and his old friend wait patiently for your arrival.

Razum-dar "Over here, five-claw! This is Raz's old friend, Sadara-do. She follows Meridia, but do not hold that against her."

You then talk to Sadara-do, who greets you cautiously.

"May Meridia's light shine upon you. Raz told me you need to contact my Prince.
With the recent attacks, however, I need to ask you what your interest in Meridia happens to be."
We need Meridia's help to recover and repair the Dawnbreaker sword.
"Meridia's sword of light? I'm not sure I understand. Even if I wanted to help you, my efforts would probably be in vain. My Prince doesn't speak to just any mortal. The leader of our sect had Meridia's ear, but he was caught in the recent attack."
Meridia aided me in the past. She'll remember me. (Option appears if you completed the main quest beforehand.)
"My Prince blessed you with her presence? That's a story I'd love to hear some time.
For now, I'll do my best to help you. But the path to the shrine will be hazardous. Mephala's creatures still roam the area, feasting on my brothers and sisters."

Otherwise, you will reply:

Please, We need to make contact.
"Your need must be great to come ask for such a favor. The path to Meridia's shrine won't be easy to navigate, however. Mephala and Nocturnal's followers massacred my brothers and sisters. They left vile Daedra behind to defile our sanctum."
Tell me how to reach the shrine.
"Enter the grotto and look for our camp. Meridia's shrine looms over the area.
Raz will accompany me and we will enter through a side tunnel. I don't want you to have to worry about me while you're defending yourself against those creatures."

Raz will tell Sadara that he thinks this is a bad idea, to which Sadara will answer that she wants to help, and surmises that perhaps this is the reason Meridia allowed her to escape while her cohorts were slaughtered. Enter the grotto and fight your way through Mephala's servants.

The Shrine of MeridiaEdit

You arrive at the shrine to see the body of Meridia's cult leader mangled and skewered in front of her statue. Sadara is upset at the state of the shrine, when a light suddenly appears near the statue's face. Raz states that the light is not natural, and Sadara-do reverently proclaims that Meridia has called to the group. Meridia addresses the group, and Raz once again questions the nature of Daedric Princes.

Razum-dar "Why is the statue talking to Raz? Should it be doing such a thing?"

The player then must speak to the Daedric Prince.

"My followers murdered. My shrine desecrated. The other Princes, this so-called triad, they must answer for these insults.
But I sense a question in your mind. Speak, Champion of Coldharbour! Ask what you will of the Prince of the Light!"
Your Golden Knight was captured and his sword damaged. We seek your guidance on how to repair it.
"They dare to steal my vessel? To hold prisoner the agent I put in place to foil their despicable plans?
My light shall not be snuffed out! My Colored Rooms will not be compromised! You must set Darien Gautier free!"

You will have one or two dialogue options depending on whether you have completed the Main Quest:

Darien? That's the Golden Knight's name? (Always present)
"My vessel thinks of itself as the mortal Darien Gautier, a simple Breton warrior, but in reality, it is my will and my power. When a darkness enters your reality, I send Darien to banish it.
You must enter Mephala's realm and rescue Darien, the Golden Knight."
Darien Gautier from Coldharbour? He's your vessel? (Appears only if the Main Quest was completed)
"My vessel just thinks of itself as the mortal Darien Gautier. In reality, Darien is my will and power, inserted into your reality whenever my light needs to banish the darkness.
I will admit my knight changed after it met you, though."
What do you mean, Darien changed?
"The knight had a single purpose, but somehow you complicated matters. Now the knight actually… cares.
You and my vessel will both be required to stop the triad. You must enter Mephala's realm and rescue Darien."
I retrieved the Dawnstar gem. Can it be used to reforge Dawnbreaker?
"The gem cannot grow a new sword, but I can add to its power. Now you can use it to locate Darien in Mephala's realm. Return to the Ritemaster and tell him what I said.
Wait. How dare they! The triad dares to invade my sacred realm? This cannot stand!"
The triad's attacking your realm?

The player tries in vain to ask Meridia what's wrong, and the conversation is cut short. Sadara-do falls to her knees before the statue and weeps.

Sadara-do: "Meridia, my Prince! She's gone! I can't feel her presence any longer!"
Razum-dar: "Raz is certain that the nice statue will be fine. In the meantime, let this one take you someplace where you will be safe."

You can then speak with Razum-dar:

"Raz has seen many things. Weresharks. Flying Tigers. Weresharks on top of flying tigers. But a talking light? Queen Ayrenn will never believe it!
How much trouble are we in, five-claw? Be honest with old Raz."
A lot. The Daedric triad wants the Crystal Tower, and they're attacking the other Princes.
"Too much honesty is never a good thing!
How do we battle Daedric Princes? Raz supposes an army would help. An army always helps. Alas, Raz rarely has an army to call upon when he needs one the most."
The Ritemaster will think of something. We just have to find Darien and repair the sword.
"And that involves traveling to places Raz never knew existed before all this started. No, Raz will see Sadara to safety and then do what he can to protect Summerset and the Crystal Tower.
The Daedra fighting Raz will leave to you, yes?"

Back in the Dreaming CaveEdit

When you arrive, Valsirenn and the Ritemaster are discussing the Court of Bedlam's activity on Summerset. Iachesis notes that he sees signs of their work, but no signs of the Court itself. Valsirenn remarks that she thinks the Court has fewer members than they initially thought, then the Ritemaster welcomes you back. Iachesis makes note of your lack of a repaired Dawnbreaker. He asks you if you were able to contact Meridia, then apologizes for his impatience, as his inability to remember what happened with the Heart of Transparent Law has him on edge. You explain that that Court of Bedlam had attacked the cults of Azura and Meridia, and that you were able to contact the latter. You then tell him that you can use the Dawnstar gem to find the Golden Knight, and that he can to restore Dawnbreaker. The Ritemaster then prepares to open a portal to the Spiral Skein so that you and Valsirenn can use the Dawnstar gem to locate and extract the Golden Knight.

The Spiral SkeinEdit

"Mephala won't leave something as valuable as Meridia's Golden Knight unprotected."

You arrive in Mephala's plane, only to find that you and Valsirenn have been separated. Your goal is to listen to Valsirenn's commentary and find each other again, using the Dawnstar gem along the way to reveal hidden paths and fighting the denizens of the Skein. Your communication with Valsirenn is interrupted after she states that she feels like she's being stalked, and subsequently confirms her own suspicions. When you find Valsirenn, she is wrapped in spider silk and guarded by a Hoarvor Daedra. You free her, and proceed together to find the Golden Knight. Fight your way through Mephala's servants with Valsirenn to the end of the caves.

Finally, you find the Golden Knight, helmet-less and wrapped in spiderwebs. He's being monitored by a pair of Ogrim guards and a Spiderkith named Zikal-zun. Darien is a particularly noisy prisoner, and when you arrive, it appears as if he's been hissing and spitting at his captors for a while. Regardless, you cut through his captors and free him from the sticky threads that keep him bound in place.

Darien Gautier: "Took you long enough. I expected this rescue hours ago."
Valsirenn: "Your gratitude has a hollow ring, knight."
Darien Gautier: "Oh, I can be very grateful, my lady."
Valsirenn: "Maybe we should just leave him. I'm sure the Ritemaster would understand."
"You're probably wondering how your old friend Darien became Meridia's champion and got stuck in all this sticky webbing."

After the verbal spar, you can speak with Darien.

"Well, this is awkward. You're probably wondering how your old friend Darien became Meridia's champion and got stuck in all this sticky webbing.
Probably better if I wait to tell it until after we escape from this realm."
You're the Golden Knight? The same one who's been trying to contact us?
"Guilty as charged! Meridia sent me to offer my assistance, but those other Princes, they kept interfering. And then I was dragged into this pit of spider harlots!
Look, we can catch up on things later. Right now we need to get outta here."
You're right. Let's get out of here.
"There's one small problem. We can't just walk through a door to get back to Tamriel. Believe me, I tried!
How did you find me, by the way? Mephala specifically said she was putting me someplace no one would ever think to look."
I retrieved the Dawnstar gem when you dropped it. It lead me right to you.
"Oh. Right. The gem. That makes sense. I perfectly understand. You need Meridia's champion so here I am. And with the gem, I can repair Dawnbreaker!
Just so you know, I feel awful. I am in no condition to fight at the moment."
I've been searching for you for a long time, Darien. (Additional option appears if you have completed the Main Quest.)
"I knew you wouldn't abandon me! Not after everything we've been through. Maybe now we can… no, let's save that for after we save the world.
As happy as you've made me, you need to know something. I'm in no condition to fight at the moment."

With the Golden Knight in tow, you and Valsirenn find a spot for her to open a portal back to Artaeum. You must defend Valsirenn while she opens the portal. After the initial waves of Spiral Skein lackeys, you will be attacked by Brevorra Poisonclaw, the giant Spider Daedra that kidnapped Valsirenn earlier. Defeat it and hop through the portal with Darien and Valsirenn, then report back to the Ritemaster.

Back on Artaeum, Valsirenn is instructed to bring Darien to the Psijic healers while you explain what happened.


  • The prompt to use the Dreaming Cave portal will appear in white as if usable but still gives the "You don't have the requirements" message when interacting with it prior to the quest or during the quest before using the Dawnstar Gem. ?
  • The dialogue spoken between Razum-dar and the cultists in Shimmerene upon finding them can become muffled depending on your positioning. ?
  • In the Spiral Skein, the prompt to use the Dawnstar Gem will continue to appear on-screen while swimming but using it does nothing. ?

Quest StagesEdit

The Dreaming Cave
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Oriandea told me that the Ritemaster wants to see me his study in Ceporah Tower on Artaeum. I should go there and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
  The Ritemaster asked me to meet him in the Dreaming Cave beneath Ceporah Tower. He wants to show me something that concerns the location of the Heart of Transparent Law.
Objective: Meet the Ritemaster in the Dreaming Cave
The Ritemaster asked me to hold the Dawnstar gem I retrieved up to the barrier that blocks the portal. He thinks that the path beyond the barrier leads to where he hid the Heart of Transparent Law.
Objective: Use the Dawnstar Gem
The Daedric barrier reacted when I held the Dawnstar gem toward it. It withdrew slightly. I should talk to the Ritemaster and find out what this means.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
The Ritemaster believes that Leythen might be able to tell us how to find a priest of Meridia. I should talk to him. He's on the island of Artaeum, talking to Valsirenn.
Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
We need to find a Meridia cultist. Valsirenn has an idea. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
Leythen suggested that a cult of Meridia was operating north of Shimmerene, but that the Court of Bedlam eliminated them. Valsirenn reminded me that Razum-dar was investigating Daedric cults. I should be able to find him in Shimmerene.
Objective: Find Razum-dar in Shimmerene
The Divine Prosecution appears to be examining some strange scribbles of skeever heads on the walls of Shimmerene. I should ask them if they've seen Razum-dar.
Objective: Talk to Bailiff Roland
Scribbles of skeevers on the walls of Shimmerene might lead me to Razum-dar's current location.
Objective: Follow the Scribbles to Razum-dar
I found Razum-dar interrogating a pair of Peryite cultists. I should talk to him and ask him if he knows where I can find a priest of Meridia.
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Raz has a friend who belongs to the Meridia cult. He's going to make contact with her and then meet me outside the ruins of Eton Nir Grotto.
Objective: Meet Razum-dar at Eton Nir Grotto
I reached Eton Nir Grotto and located Razum-dar and his old friend Sadara-do. I should talk to her and see if she can help me make contact with Meridia.
Objective: Talk to Sadara-do
Sadara-do said that there's a Meridia shrine somewhere within the ruins of Eton Nir Grotto. She thinks we can contact her Prince once we reach that location.
Objective: Search Eton Nir Grotto for the Meridia Shrine
Sadara-do confirmed that the shrine to Meridia is just inside. I should proceed with caution in case the Court of Bedlam left something behind.
Objective: Investigate the Shrine
A voice has called to us from the statue of Meridia. I should approach the statue and speak to Meridia.
Objective: Talk to Meridia
Meridia informed me that the Golden Knight is Darien Gautier and wants me to rescue him. The Psijics can use the Dawnstar Gem to locate Darien in Mephala's Spiral Skein. I should return to the Dreaming Cave on Artaeum and inform the Ritemaster.
Objective: Tell the Ritemaster What You Learned
Optional Step: Talk to Razum-dar
The Ritemaster has opened a portal in the Dreaming Cave to send me and Valsirenn to Mephala's realm, the Spiral Skein.
Objective: Use the Dreaming Cave Portal
The Dreaming Cave transported me to the Spiral Skein, but Valsirenn and I were separated. I need to find her before we start looking for Darien.
Objective: Find Valsirenn
I found Valsirenn and freed her from a web cocoon. I should make sure she's all right before we continue our search for Darien.
Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
Now that Valsirenn and I are together, we need to find the Golden Knight, Darien Gautier.
Objective: Find Darien Gautier
We found the Golden Knight, Darien Gautier. He's caught in a giant web and surrounded by Mephala's Daedra. I need to defeat them before I can set him free.
Objective: Rescue Darien Gautier
The Dawnstar's light shredded the webs and set the Golden Knight free. Now I should talk to Darien and see if he can restore the Dawnbreaker.
Objective: Talk to Darien Gautier
Now that we have Darien, we need to find a way to contact the Ritemaster so he can get us back to the Dreaming Cave. I should talk to Valsirenn outside the Spider Citadel.
Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
Valsirenn is attempting to open a portal back to the Dreaming Cave. We have to survive long enough for her to succeed.
Objective: Wait for the Portal to Open
Valsirenn opened a portal back to the Dreaming Cave. I should use the portal so I can return to the Ritemaster and let him know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
Finishes quest  Now that I'm back in the Dreaming Cave, I should consult with the Ritemaster about what we need to do next.
Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
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