Encounters are miscellaneous random activities that occur throughout the world. These events are scripted, and completion of one of these rewards a small amount of experience.


Traveling MageEdit

Bertrand Landreau

You may come across Bertrand Landreau He can appear out of a portal in the wilderness and exclaim, "This doesn't look right.", or "Wait, this isn't right." and will promptly return to the rift he came from as if he made a mistake with his destination. You cannot talk or otherwise interact with Bertrand or his portal and seems to simply be a comical scene you can witness randomly while exploring Tamriel.

Alliance Zone EventsEdit


"I'm sorry, they forced me to do it!"

Out in the wilderness or near the road, you may find a traveler tied up and calling for help. As you approach, a number of bandits jump out and attack. Defeat them to complete the event.

A Bad ShortcutEdit

A Bad Shortcut
"I knew we should have stuck to the main roads!"

A merchant and their hired guard have strayed from the main road and come under attack by bandits. Help the guard fend off the attackers to complete the event.

Bandit TreasureEdit

Bandit Treasure
"My pick! You broke my pick!"

Two bandits are attempting to pick a locked chest and will attack if you approach. Defeat them and claim the treasure to complete the event.

A Bandit's HeartEdit

A Bandit's Heart

Alongside the road, you may find a merchant tending their horse. With the Fighters Guild "Intimidating Presence" perk, you will be able to extort the merchant for some of their wares. Locating and completing this event in each of the fifteen Alliance zones will reward you with the achievement Crime Pays.

Dark FissuresEdit

Dark Fissures

Dark Fissures are small portals reminiscent of Dark Anchors which are designed for solo completion. They can appear in set locations across the base game zones. Each one will spawn two waves of enemies. Defeat them to complete the event.

Golden PalmsEdit

Golden Palms

Alongside the road, you may find a beggar rummaging through a sack. They will then run up to you and ask for gold. Hand over the indicated amount to complete the event. Locating and completing this event in each of the fifteen Alliance zones will reward you with the achievement Give to the Poor.

Keeper of the FlameEdit

Keeper of the Flame

Near the side of the road, you will find two people arguing over an unlit campfire. Light the fire for them to complete the event and be rewarded with a 5% buff to your maximum stamina for 30 minutes. Locating and completing this event in each of the fifteen Alliance zones will reward you with the achievement Lightbringer.

Magical ImpasseEdit

A Hedge Wizard engaging in a duel with a Conjurer

A mage is locked in a battle to the death with another mage. They are at a stalemate and will not appreciate your interference. They will ignore you unless you get involved, at which point they will both become hostile. If you watch the battle until one of them is killed, the other will leave via a portal, and you will earn a small amount of experience. Several different kinds of mages can be found during these battles: a Pyromancer and a Cryomancer, a Hedge Wizard, a Wild Witch, a Sorcerer and a Conjurer.


"Daedra! Spawn of Padomay's black blood..."

Summoners can be found in the wilderness attempting to summon a Daedric servant. The summoned Daedra, however, are not correctly bound to the summoner. Defeat the Daedra before they kill the summoner to complete the event.

Slavers in ShadowfenEdit

While off-roading in Shadowfen, you may stumble across a trio of Slavers or Slaver Brutes who have entrapped an Argonian Pilgrim. You can kill the slavers and free the pilgrim, who will thank you.

Stormfist Attack in EastmarchEdit

Save the farmer

Occasionally, you may find a group of three Stormfists harassing a Nord Peasant or Farmer in the wilds of Eastmarch. Kill the Stormfist goons and the peasant thanks you.

Drublog Attacks in Malabal TorEdit

Occasionally, you may come across Astorne and Khad fighting several Drublog soldiers in Malabal Tor. This event happens if you've helped her during The Tempest Unleashed.

Disagreements in GrahtwoodEdit

Disagreements in Grahtwood

You can come across several pairs of NPCs having disagreements in Grahtwood. One such pair includes Alwe and Malira, who are arguing over whether or not moon-sugar should be legal.

Another pair is the Khajiit Serarbar and the Bosmer Marilrin, who disagree after Serarbar eats a flower and Marilrin attempts to defend the Green Pact.

Coldharbour EventsEdit

The following events can only happen in Coldharbour.

Dremora TortureEdit

Dremora Torture

You may come across a Nord Captive being tortured by a trio of Dremora in the wilds of Coldharbour. Killing the Daedra will free him.



You may come across a Nord Peasant being harassed by Daedra in the wilds of Coldharbour. Killing the Daedra will free him.

Guild SkirmishEdit

Guild Skirmish
A Fighter and Mage team up

You may encounter a Mage or a Fighter battling against two or three Dremora in the wilds of Coldharbour. You can help them out by killing their opponent before the Daedra kills them.

Occasionally, you'll come across a skirmish involving three Dremora ganging up on a Mage and a Fighter together, as opposed to a lone Mage or Fighter encountering two Dremora on their lonesome.

Seducer Run-inEdit

A small troupe of Dark Seducers will be making a Captive dance for their amusement in the wilds of Coldharbour. Killing them will set their captive entertainer free.

A Strange ChestEdit

A Strange Chest

You may find A Strange Chest in the middle of the road in Coldharbour. When you open it, you'll be knocked over, Dremora will jump out, and the chest will disappear.

Cyrodiil EventsEdit

The following events can only happen in Cyrodiil.

Back Road RobberyEdit

Clearwater Corsair Encounter

Along any road in Cyrodiil, you have the chance of coming across a pair of Clearwater Corsairs, accosting a frightened peasant. If you intervene, the peasant will thank you for help before running off.

Regretful LycanthropeEdit

"I can't control it!"

At any of the small shrines which can be found throughout the zone, you have the chance of coming across a peasant praying at the shrine. However, when you approach they will cry out before transforming into a hostile werewolf.

Sanguine PartyEdit

You may come across some revelers having a party around Cyrodill. needs more information

Craglorn EventsEdit

The following events can only happen in Craglorn.

Celestial RiftsEdit

Celestial Rifts occur throughout Craglorn and are designed for completion by a group of four. Activating one will summon several waves of enemies and a final boss.

Wrothgar EventsCrown StoreEdit

Appears only with Orsinium

The following events can only happen in Wrothgar.

Blood FeudEdit

Blood Feud
"You dare interrupt a blood feud?"

Two Orcs, one a Herder and the other a Hunter, will start arguing with one another and then begin to fight. Interrupting their fight by attacking one of them will cause them both to turn hostile towards you.

City SolicitorEdit

"You're here to aid the people of Wrothgar, yes? Well, the proud city of Orsinium needs your help!"
Help the City of Orsinium

On spots along the roads in Wrothgar, a City Solicitor will be waiting with their Bodyguard. When spoken with, they will ask for donations to help the city of Orsinium. Finding and donating gold to them a total of fifteen times rewards you with the achievement Orsinium Patron.

One Last BrawlEdit

Grant them a good final fight

An Orc Mercenary Veteran stands looking for a final challenge. The veteran is initially non-hostile, and will fight you only if you initiate combat. Once you have depleted about 70% of the veteran's Health, he or she will stop fighting and stand still, and will return to being non-hostile with only 1 Health left. Killing them ends the event. Completing this event a total of five times rewards you with the achievement One Last Brawl. An identical event can be encountered in the Reach.

Priests of Trinimac and MalacathEdit

A priest will stand by the side of the road, urging you to listen to his praise of Trinimac. If you have the Mages Guild Persuasive Will perk, you may persuade the priest into giving you Trinimac's Blessing, increasing your critical chance by 1% for 30 minutes.

Conversely, you may also find a Priest of Malacath. Talking to him with the Fighters Guild Intimidating Presence perk will give you the Malacath's Blessing, increasing your critical resistance by 1% for 30 minutes.


You may find Batasha on the road with her pack, eating a chicken leg. If you talk to her, you will have the option to give her some gold for a drink which gives you a temporary boost to Stamina Regeneration. You also have the option to steal from her backpack.

Poor EchalettesEdit

The poor shepherd...

You may come across a Shepherd being threatened by a pair of Vosh Rahk thugs, who have killed the Shepherd's poor echalettes.

Vvardenfell Events MorrowindEdit

House Members MeetEdit

At several different locations, members of rival (and sometimes the same) Great Houses will occasionally meet. If two members of the same house meet, they will have a short conversation. If the house members are of House Telvanni one of them will invite the other to their mushroom tower, and they both leave through a portal. If the two instead are members of different houses, they will engage in a duel to the death, similar to the Magical Impasse event. They will be neutral towards you unless you attack; if you choose to kill one without attacking the other, the surviving house member will hobble off injured and you will receive some experience.

The Lost NetchEdit

On the sides of some roads Fendros Nolar can occasionally be encountered. If spoken to, he will explain that he is searching for his pet Netch Rosy, who has gone missing. After ending the conversation, Rosy will appear behind Fendros, and they will then walk away together.

Pilgrims in PerilEdit

Pilgrims in Peril

Pilgrims can be found during random encounters where they are wandering the road and are suddenly attacked by a Cliff Strider. You can kill the Cliff Strider, and also pickpocket the Pilgrim if you're feeling devious.

Terrorized TravelersEdit

In Vvardenfell, a Dunmer traveler may call out to you:

"Hello? I mean you no harm."

Shortly after, a Cliff Racer will appear and run him off.

The ShovelerEdit


You may come across a dung shoveler named Aphia Madalas anywhere in Vvardenfell. She can be spoken to.

Summerset Events SummersetEdit

Out for a HuntEdit

You may see a Royal Menagerie Ranger out hunting in the wilderness.

Gryphon Attacks SurveyorsEdit

Gryphon Attacks Surveyors

Throughout Summerset, you may encounter Kinlady Turquenwen and her entourage of surveyors out in the wilds, only for them to be menaced by a gryphon. Swordmaster Linaaldel is fighting the gryphon, and you can choose to assist him in killing it. Killing the gryphon awards you XP.

Hunting PartyEdit

Hunting Party

At various times you will encounter three Altmer nobles (Kinlady Hiradil, Kinlady Aldermil, and Kinlord Moladucil) standing together drinking, while Kinlord Paredan stands off to the side reading a book. After the three drunkards take the time to mock their distant friend, talking to Paredan will give you the opportunity to persuade him into giving you hunting tips, or convince him to go home. If you choose the former, he will impart his knowledge onto you, giving you a special "Hunter" buff, which will apply Major Vulnerability to the type of creature the group was initially talking about (Gryphons, Welwa, Indriks, or Salamanders) when you damage them while in Summerset for the following hour.

Lost Storm SharksEdit

Far from the sea

While in the wilderness of Summerset, you may encounter a trio of Maormer Storm Sharks who appear to be lost. They will attack once they sense you.

Storm Shark Lightningfang: "I think I've figured a way out of this."
Storm Shark Wavepriest: "Steal some clothes and try to blend in?"
Storm Shark Windcaller: "We kill you and use your bloated corpse as a raft?"
Storm Shark Lightningfang: "If you're just going to mock me, forget it."

Divine Prosecution InvestigationEdit

Divine Prosecution Investigation

Near a wayshrine and on the road, you may come across two Divine Prosecution agents mulling over the body of a dead Yaghra Strider. You can talk to one of them about it.

Sapiarchs in TrainingEdit

Sapiarchs in Training

You may come across a Sapiarch engaging his two Assistants in an exercise. The female assistant challenges the Sapiarch's ideas, while the male is focused on the exercise. You can persuade the woman to continue with the exercise. Alternatively, you can bribe or threaten the Sapiarch to be nicer to his assistants.



Occasionally, you may come across a strange Argonian woman named Choixth on the side of the road or near the wayshrines in Summerset. For more information, visit her character page.

Horse TroublesEdit

You may encounter an Orc woman named Gluthogna being accosted by an Altmer noble, who claims Gluthogna scared away her horse.

Murkmire EventsEdit

Travelers in PerilEdit

Travelers in peril

Occasionally, you will come across a traveler from one of the six different Argonian tribes of Murkmire. They will either be held captive by Blackguards or attacked by Hackwings, and are in need of assistance. Saving them counts towards the Swamp Rescuer achievement. You can encounter Dead-Water, Bright-Throat, Moss-Skin, Root-House, Copper-Eye and Miredancer travelers.

Newcomers, New GamesEdit

Newcomers, New Games

While visiting Bright-Throat Village, you may come across Heed-Meeus, Dritan, and Jotep-Makka talking about teeba-hatsei and the arrival of newcomers. They are located on the Goods Pavilion in front of the Tree-Minder's house. The following conversation will occur:

Heed-Meeus: "There are so many new faces coming through Lilmoth since Cyrodilic Collections arrived. I hope more stop by the village."
Dritan: "You always want to meet new people. What's wrong with us? I just hope they bring some new games to Murkmire."
Heed-Meeus: "Ooh, yes! And we could teach them Teeba-Hatsei. Do you think they'd want to learn?"
Jotep-Makka: "How will they play Hip and Tail Ball without a tail?"
Heed-Meeus: "Maybe we could let them use their feet? We should find some visitors to try it out!"

A Kindly LocalEdit

Unwanted Assistance

While visiting Bright-Throat Village, you may come across Dashnu, a friendly Bright-Throat who is tending to Lernyelel, a visitor who felt ill. The following conversation can be overheard:

Dashnu: "Do not be alarmed, you will be all right. The grub-mash I gave you should alleviate your dryness."
Lernyelel: "Grub-mash! Ugh—is that what that awful taste is. Ulp—Auri-El have mercy."
Dashnu: "They are a bit like under-ripe tadpole, but their guts are very wet. Keep some in your pocket if you feel faint again."
Lernyelel: "Bluh—stop. Please! Just stop helping."

A Familiar FaceEdit

It's your old pal, Choixth

While traveling the roads of Murkmire, you may come across a familiar face. It's Choixth again!


An arrangement gone awry

While on the road, you may encounter a visitor from Summerset and her Argonian guide. Anwelore didn't quite understand the implications of touring a swamp, and an exasperated Xamarz is trying to deal with the fuss her guest is kicking up.

The Rules of the GameEdit

The Rules of the Game

Occasionally, you may find J'ram-Hei and Chukka-Jee attempting to explain the rules of teeba-hatsei to Gwinithor, an outsider.

Shipwreck ShowtimeEdit

A sarcastic tour guide

Occasionally, when passing beneath the Dominus Fatum, you may come across an Argonian named Bar-Goh, who is planning on planting mushrooms beneath the shipwreck. If you head up to the ship in the Deepmire, you will find Am-Lai, who is waiting for Strillian Callidus to come safely out of the ship. She brought him here on a tour guide of sorts, as he's interested in the history of the ship.


A peculiar problem

When traveling along the roads, you may encounter Ereel-Jush, a Dead-Water tribesman. He is speaking with Esmada, who wants to tell his tribe's stories to people in far-off lands, but is using flowery words to alter the stories to make them more palatable for foreign audiences, as they're quite graphic.

Helping HandsEdit

A helpful couple

When entering Bright-Throat Village, you may see mates Grish and Ula-Kii discussing their plans to visit Root-Whisper Village and help out their new neighbors.

Forlorn FarewellEdit

Farewell for now

While visiting Dead-Water Village, you may come across Juut, who is saying goodbye to his egg-sister. She is leaving home to serve the Root-Whisper tribe. They are standing in front of the Grave-Singer's Lodge.

Blackguard AmbushEdit

Blackguard Ambush

You may find a stone chest out in the wild. When you approach, you will be ambushed by a Blackguard Chemist and Ranger. Killing them nets you xp and allows you to loot the chest.

Slow Lock PickerEdit

A lucky find

Just off the road, a Blackguard Chemist is impatiently waiting for a Stalker to pick the simple lock on a stone chest, while a Ranger looks on. You can kill them and pick the lock on the chest yourself.

Northern Elsweyr Events ElsweyrEdit

Euraxian CrewEdit

You may encounter a small group of Euraxian soldiers around Northern Elsweyr, who can be overheard talking with each other.

Euraxian Knight: "I should have become a mage. Mages can cast spells to be rid of sand, can't they?"
Euraxian Spellblade: "That's your new way of saying you're tired of this place, right?"
Euraxian Battlemage: "Weren't you just complaining about snow a few months ago?"
Euraxian Knight: "My original question stands. This sand is worse than anything."
Euraxian Knight: "I'm surprised that we don't see giant balls of fur rolling across the landscape here."
Euraxian Spellblade: "Ummm … I'm pretty sure that every Khajiit is a giant ball of fur. Some more giant than others. Some less."
Euraxian Battlemage: "True enough. And if I find another bit of fur in my food, I'm going to hork up a furball soon."
Euraxian Knight: "Going native, eh? Well, just give me some warning before you do. I don't want to step in it."

Impromptu SermonEdit

Impromptu Sermon

You may encounter the moon-priest Mo'khu, trying to sermonize about the gods to a trio of hungry ruffians consisting of Zadeva, Sulema and Keshjo. They want to know where the food he bribed them with is.

Mo'khu: "It is time for this one to share lore about Alkosh, the Dragon King of Cats. Pay heed."
Sulema: "Bored now. Where is the food?"
Keshjo: "Alkosh? I'd rather be chased by guards than listen to this religious dreck. Hmmph."

Martial TrainingEdit

While traveling on the roads of Northern Elsweyr, you may find Tashdu undergoing training to become a Vrin-Thak alongside Saziza, an aspiring Ziz Kurah adept.

Ruddy Fang AmbushEdit

"Rajhin's shadow haunts you, dull claws. Let us dance to your death!"

While traveling through Northern Elsweyr, you may encounter a tied up Mercenary calling for help. However, when you try to help, the Khajiit will turn on you and a trio of Ruddy Fangs will join in with the ambush.

The Furstock SongEdit

Ocasionally, you may come across a diverse group of Khajiit friends on the roads of Northern Elsweyr, sitting by a campfire. Their circle consists of Mojzin, Pajmina, Sharjo, Ilarana and Raiffi.

Terrorized by Terror BirdsEdit

Terrorized by Terror Birds

You can encounter a Khajiit traveler, pilgrim, or a merchant being scared off by a Terror Bird. This event can occur in Northern and Southern Elsweyr.

Traveling CompanionsEdit

Khishmina and her party

You may come across a trio of characters on the side of the road during your travels. Their party consists of Khishmina, Mulabus and Arentus Rian. Each person has their own story to tell.


A practicing Necromancer

You may find a Necromancer out in the wilds of Northern and Southern Elsweyr, summoning Enthralled Zombies.

Appears only with Dragonhold

Southern ElsweyrEdit

Cult RecruitersEdit

Cult Recruiters

You will sometimes come across a New Moon Scorcher and Dreadnaught proselytizing to a Destitute Scavenger in the wilds of Southern Elsweyr. They promise salvation, and the scavenger seems convinced that the Order of the New Moon can help them. When you kill the cultists, the scavenger attacks you.

Taking a BreakEdit

Taking a Break

While traveling through or near South Guard Ruins, you might see a Black Gull Mariner, Corsair and Swashbuckler talking about Captain Za'ji and what it's like to be a raider.

Tourist TrapEdit

Tourist Trap

You will see a Dagi named Esshri-dar and a Bosmer named Borogas. Borogas hired Esshri-dar to bring him somewhere, but wasn't pleased when that location turned out to be in the middle of nowhere. Now he won't pay his guide. You can either intimidate Esshri-dar into not taking the money, or convince Borogas to pay up.

Visit From a Story TellerEdit

Visit From a Story Teller

A moon-singer named Feziya-ko can be seen on the side of the road, accompanied by an Orc named Balga and two Khajiit, Fezzam and Trezzi. She can tell you one of two stories about Khunzar-ri.

Skooma Addict Shake-DownEdit

Skooma Addict Shake-Down

While traveling along the road, you may come across a trio of Khajiit skooma addicts consisting of a Sugar-Tooth Moonmixer, Sugar-Tooth Thief and Sugar-Tooth Thug or Sugar-Tooth Cutthroat. The addicts will attempt to rob you. The thief is always the one who speaks when you engage the addicts in combat.

Khajiiti KidnappingEdit

"It's gone! Dragons burned everything. Khajiit has nothing to give!"
Save the Khajiit from Cat Gut reprobates

While roaming Southern Elsweyr you may overhear a Kidnapped Khajiit cry out. When you approach the voice, you will find them tied up and surround by two Cat Gut pirates (Swashbucklers, Shipburners or Corsairs) who will then mock them. You can free the Khajiit by slaying the kidnappers. The Swashbuckler (who is always Imperial) is always the one who responds to the pirates' captive.

Obedience TrainingEdit

Obedience Training

You will come across Tulip and her owner, Suroniir, a master animal handler from the conservatory at Sil-Var-Woad. Tulip's owner is trying to teach her some tricks, but Tulip isn't listening.

Teleporting AlfiqEdit

Teleporting Alfiq

Occasionally, you'll see Dazreso-jo teleport to a location, briefly stand there, then teleport away.

Rich RefugeesEdit

Rich Refugees

You may see Halzom and his servants, Fabilius Eto and Rezzai, on the road. Halzom's estate was destroyed and his trading fleet was sacked by pirates, so now he's a refugee seeking to leave Southern Elsweyr.

Western SkyrimEdit

Appears only with Greymoor

Drunk Nord Punch UpEdit

Rolstag Encounter

Around Western Skyrim you may encounter a drunken Rolstag and his blacked out brethren. As you approach he will goad you to fight, if you delay or leave he will continue to taunt you. You have the option of fighting him.

Traveling WerewolvesEdit

"These s'wit's won't stop!"

While in the wilderness, you may cross two travelers talking between themselves while surrounded by the bodies of several Death Hunters. Once you are detected they will transform into werewolves and try to kill you.

Vampire CaptiveEdit

Rescue the captive from the Vampires

You can encounter a pair of vampires and Death Hound taunting their captive. You can rescue them by killing the vampires.

Erlgald and HafkyrEdit

After drinking the offered mug

While on the roads within Western Skyrim, you may encounter Erlgald and Hafkyr drinking. If you talk with Erlgand, he will ask if you want to drink with them. If you say yes, you will receive a mug of Sailor's Warning Festival Grog. If you refuse, Ergland will accept it and tell you can stay with them nonetheless.

Skeever KabobsEdit

Skeever Kabobs

You may encounter Fjagus on the side of the road, peddling his Skeever Kebabs. You can buy them for 9 gold.

Hungry VampiresEdit

In Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns, you may encounter two vampires feeding on an unconscious Victim. A variant of this is when two vampires come up to a third one and complain about them not sharing. You can kill the vampires to free their captive.

Priesthood of JhunalEdit

Priesthood of Jhunal

While traveling the roads of Western Skyrim, you may encounter Brother Frongrif who will offer you a copy of Jhunal the Rune God.

Elsbytte and MuffinsEdit

Elsbytte and Muffins reunited

Elsbytte can be found around Western Skyrim searching for her pet mammoth, Muffins.

Death HuntersEdit

The Death Hunters sight another Werewolf

A trio of Death Hunters can be found standing around a slain werewolf, once they see you they will recognize you as werewolf and attack.[verification needed — only appear for werewolves?]

Lost ExplorerEdit

Captain Belenus is looking for Blackreach. You can choose whether or not to tell him where it is.

Mining DemonstrationEdit

"Watch me do it!"

Pairs of vampires in charge of a group of Harrowed can be found around Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns. The harrowed lack the skills to be effective miners and one of the vampires will get frustrated enough to demonstrate themselves. If you kill them, a captive will be aware enough to thank you and escape.

The ReachEdit

The StorytellerEdit

A Reachfolk Storyteller

Calbokh, a vateshran, or storyteller, can be found in various locations around the Reach. He can be paid or persuaded to tell three different stories.

The Namiran WitchmanEdit

Witchman Baircallas

Witchman Baircallas can be found over the carcass of a dead baby deer. He can be asked of what signs the deer's carcass means for your future.

Reachfolk HunterEdit

Reachfolk Hunter

Reachfolk Hunters are Reachfolk that appear as a part of random encounters in the Reach. They can be seen aiming with bow at their prey and then shooting. After successfully delivering a killing blow to an animal they approach the carcass to collect game of the hunted animal. They have no unique dialogue.

One Last BrawlEdit

Mercenary Veteran

A random encounter that is shared with Wrothgar. Killing them will grant you the Achievement One Last Brawl.

Melina CasselEdit

Melina in the Reach

Melina Cassel is a Breton vampire of House Ravenwatch. She can be met and talked to on numerous occasions in the Reach zone. Melina doesn't spawn at the same spots as other random encounters, but tends to spawn near them and is associated with the achievement A Friend in Deed. For more information, visit her character page.



You will meet Evone, a condescending Reachman who is resting on the side of the road.

Fleeing ReachmenEdit

Fleeing Reachmen

Fynvagh, Drisoal, and Anadeth can be encountered fleeing from the Gray Host to Markarth.