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The Stormfist Clan are a group of Nordic warriors loyal to Fildgor Orcthane. Once a highly regarded clan, known for their fighting skills and pivotal roles in conflicts, they fell from grace for supporting Fildgor's claim to the throne of Eastern Skyrim.

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Named Members
Fildgor Orcthane (Leader)
Agnenor the Blade
Arnhilda the Brash
Bormolg gro-Grush
Bugha gra-Grush
Dumolg gro-Grush
Eorim the Hammer
Hald Bitterblade
Kazok gro-Nogremor
Leimaer the Raven
Lobamob gra-Bar
Lob the Cleaver
Lorku gra-Bug
Magister Osanne
Ortvar Bonebreaker
Shaman Moramat
Shera gra-Bol
Shukul gro-Agluk
Spymaster Ramorgol
Warlord Halskar
Generic Members
Stormfist Healer
Stormfist Infantry
Stormfist Ravager
Stormfist Savage
Stormfist Scout
Stormfist Sentry
Stormfist Shaman
Stormfist Slayer
Stormfist Striker
Stormfist Warrior


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