Online: People
Location Summerset
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
A Sapiarch

Sapiarchs are Altmer members of the Sapiarchs on Summerset Isle. They'll be found in any number of random locations around the island and be in the company of two Assistants whom they are overseeing during a research exercise.


"It seems I am not only beset upon by my own indolent assistants, but by the curiosity of passing vagrants as well."
What's going on here?
"A research exercise that needs to be concluded. As soon as possible, as well as possible, and with as few distractions as possible."
"Given the assistants I must work with, my goal can only be attained with strict motivation."
It seems like you're bullying your assistants.
"Did I give the impression I was soliciting input? I am not."
"My research funding depends on these results, delivered in a timely fashion. If bullying my assistants means my research is funded, so be it."
If I offered some funds, would you work them less? [Leveled Gold]
"Oh! Yes, I think these funds will be sufficient for my research to continue, even without aid to the College.
Perhaps my, ah, exemplary assistants might take a moment to relax."
[Intimidate] I can give you five reasons to treat them better.
"Five reasons? Why, that's awfully specific—oh. I see what you mean. Ehm. Very well. My assistants can take a reprieve."
I can't argue with that logic.
"Well, I am pleased to have earned the approval of a random passers-by. Now, if you'll allow me to get back to my work."

If you used intimidation, he'll cower and announce to his assistants:

Sapiarch : "Eh—excuse me! I have been induced—rather, enlightened—by this, ah, kind individual to permit a cessation of labor. Please do so!"

If you threatened him, you can speak with him again.

"You can be rest assured that my assistants will be well looked-after. No need to do anything rash!"

If you bribed him, he'll instead say:

"Your patronage of my research shows exemplary moral character. You have my thanks."

If you persuaded his female assistant to quit and join the Mages Guild, he'll say to you:

"You induced one of my assistants to leave? How dare you! The sheer presumptuousness of your actions is just——gah! I can't believe this."