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The Imperial Legion is the main army of the Empire of Cyrodiil, or what remains of it. They are loyal to the one who sits on the Ruby Throne, which is currently Clivia Tharn, though Mannimarco is secretly the one from which their orders come. Another Tharn, Septima, is the Magus-General of the Imperial forces near High Rock.

During the Interregnum, the Empire fell into disarray and the Imperial Legion gradually lost control of its provinces. As a result, a large Imperial military presence can only be found in various camps throughout Cyrodiil.

Owners of the Imperial Edition of the game can play as the Imperial race. However, you will not be a member of the Imperial Legion and must join any of the three Alliances during character creation.

Known LegionsEdit

Additionally, several groups of soldiers with unknown legion affiliations can be encountered throughout Tamriel.



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