Online:Black Gull Mariner

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Black Gull Mariner
Location South Guard Ruins
Race Dunmer, Dagi Gender Varies
Health 29870
Reaction Hostile Class Mariner
Other Information
Faction(s) Black Gulls
Black Gull Mariner

Black Gull Mariners are Dunmer and Dagi mariners associated with the Black Gull slavers. They can be found at South Guard Ruins.


A male Dagi Mariner can be seen conversing with a female Orc Corsair and a male Imperial Swashbuckler during a random encounter.

Black Gull Swashbuckler: "Why are you serving on a ship like the Cat Gut anyway? Ain't there Khajiit pirates you'd rather sail with?"
Black Gull Mariner: "Khajiit would have signed on to the Perfect Pounce, but Captain Za'ji said this one was too handsome."
Black Gull Corsair: "One of those types, huh? Was he wearing a poofy shirt too?"
Black Gull Swashbuckler: "I don't get it. What's looks got to do with sailing?"

Another interaction can be heard.

Black Gull Swashbuckler: "You don't feel guilty? Raiding your own kind?"
Black Gull Mariner: "Would you ask that of another Man?"
Black Gull Corsair: "Nobody asks me if I mind robbing Orcs."
Black Gull Swashbuckler: "Well, excuse me for asking."

As can a third.

Black Gull Swashbuckler: "What kind of stupid name for a ship is Cat Gut anyway?"
Black Gull Mariner: "An offensive one."
Black Gull Corsair: "Let's hear your idea then, smart-guy."
Black Gull Swashbuckler: "When I get my own ship, I'm gonna call it the Sea Cad! Sounds pirate-y, right? Hey! Quit laughing!"