Location Random encounters in Northern Elsweyr
Race Dagi-raht Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Raiffi is a Dagi-raht who can be found at various locations as random encounter in northern Elsweyr. She always stands in front a campfire together with her companions Ilarana, Mojzin, Pajmina and Sharjo.


If you have a Khajiit character, she will say:

"This one welcomes you, Khajiit! Perhaps you come seeking knowledge from Raiffi? Knowledge that ultimately can help all Khajiit?"
What knowledge do you think would help?
"So much knowledge to choose from! Yet, you are here among different Khajiit, so perhaps we should speak of this one's kind, the Dagi-raht.
To start, we live among the trees, preferring them to the ground. Distance and observation are our friends."
So, you like to scout?
"Scout? Sometimes, yes. We also wield magic, but these are all general statements to grant you a basic understanding. As you have no doubt seen in your travels, variations exist!
Generalities serve as the starting point to better comprehension."
How does this help all Khajiit?
"It helps because you must keep an open mind while considering this, yes?
Patterns of behavior exist but are not always consistent. Consider instances where always-true assumptions hindered you. Start with a pattern, but ponder exceptions."

To a character of any other race, she will say:

"Another traveler, eh? Perhaps Raiffi can provide you with knowledge that helps further your understanding of the Khajiit?"
Yes, please do tell me more about the Khajiit.
"As a Dagi-raht Khajiit, this one thinks you should know more about us. Under the Bright Moons, we jump and dance among the tree limbs of our home. In darker times, we use our cunning and magical arts.
Yes, that is a good start."
Start? Are you all practitioners of magical arts?
"As with anything, most. But not all. And, yes, start. We are varied, even as your kind is, and generalities close your mind.
Also, we prefer to watch from afar before acting. When you do see us, we've likely been observing you for awhile."
Isn't that last bit also a generality?
"Wonderful question! Yes, it is, and it is up to you to apply it as such.
Perhaps that is enough information to ponder for now, yes? All of it is a good start … a basis to draw upon. Now, keep an open mind and make your own observations, yes?"
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