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Moon-Singer Feziya-ko
Location Off the side of the road in Southern Elsweyr
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon-Singers
Moon-Singer Feziya-ko

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko is a Khajiit who can be found as part of a encounter in Southern Elsweyr. She can tell you one of several stories about Khunzar-ri. Only two stories are available to be told at a time.

She is accompanied by an Orc named Balga and two Khajiit, Fezzam and Trezzi.


You will hear her calling out to you as you pass her by.

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Welcome, friend! Please join us."
Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Come sit for a while. There is always room for another traveler in this one's audience."
Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Ah, a fellow traveler. Why not rest your legs and restore your spirit with a great tale?"

Speak with her.

"Welcome! Please come and rest. This one is always happy to have a new listener.
This one has traveled the breadth of Elsweyr and has many stories to tell. Would you like to hear a tale of Khunzar-ri?"
"Come join us! The more who hear the stories, the greater becomes the joy.
This one was just about to tell another tale of Khunzar-ri...."
"The only joy greater than stories is sharing those tales with others.
This one has gathered many tales while traveling the breadth of Elsweyr. Perhaps you would like to hear a story about Khunzar-ri?"

The stories she tells are detailed in the sections below.

After any of her stories have concluded, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Even Moon-Singer Feziya-ko must rest her voice from time to time. Thank you for sharing our stories, friend. Moons guide you."

A Horror StoryEdit

You can ask her to tell you a horror story.

Tell me something scary.
"A truly terrifying tale can be quite life-affirming.
This one tells the story of the Betrayer—who killed Khunzar-ri and was killed in turn, his body parts strewn throughout Elsweyr."
His body parts?
"Long after the Betrayer's body was dismembered, a thief dug up the traitor's severed hand. A ring on the Betrayer's thumb held a ruby the size of a robin's egg.
The greedy fool found and dug up the hand, chopped off the thumb, and stole the ring."
What happened?
"He bragged of his conquest, as fools do. The next night, he woke to sounds of scratching and skittering. He feared scorpions, but when he looked around, all was still.
It wasn't until morning that he realized the Betrayer's ring was missing."
Where was it?
"He wondered the same thing. He searched everywhere, but found nothing. Meanwhile, the skittering continued. He swore something moved in his tent, hiding in dark corners, just beyond his gaze.
Weeks later, he was found in his bed. Strangled to death."
The Betrayer's severed hand killed him?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Perhaps. Or perhaps a covetous friend got sick of his bragging. Stranger things have happened in Elsweyr."

A Tale about AdventureEdit

Alternatively, you can ask her to tell you a tale about treasure.

Do you know any stories about finding treasure?
"Not just any treasure, but the greatest treasure in all of Elsweyr ….
The last words of Nurarion the Perfect."
His words are a treasure?
"A treasure, a weapon, and much more. Nurarion's voice could cut lightning bolts in half and turn mountains to rubble. Only his foes heard him speak, and even then, only in whispers.
It is said that he only screamed twice. Once, to save Sunhold."
And the other time?
"When he died.
In a chamber deep beneath the earth, he screamed into a crystal, pouring years of rage and sorrow into the gem. It brought the cave down on top of him, crushing him. The crystal is still there, as are the echoes of his power."
How powerful are the echoes?
"Very. Some claim the words would sunder Anequina from Pellitine. Others say they could level Rimmen in the blink of an eye."
Where can I find the gem?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Even if this one knew, she would not tell. Some secrets are best left buried."

A TragedyEdit

You can also ask her to tell a sad story.

How about a sad story?
"A sad story about Khunzar-ri? Most travelers prefer cheerful tales, but this one believes that sad stories can often be inspirational and empowering.
Do you know the tale of Khunzar-ri's last day?"
No, what happened?
"Khunzar-ri defeated the demons who plagued his beloved homeland, not with his strength, but with his wit. He tricked them into surrendering their power with false promises and locked them within a mighty fortress.
Elsweyr was at peace. For a time."
What did he do next?
"He helped Elsweyr rebuild while the Khajiit emerged from the wilds and ruins, filled with hope for the future.
Khunzar-ri stood before the clans as they bowed before him and recognized their new queen, Anequina Sharp-Tongue."
I thought this was a sad story?
"Hope and solidarity often precede sadness.
That evening, one of Khunzar-ri's kra'jun came to him, demanding the power of the Dragons. Khunzar-ri refused, but this man, his dear friend, would not take no for an answer …."
Khunzar-ri was killed by a friend?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "To the shame of us all. He saved everyone in Elsweyr, but who was there to save him?"

A ComedyEdit

You can also ask to hear a joyful tale.

Tell me a happy story.
"The world can always use more joy, yes?
This one will tell the tale of Anequina Sharp-Tongue, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, and Khunzar-ri—and how Khunzar-ri tamed the famous Dancer of the Moons."
Did they meet in Elsweyr?
"Yes. Khunzar-ri formed a mighty Kra'Jun to defend his home from demons, gathering Nurarion the Perfect from Summerset, Flinthild Demon-Hunter from the frozen north, and the one now called the Betrayer.
Just one remained—Anequina Sharp-Tongue."
What happened?
"Many say Khunzar-ri won her strength with words of love. Not so.
Anequina was proud and fierce. She had no love for outsiders and told Khunzar-ri as much. To his credit, he was persistent. They spoke for hours as Khunzar-ri explained his plan."
How did Khunzar-ri convince her?
"The tales say Khunzar-ri produced a confection he came across while gathering his kra'jun—a sweetroll.
He ate with such joy and passion that Anequina was driven mad with desire for his pastries"
She joined his cause because of a sweetroll?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "Sweets were her only vice. A vice the tribes of Elsweyr share to this day."

A Story About Strange PlacesEdit

You can ask her about strange places.

Do you know any stories about strange places
"Absolutely. This one is thankful as she does not receive that request very often.
Do you know the story of the Black Moon? It was a place so strange that it mystified even the great Khunzar-ri."
No, what's the Black Moon?
"This one cannot say. Even Khunzar-ri never confirmed it was a Moon, he only likened it to one. Anequina, his love, would dance for the Moons, and the Moons would move in adoration.
Sometimes, they took Khunzar-ri and Anequina with them."
What do you mean?
"Once, Anequina danced and the Moons moved … strangely. Like some great thing pulled the stars and Moons from their paths.
Khunzar-ri suddenly fell, for where there used to be ground, now there was none. He could not stop himself from falling."
What happened to him?
"He stopped, finding himself on a dusty surface, black as iron. He likened it to the moon, but not the red and silver of Jode and Jone. This was someplace else.
In the sky, he saw a great sphere … with green forests, red seas, and gray clouds."
What was it?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "There are many theories, but even Khunzar-ri could not say for certain. He said he felt as though he was being folded, and suddenly found himself next to Anequina again."

A War StoryEdit

You can also ask her to tell a story about war.

Do you know any stories about war?
"Oh, yes. Too many if this one is being honest.
This is not a tale of Khunzar-ri specifically, but of one of his kra'jun—the Altmer, Nurarion. They called him the Perfect, but some said he was the Voiceless, for only his foes heard him speak."
Why is that?
"Because in the ancient days, Nurarion was brother to the king of Sunhold. Terrible storms swept their shores each season, brought by Orgnum of the Maormer, the Young King.
Nurarion decided to lead the mages of Sunhold in a counter-spell."
Did they succeed?
"Yes, but at great cost. In order for Nurarion to best Orgnum, he had to turn to the Prince of Bargains, Clavicus Vile. He asked for a voice that could call forth a doom greater than any called by Orgnum.
Unfortunately, he got his wish."
What happened?
"His newfound voice sent Orgnum's storms to the ends of the earth, but even his normal speech meant ruin for all who heard it. He could no longer live at court and risk the lives of others.
He saved his beloved Sunhold, but was forced into exile."
How did he meet with Khunzar-ri?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "They say that Khunzar-ri found him much later, under much different circumstances. But that is a story for another time."

A Love StoryEdit

You can ask her to tell you a love story as well.

Do you know any love stories?
"This one knows tales of love and hate, life and death, and everything in between.
Many know about Khunzar-ri's courtship of Anequina Sharp-Tongue. But few know the tale of his other companion, Flinthild Demon-Hunter."
Were they in love?
"Was Khunzar-ri in love with Flinthild? No. But she was besotted with him for a time. He had come to her homeland, far in the north, seeking to form a mighty kra'jun to best the demons.
He heard of Flinthild's might and sought her out."
What happened?
"Khunzar-ri found her at the great feast of Eastmarch, drinking and gorging on stuffed horker for two solid weeks! It is said that Khunzar-ri and Flinthild engaged in a drunken duel for three straight days."
Isn't this a love story?
"It is! For during the days they dueled, sloppily trading blow after drunken blow, Flinthild saw the majesty of Khunzar-ri's graceful form.
She decided to kidnap him and make him her groom."
But she didn't marry him, did she?

After the story ends, she says:

Moon-Singer Feziya-ko: "When Flinthild sobered, she thought better of her plan. Did she see Khunzar-ri differently without a head full of mead? Perhaps. Or perhaps there was another reason."