Location Random encounters in Northern Elsweyr
Race Pahmar-raht Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Sharjo is a Pahmar-raht who can be found at various locations as random encounter in northern Elsweyr. He always stands in front a campfire together with his companions Ilarana, Mojzin, Pajmina and Raiffi.


If you have a Khajiit character, he will say:

"What? Oh, hello, Khajiit. Never seen a Pahmar-raht before? Or is there another reason for that stare?"
I was wondering if you could share more knowledge of the Pahmar-raht.
"Sure, I'll tell you more. Pahmar-raht are the strongest of the Khajiit. Some say we live for physical challenges, and in my case, that's true.
You really don't want to be facing down someone like me in combat. I hit hard, and I endure much."
So, you all like to beat up people?
"Is that what you think strength means? Beating up on people? Ha! Don't answer.
Strength comes in obvious and subtle forms. Yes, we can tangle with the best of them, but while we often wade right into a fight, we sometimes don't. Sometimes."
When do you not fight?
"When do you not fight?
As much as our first instinct is to get in there and get rough, if a situation calls for better tactics than fighting, well, we don't fight. Mostly. I can't speak for all Pahmar-raht, obviously."
What do you fall back on when you can't fight?
"Can't? More like don't. Silence and glares, mainly. Like the one I am giving you now.
Go think on what I've said."

To a character of any other race, he will say:

"Yeah, I see you there, sizing me up. Never seen a Pahmar-raht before?
Oh, wait. You're going to ask me questions now, aren't you? Go ahead. Far be it for me to deny you your questions. To a point."
Now that you mention it, yes, learning more about the Pahmar-raht sounds useful.
"Knowledge leads to victory, I guess.
Raiffi here would tell you that generalities are only starting points to a larger discussion. Since I don't want a larger discussion, here's what you get: Pahmar-raht are stronger than other Khajiit. We fight."
You fight. That's all you do?
"You'd actually believe me if I told you yes? Ha!
But, sure, we're known for our fighting and our endurance. We're often chosen to work as bodyguards and warriors. Many of us also know military tactics, too. Just ask. But, not me and not now."