Location Random encounters in Northern Elsweyr
Race Senche-raht Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Pajmina is a Senche-raht who can be found at various locations as random encounter in northern Elsweyr. She always sits in front a campfire together with her companions Ilarana, Mojzin, Raiffi and Sharjo.


If you have a Khajiit character, she will say:

"Lost? No. Surprised? Maybe … wait. Have you never spoken to a Senche-raht? Yet you are Khajiit …"
Why don't you tell me about the Senche-raht?
"I see how you are. You won't answer my questions, but instead ask your own.
Well, I have nothing better to do right now, so … I'm a Senche-raht. You may have seen us in battle with warriors atop us. Or just bathing in fountains."
You allow others to ride you?
"If they're polite and ask first, sometimes. And we train with them, too.
Battle is hard. You don't want to be pouncing into an attack right when your battle partner is about to land a perfectly placed blow."
May I ride you?
"Oh, joy! You asked politely. Thank you!
But, no, not right now. I'm recovering from that time when my battle partner tried to land a perfectly placed blow. You should ask Sharjo about the Pahmar-raht. Maybe he'll give you a ride on his shoulders."

To a character of any other race, she will say:

"I have a potential surprise for you!"
Uh, what surprise?
"I speak your language!"
So you do. And?
Oh, very well. You're no fun. But if you want to know more about Senche-raht, I'll still talk to you about them."
You're a Senche-raht?
"Why yes! I am. And you would not believe how many people are surprised when one of us speaks. I mean, speaks a language. Not yowls.
Normally we speak Ta'agra, but we can understand other languages and sometimes choose to join in on conversations."
Can I ride you?
"Oh, one of those, eh?
Yes, we can choose to allow people to ride us. Choose, though. It's a choice. Don't assume, as Raiffi would say. But with more words.
Any other questions?"
Do all cat creatures talk? And we just never thought to ask?
"You mean talk like you do, right?
You know? I don't think I want to answer that question. Perhaps go find out for yourself. It's more fun that way."
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