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The Witchmother

The Witches Festival is a holiday event that typically takes place in the month of October. During this event players can obtain a skeletal polymorph, a 100% XP buff and the opportunity to acquire a collection of Witches Festival-themed items. The festival also has a special quest associated with it, named The Witchmother's Bargain, which repeats every year. A notable feature of the event is the inclusion of Plunder Skulls. Plunder Skulls are special reward containers that grant players various event-themed items.

Witchmother's CauldronEdit

Witchmother's Brew

After completing The Witchmother's Bargain, the Witchmother's Whistle memento is gained. The whistle can be used repeatedly during the event to summon the Witchmother's Cauldron, which grants you and your party a two-hour 100% XP buff that stacks with all other XP bonuses. Drinking from the Witchmother's Cauldron will transform your character into skeleton for the duration of the buff.

Plunder SkullsEdit

ON-icon-container-Plunder Skull.png
This bucket contains items that many witches and warlocks would find of interest.

Plunder Skulls contains up to 5 samples of Witches Festival Provisioning ingredients and 1-3 samples of Amber Marble. They can also contain unique recipes, Hollowjack motif pages, or rare hats. All of these items can be traded with other players, including the collectible hats. The Provisioning items available include Guts, Worms, Crawlers, and Spider Eggs.


Plunder Skulls can be earned from the following:

  • Bosses in Delves, Group Delves, Public Dungeons (including Group Event bosses), Group Dungeons, Trials, Overland and Arenas
  • Dark Fissures
  • Dolmens

Dremora Plunder SkullsEdit

ON-icon-container-Dremora Plunder Skull.png
This Dremora-skull bucket contains some of the secrets of the Dremora Crafting Motif, as well as items of sinister interest to witches and warlocks. It can be earned only once a day.

Dremora Plunder Skulls are special containers were introduced in the 2018 Witches Festival and continued in 2019. There are seven different types that can be obtained from various bosses. Each skull is guaranteed to contain a chapter from ON-icon-quest-Book 01.pngCrafting Motif 63: Dremora book. Dremora Plunder Skulls of each type can be earned only once per day per account. See below for a full list.

Motif Page Boss Type Plunder Skull Type
Legs and Bows Dragonstar Arena, Blackrose Prison, or Maelstrom Arena final boss Dremora Plunder Skull, Arena
Belts and Staves Delve bosses Dremora Plunder Skull, Delve
Helmets and Maces Group Dungeon final boss Dremora Plunder Skull, Dungeon
Gloves and Daggers Dark Anchors/Dolmens, Abyssal Geysers, Dragons Dremora Plunder Skull, Insurgent
Boots and Shields Public Dungeon bosses, Dark Fissures or Imperial City bosses (street and sewers) Dremora Plunder Skull, Public & Sweeper
Chests and Swords Trial final boss Dremora Plunder Skull, Trial
Shoulders and Axes World bosses Dremora Plunder Skull, World

Witches Festival 2019Edit

"Boo! Battle Tamriel’s monsters, get double XP, and earn creepy new rewards during the Witches Festival in-game event! Learn everything you need to know about the frightening fete here."
The 2019 Witches Festival

The Witches Festival 2019 will run from October 24 until November 11, 2019. Due to numerous connectivity issues on PC for the first few days, the event was extended by 7 days across all platforms. The event is similar to the previous year, but with the addition of some new style pages, mementos, recipes and collectables. The drops from regular Plunder Skulls in the 2019 event are identical to the 2018 event drops.

The 2019 festival was also the first chance for players to buy the Pure-Snow Berries of Bloom from The Impresario, used to mutate the Nascent Indrik. Players can receive two Event Tickets each day for after killing a boss, with a total of 38 possible tickets by the end of the event.

2019 Dremora Plunder Skull LootEdit

The drops from Dremora Plunder Skulls in the 2019 event are identical to the 2018 event drops, but with the addition of Glenmoril Wyrd Style pages, festival writs, new provisioning recipes and a new memento, all of which have a relatively low drop rate:

Glenmoril Wyrd Armor Style PagesEdit

ON-icon-armor-Hat-Glenmoril Wyrd.png

Armor pages have a small chance to drop from directly from Dremora Plunder Skulls. These exist as items that can be sold or traded.

Glenmoril Wyrd Weapon Style PagesEdit

ON-icon-weapon-Sword-Glenmoril Wyrd.png

Weapon pages are found by following a marker on the associated treasure map. The style page doesn't exist as an item found in a chest like regular treasure, but instead spawns as the weapon itself, surrounded by a large pillar of purple light. Taking the weapon immediately adds the style page into your inventory. See the main page for a guide on the map locations.

Witches Festival WritsEdit

ON-icon-book-Witches Festival Writ.png
"A direct request for a festive food, from Alyxe the Hag. Once accepted, this contract cannot be traded or sold. Completing 13 Witches Festival Writs awards you the Witch's Infernal Hat; completing 28 grants you the title of "Witch."

Witches Festival Writs are special master writs that request a Witches Festival themed food or potion via a quest. The recipes for these provisioning items can be found both types of Plunder Skull. Writs themselves can only be obtained from Dremora Plunder Skulls. Writs are also available to buy from the Impresario for 1 Event Ticket each, but these are bound to your account and cannot be traded or sold. See the main page for full details.

Completing 13 Witches Festival Writs awards you the Witch's Infernal Hat; completing 28 grants you the title of "Witch". There are also several achievements related to festival writs.

New RecipesEdit

ON-icon-food-Bewitched Sugar Skulls.png

Three new legendary recipes are introduced in the 2019 festival, however they have a relatively low drop rate:

Skeletal MarionetteEdit

"Be the life of your party with this cute little skeleton marionette! It dances! It prances! It hangs from strings, ready for you to make it move! (Creepy skeleton voice not included.)"

The Skeletal Marionette collectible can be obtained by consuming ten Skeletal Marionette Parts, which can occasionally be found in all varieties of Plunder Skull. Alternatively, the memento can be bought outright from the Impresario for 5 Event Tickets, however this will not grant you the associated achievement.

Item Description
ON-icon-misc-Bones.png Skeletal Marionette Parts Part of a Skeletal Marionette. With enough of these, you could command your own.

Crown Store ExclusivesEdit

During the festival, some new and returning items will be available in the Crown Store. This includes the return of the Reaper's Harvest and Hollowjack Crown Crates, the Hollowjack and Witches' Coven furnishing packs, Exorcised Coven Cottage, Kynbound Senche-Panther, Witch's Infernal Familiar and more.


Witches Festival 2018Edit

"The grim spectacle of the Witches Festival has once again returned to haunt the people of Tamriel. Take part in this chilling celebration to earn bonus XP and unique rewards. It’s also your first opportunity to earn Event Tickets and Indrik Feathers – don’t miss out!"
The 2018 Witches Festival

The Witches Festival 2018 ran from October 18 to November 1, 2018. In addition to previous rewards, 2018 introduced the new Dremora Motif and Dremora Plunder Skulls. It was the first opportunity for players to begin working towards obtaining the Nascent Indrik mount.

2018 Dremora Plunder Skull LootEdit

2018 Plunder Skull LootEdit

Witches Festival 2017Edit

"The ghostly spectre of the Witches Festival has returned to Tamriel! Want to take part in this spooky celebration, enjoy a bonus to XP gains, and earn terrifying rewards? Read on to find everything you need to know about this ghoulish gala."
The 2017 Witches Festival

The 2017 Witches Festival ran from October 20 until November 1, 2017. Similar to the Witches Festival of 2016, this event featured the chance to earn Plunder Skulls by defeating delve bosses, dungeon bosses, World Bosses, and dolmen bosses. Drops from Plunder Skulls included Hollowjack Motif chapters, special themed recipes, and furniture. Rare drops included runeboxes containing Hollowjack, Scarecrow, and Thicketman masks.

2017 Plunder Skull LootEdit

Witches Festival 2016Edit

"The Witches Festival, our first in-game holiday event for The Elder Scrolls Online, is lurking around the corner! Learn how and when you and your friends can take part in this spooky Tamrielic holiday plus details on the special treats you can earn by participating."
The 2016 Witches Festival

The 2016 Witches Festival ran from from October 13 to November 1 or November 8, 2016. During that period a free whistle was available from the Crown Store, which began the quest The Witchmother's Bargain when used. A Witchmother's Whistle Memento was rewarded for completing the quest, and could be used to obtain a 100% Experience bonus and begin the event. With the buff applied, many different types of bosses would begin to drop Plunder Skulls containing unique recipes, motif chapters, and even two rare hats. Unlocking all of the achievements for this event would unlock the "Sun's Dusk Reaper" title.

Due to a bug introduced with Patch 2.6.7 which prevented the Plunder Skull achievements from counting earned skulls correctly, the event was extended to November 8 on PC/Mac.

2016 Plunder Skull LootEdit


  • Partaking in the Witches Festival will unlock several Holiday Events achievements. To unlock them all, you must complete the quest, drink from the Witchmother's Brew, collect all motif pages, and obtain 100 Plunder Skulls. Doing all of these tasks will reward you with the "Sun's Dusk Reaper" title.

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