Location Random encounters in Northern Elsweyr
Race Alfiq Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mojzin is an Alfiq who can be found at various locations as random encounter in northern Elsweyr. He always sits in front a campfire together with his companions Ilarana, Sharjo, Pajmina and Raiffi.


If you have a Khajiit character, he will say:

"Ah, hello, my fellow Khajiit. Your travels have shown you interesting things, no?
Experience tells me that not all know of their fellow Khajiit, to the point of being unaware of the Alfiq. I am happy to share knowledge of my kind."
Please do share your insights about the Alfiq.
"A wise one listens to the lived experiences of others!
Many underestimate the Alfiq, seeing us as talking housecats. Or merely housecats if we choose not to speak around them. Sometimes we use this to our advantage, serving as information gatherers."

To a character of any other race, he will say:

"Ah, yes, another traveler not of the Khajiit. I hope you fare better than the people of Elsweyr have of late.
By chance, would you care to know more about my kind, the Alfiq? I am happy to share, if only to prevent further … misunderstandings."
I'm curious as to what you have to say about the Alfiq, yes.
"Excellent! I appreciate curiosity in others.
Though diminutive compared to our fellow Khajiit, do not underestimate us. Yes? Many of us are masters of spells. So, please do not attempt to treat us as housecats. We … resent that."