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Euraxian Battlemage
Location Northern Elsweyr (Desert Wind Caverns), Rimmen Palace Recesses
Race Imperial Gender Varies
Health 29870
Reaction Hostile Class Battlemage
Other Information
Faction(s) Euraxians

Euraxian Battlemages are Nibenese Imperial mages who fight in the name of Euraxia Tharn. They can be found throughout Northern Elsweyr, enforcing her will.

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The Usurper QueenEdit

While escaping through the Rimmen Palace Recesses. Euraxian Battlemages will be among those sent to capture you and Abnur Tharn.

Euraxian Battlemage: "Over there! The queen wants them alive!"


It's possible to come across a group of three Euraxians in various locations as a random encounter. You can overhear their conversation about the local cats:

Euraxian Knight: "You know, my mother was right. I should never have wished for a talking housecat. Now I'm riding herd on them?"
Euraxian Spellblade: "Your mother told you to be careful what you wish for, too?"
Euraxian Battlemage: "Don't all parents tell their children that? Besides, I don't think these Alfiq are that bad. Except for the one with stripes, maybe."
Euraxian Knight: "The one with stripes? All the Alfiq I've dealt with have stripes!"
Euraxian Knight: "I should have become a mage. Mages can cast spells to be rid of sand, can't they?"
Euraxian Spellblade: "That's your new way of saying you're tired of this place, right?"
Euraxian Battlemage: "Weren't you just complaining about snow a few months ago?"
Euraxian Knight: "My original question stands. This sand is worse than anything."
Euraxian Knight: "I'm surprised that we don't see giant balls of fur rolling across the landscape here."
Euraxian Spellblade: "Ummm … I'm pretty sure that every Khajiit is a giant ball of fur. Some more giant than others. Some less."
Euraxian Battlemage: "True enough. And if I find another bit of fur in my food, I'm going to hork up a furball soon."
Euraxian Knight: "Going native, eh? Well, just give me some warning before you do. I don't want to step in it."
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