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A range of activities are possible in The Elder Scrolls Online. Some are obvious parts of gameplay, such as completing quests and exploring dungeons. This page lists some of the optional activities that are available.


Crafting is available as part of the seven professions in the game:


Gathering MaterialsEdit

  • Fishing: Choose your bait and try to catch some fish.
  • Nodes: Gather materials for use in crafting.


  • Justice: An overview of the Justice system.
  • Lockpicking: Open locked chests and break into private places across Tamriel.
  • Pickpocket: Put your greedy hands where they don't belong.


  • Antiquities: Discover and prospect archeological sites in search of ancient artifacts. (Added by the Greymoor chapter)
  • Encounters: Scripted wilderness events that take place across Tamriel.
  • Survey Reports: Find materials for crafting with clues from a survey.
  • Treasure Maps: Find hidden treasures with clues from maps.
  • World Events: Large-scale encounters which occur at fixed locations in many zones.