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Location Wilderness of Summerset: Alaxon'ald, Sil-Var-Woad, Indrik Frolic, Deadlands
Species Indrik
Health 57497
Reaction Hostile
An Indrik

Indriks are magical deer-like creatures that fight using elemental-based attacks. They can be found throughout the forests of Summerset and are often hostile. When Indriks die, they are reduced to a pile of blue dust. Indriks also can appear in the Deadlands during a random encounter.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Sharing similar qualities to the Spriggan, the Indrik is a physical manifestation of Nirn that takes the form of a majestic beast. Indriks are highly intelligent and highly territorial, and attack anything deemed a threat to its current form or the environment. When slain, it distentegrates back into the energy of Nirn. It prefers to stay at range when threatened, using its primary teleport ability to threaten and coax foes away from its habitat. — Prima guide description[1]:216
The indrik channels its connection to Nirn and teleports between nearby locations. The entrance and exit points will be marked with orbs of blue light. It can also retreat back to its initial portal for a brief moment. This ability has a short cooldown, and is used to help the indrik evade its attacker.
The indrik bows its head, and a beam of white frost is fired at the target, dealing minor frost damage. Can be avoided by roll dodging.
The remains of a dead Indrik
Hyper Awareness
The creature rears up, stomping on the ground and bowing its head. An indrik spirit will manifest and rush at the target, knocking them over. Inflicts a stagger if it hits; can be avoided by rolling.
Static Charge
The indrik rears up onto its hind legs and bellows, calling patches of lightning to rain down around it as it bucks wildly. The circles deal shock damage if you stand in them. The storm lasts for a few seconds and can be interrupted.
The indrik runs around, leaving trails of fire in its wake. Deals a large amount of fire damage and applies plus a burning DoT. Players affected by the wall of fire are snared.




  • The Impresario previously sold four indrik feathers that, when combined, summoned a Nascent Indrik mount. These could be further upgraded into numerous unique mounts.
  • There are also a number of indrik pets available, which could be bought outright for 00000055 .
  • Indrik pets, mounts, and evolutionary fragments can now be acquired from the Indrik Vendor during in-game events.
  • The Evergloam Indrik is unique for being the only indrik mount to be offered in the Crown Store instead of as a purchase from the indrik vendor. The Autumnal Indrik is similarly the only indrik pet that is available in Crown Crates.
  • The Corrupted Indrik is an as of yet unreleased indrik mount that has existed in the game's files since 2019.