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Location Wilderness of Summerset
Species Indrik
Health 57497
Reaction Hostile
An Indrik
The remains of a dead Indrik

Indriks are magical deer-like creatures that fight using elemental-based attacks. They can be found throughout the forests of Summerset and are often hostile. When Indriks die, they are reduced to a pile of blue dust.

The Impresario sells four indrik feathers that when combined summon a Nascent Indrik mount. These can be further upgraded into numerous unique mounts.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The indrik teleports between nearby locations, the entrance and exit points will be marked with balls of blue light.
A beam of white light is fired at the target, causing frost damage. Typically occurs after indrik teleports behind its opponent.
Hyper Awareness
A spectral indrik will rush at the target, knocking them over.
Bolts of lightning will hit the ground, causes small amounts of lightning damage.
Static Charge
The patches of lightning cause large amounts of damage if stood in.
The indrik runs around, leaving trails of fire in their wake. Causes large amounts of fire damage, plus a DoT.
A DoT which causes extra fire damage.



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