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Volcanic Vents

Volcanic Vents are overland world events in High Isle, Amenos, and Galen. You will be tasked with helping Druid Olivya investigate and shut down these volatile volcanic fissures, which have begun to plague the Systres.

The enemies are all fire-related, and operates in two phases. The first phase involves killing the enemies that spawn at all three lava fissures to close them. Druid Olivya tells you to stop the Infernal Atronachs from reaching the vents, which helps to prevent further enemies from spawning.

Once the fissures are closed, she loses control and the boss appears. Every time the boss pounds the ground, more enemies appear. Interrupting the boss keeps the number of adds to a minimum. Once the vent is closed, a Volcanic Cache containing your reward appears for you to mine.


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The Volcanic Fissures can fling a few hazards at you.

Blast Furnace
It shares a name with an ability used by Iron Atronachs, and deals moderate flame damage with each hit.
Deals moderate flame damage.
Lava Pool
A ground AoE that dissipates over time. Standing in it deals low flame damage.
Deals low flame damage.

The Volcano can also spew fire at players.

Lava Geyser
The volcano spits fire that deals low damage to all it hits.


There are six achievements associated with this world event:

Achievement Points Description
   Basalt Assault 10 Defeat each of the following Volcanic Vent bosses.
   Eruptive Destroyer 15 Seal 30 Volcanic Vents on High Isle.
   Firestopper 15 Complete 30 Volcanic Vents daily jobs for Druid Aishabeh on Galen.
   Quench the Caldera 10 Seal the Volcanic Vent at the following locations.
   Volcanic Vanquisher 10 Seal the Volcanic Vent at each location in Galen.
   Volcanic Vent Demolisher 10 Complete 10 Volcanic Vent daily jobs for Druid Peeska in High Isle.


  • The vent bosses' health scales based on how many people are trying to close the vent.
  • At the release of High Isle, the seven vents on the isle were all named "Volcanic Vent" without any regional descriptors.

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