Online: People
Location West of Bright Throat Village
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Tseedasi is a member of the Bright-Throat Tribe. She has just returned from an expedition to Shadowfen, and if you meet her, she will tell you to let her tree-minder know that she will soon return with supplies for the tribe's bonding ritual.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.


Tseedasi: "You are well-traveled, yes? Let us exchange pleasantries and word from the road."

Speak with her, and you will have the opportunity to accept the quest Empty Nest:

"I erect the spine of welcome, beek-ojel. Do your currents wind towards Bright-Throat lands?"
I may head that way soon. Why do you ask?
"It is my home, you see, and I have just returned from Shadowfen. I have supplies meant for our bonding ritual preparations, but I must arrange for their transport. It would mean so much if you could tel my tree-minder that I will be home soon."
Is your business that pressing?
"Most assuredly so. It is our most important ceremony of the year. The whole village will be bubbling with activity to ensure it goes smoothly. Knowing that I will return soon with supplies would be one less burden on the tree-minder's mind."
I can deliver your message when I'm there.
"Toteik! Your warmth is not from the sun, beek-ojel. Tell Tree-Minder Pavu that Tseedasi will be home soon with supplies.
Lick the tree on my behalf."
What is this bonding ritual everyone is so occupied with?
"Well, every tribe has some ritual to celebrate a fruitful union—I am told even Men and Mer have such things—but we Bright-Throats are unique in that we seek to pair those of our tribe with those of other tribes. It builds trust."
Like political marriages?
"I do not know exactly what you mean, but we do this to improve relations with our neighbors. We are better able to settle disputes, freely travel, and trade because we are all egg-brothers and egg-sisters."
And Tree-Minder Pavu oversees this bonding ritual?
"Tree-Minder Pavu oversees everything, or rather she interprets the Hist's will so that we may carry it out. Our Hist has taught us this way of life and we have prospered for it. I am grateful to count myself a Bright-Throat."


  • Tseedasi is mentioned in dialogue by other Bright-Throat Argonians, such as Amel-Kiurz.
  • After starting the quest, once you enter another area and return, Tseedasi will no longer be there.
  • There is an unfinished letter addressed to her in the Egg-Tender's Quarters.