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Frost Atronach
(lore page)
Location The Wailing Maw, south of Willowgrove, at the lake northwest of the Vile Laboratory, more
Coldwind's DenOrsinium
Vakka-Bok Xanmeer; The NexusMurkmire
The Disquiet StudyNecrom
The ScholariumGold Road
Species Frost Atronach
Health 103,494 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
A Frost Atronach

Frost Atronachs are Daedra composed of ice.

There are two frost atronachs at the lake northwest of the Vile Laboratory. Four reside within Coldwind's Den.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As they are considered elite creatures, frost atronachs are immune to all forms of crowd control effects. As they are Daedric creatures, frost atronachs are especially vulnerable to Fighters Guild abilities.

Ice Spear
A basic melee attack that does moderate frost damage.
Ice Shards
A basic melee attack that does moderate frost damage.
Hoarfrost Fist
The atronach swings its left arm, dealing high frost damage as well as knocking back all enemies as indicated by a red cone.
Frozen Ground
The atronach stomps, and icicles burst from the ground as indicated by four red circles. This attack does moderate frost damage over time, and should be avoided. The player should be ready to move as soon as this attack is cast, as one circle will always appear under the player's feet.
Chilling Aura
Freezing Bash 
needs to be blocked; can knock you back

Unique Frost AtronachsEdit


Generic Frost AtronachsEdit

Generic, unnamed Frost Atronachs can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These Frost Atronachs have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of Frost Atronachs, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Difficulty Health
Cyrodiil Dark Anchors   147,865
Aetherian Archive First section of the trial    (?) 2,874,000
Craglorn Mini-boss at Celestial Rifts in the Elinhir Region and Upper Craglorn   134,263
Craglorn Elinhir   202,578
Craglorn Magical Anomalies   119,700
Craglorn Elinhir Sewerworks, summoned by the Lost One
Shada's Tear, summoned by Conjurer Squan
Spellscar Outside the Mage's Staff   202,600
Inside the Mage's Staff   205,200
Imperial City  Nobles District   108,669
Maelstrom Arena  Stage 5: Rink of Frozen Blood    39,412 (?)
Falkreath Hold  Summoned by Domihaus the Bloody-Horned  117,879 266,574
Scalecaller Peak  Summoned by Zaan the Scalecaller on Hard Mode    519,477
Depths of Malatar  Throughout the dungeon  94,300 (?)
Frostvault  Coldsnap Scraphoard    275,051 760,077
Sunspire  Summoned by Lokkestiiz    340,8258 1,940,516
Northern  and Southern Elsweyr  Summoned by Dragons at Dragonscours   119,538
Lair of Maarselok  With Azureblight Frostmages (?)
Icereach  Throughout the dungeon    196,465 (?)
Dreadsail Reef  which section?    2,414,184 (?)