Online:Blackguard Chemist

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Blackguard Chemist
Location Blackguard Caravan, Murkmire, Xul-Thuxis
Race Naga Gender Varies
Health 29870
Reaction Hostile Class Alchemist
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackguards
Blackguard Chemist

Blackguard Chemists are generic Naga alchemists of the Blackguards in Murkmire. They rely on their blade and various alchemical mixtures to fight.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Attack
Volatile Pool
Ranged AOE attack. Throws potion which causes the targeted area to be set on fire. Causes fire damage.
Blazing Lop
Physical Atttack
Self Healing
When given the opportunity, the chemist will attempt to heal itself. This can be interrupted.


They can be heard talking during random encounters.

Blackguard Ambush:

Blackguard Chemist: "Looking for some treasure?"

Slow lock picker:

Blackguard Chemist: "Do I need to take over?"
Blackguard Chemist: "Hurry it along already!"
Blackguard Stalker: "That should do the trick!"